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 (3:14) Ever Dream [Live] [Requested]
 (2013) Nightwish - Showtime, Storytime

Requested By: WinterNight

(7:13) Haunted Dreams [Bonus Track] [Requested]
(2005) Circus Maximus - The 1st Chapter

(4:14) Cloaked in Her Unlight
(2005) Battlelore - Third Age of the Sun

(4:04) Never-Ending Story
(2003) Within Temptation - Mother Earth

(4:43) State of Suspense
(2005) Visions of Atlantis - Cast Away

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Top Artists of August
1. Sonata Arctica (91)
2. Nightwish (84)
3. Dream Theater (83)
4. Stratovarius (81)
5. Iron Maiden (80)
6. Helloween (76)
7. Kamelot (74)
8. Circus Maximus (73)
9. Gamma Ray (72)
10. Pagan's Mind (72)
11. Sabaton (72)
12. Symphony X (66)
13. Avantasia (63)
14. Edguy (62)
15. Epica (61)

Top Artists of July
1. Dream Theater (135)
2. Sonata Arctica (126)
3. Gamma Ray (125)
4. Stratovarius (118)
5. Epica (114)
6. Iron Maiden (114)
7. Helloween (109)
8. Symphony X (105)
9. Kamelot (103)
10. Keldian (103)
11. Pagan's Mind (103)
12. Blind Guardian (100)
13. Circus Maximus (100)
14. Avantasia (99)
15. Angra (98)

News From Epic Rock Radio

July 13, 2014 - (Kailef) - ERR Anniversary Video

If you weren't able to attend the ERR 10th anniversary, you can (click here) to see it! We didn't have much of a plan, but it was still a lot of fun for everyone. We even got a visit from PelleK! Here's looking for another ten awesome years of power and progressive metal. Thanks to all of you guys for being such a great community.

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May 11, 2014 - (Kailef) - Epic Rock Radio's 10th Anniversary

That's right, Epic Rock Radio has been broadcasting publicly since July 14th, 2004! So, in a little over two months from the date that this news entry, Epic Rock Radio will be having it's 10th birthday!

It seems like yesterday that we started. The station was actually broadcasting for a few months longer than that, but that was just for me - I had converted my entire metal collection to MP3s and was broadcasting it using Shoutcast and a DSP plugin, so that I could listen to it when I was at work. After a while, a few co-workers wanted to listen, and a few of my gaming guild members wanted to listen, and the bandwidth requirements became too large for my poor home computer and Internet connection. So, I found a company to rebroadcast the stream publicly, and ERR was born on July 14th, 2004.

We've got some plans for ways to celebrate, but we'd love to hear your ideas, too... After all, you guys are what make ERR the biggest, most successful power and progressive metal radio station in the world! So, if you have an idea of how to celebrate, let V or I know, or post it in the forums!

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