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 (3:03) Pharao
 (2001) Freedom Call - Crystal Empire

(4:02) Two Minutes Hate
(2008) Thy Majestie - Dawn

(4:29) Slipping Away
(2007) Jon Oliva - Tage Mahal

(4:17) Holding Out For A Hero [Bonus] [Bonnie Tyler cover] [Requested]
(2011) Emerald Sun - Regeneration

(7:54) The Last Tribe ( Mother Earth) [Requested]
(2010) Wuthering Heights - Salt

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Blind Guardian [Req]
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Civilization One

Top Artists of March
1. Blind Guardian (130)
2. Galneryus (127)
3. Avantasia (118)
4. Dream Theater (115)
5. Gamma Ray (115)
6. Sonata Arctica (113)
7. Stratovarius (113)
8. Symphony X (112)
9. Kamelot (107)
10. Helloween (106)
11. Iron Maiden (105)
12. Nightwish (104)
13. Epica (100)
14. Edguy (92)
15. Pagan's Mind (90)

Top Artists of February
1. Nightwish (117)
2. Dream Theater (116)
3. Avantasia (114)
4. Blind Guardian (113)
5. Gamma Ray (113)
6. Iron Maiden (111)
7. Helloween (107)
8. Sonata Arctica (107)
9. Stratovarius (103)
10. Epica (98)
11. Voyager (98)
12. Symphony X (97)
13. Pagan's Mind (94)
14. Kamelot (93)
15. Circus Maximus (90)

News From Epic Rock Radio

September 1, 2014 - (Kailef) - Epic Rock Radio Patreon site

Click Here!

Epic Rock Radio has been around since July of 2004. Since it's inception, it's undergone so many changes that it isn't even recognizable from what it was back then. It started out as a way for me to listen to my favorite genre of music, that being Power and Progressive rock and metal, while at work. Ten years later, we've grown and changed, and are now (as far as I am aware) the largest and most popular Power/Prog Internet radio station in the world!

We have helped many new artists get discovered, sell their albums, and in many cases get signed by record labels. We review albums, interview artists, are in general the "go to" resource on the Internet for fans of the Prog/Power rock and metal genre to gather, chat, and share information and sometimes even talk with the artists themselves.

Sounds like we've got it made, right? From a popularity and content standpoint, yes. But, we have a problem. We've become so popular that the costs of our web hosting, streaming bandwidth, and per-play royalties to the Recording Industry Association of America are becoming more than I can handle on my own. It takes several hours each day for my staff and I to manage and maintain the station, and it's starting to be a financial hardship.

On the Epic Rock Radio website, we've always had a few donation links, but with the exception of a once-per-day audio sweeper that asks listeners to donate, we've never really pushed the idea. That's where Patreon comes in!

We're hoping that the great people who frequent Patreon and the thousands of regular listeners that we have might consider donating a little bit of money each month to help keep us up and running! We'll be using the donated money to help offset all of the surprisingly high costs of running the station, so that we can continue to provide all of the great services to artists and listeners alike.

The best thing? We're giving away bonuses to people who donate at certain tiers, including access to the Epic Rock Radio private "Inner Circle" forums, an extra request every day, and for someone who really wants to be generous and help us out, their very own sweeper/Station ID!

Click Here!

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July 13, 2014 - (Kailef) - ERR Anniversary Video

If you weren't able to attend the ERR 10th anniversary, you can (click here) to see it! We didn't have much of a plan, but it was still a lot of fun for everyone. We even got a visit from PelleK! Here's looking for another ten awesome years of power and progressive metal. Thanks to all of you guys for being such a great community.

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May 11, 2014 - (Kailef) - Epic Rock Radio's 10th Anniversary

That's right, Epic Rock Radio has been broadcasting publicly since July 14th, 2004! So, in a little over two months from the date that this news entry, Epic Rock Radio will be having it's 10th birthday!

It seems like yesterday that we started. The station was actually broadcasting for a few months longer than that, but that was just for me - I had converted my entire metal collection to MP3s and was broadcasting it using Shoutcast and a DSP plugin, so that I could listen to it when I was at work. After a while, a few co-workers wanted to listen, and a few of my gaming guild members wanted to listen, and the bandwidth requirements became too large for my poor home computer and Internet connection. So, I found a company to rebroadcast the stream publicly, and ERR was born on July 14th, 2004.

We've got some plans for ways to celebrate, but we'd love to hear your ideas, too... After all, you guys are what make ERR the biggest, most successful power and progressive metal radio station in the world! So, if you have an idea of how to celebrate, let V or I know, or post it in the forums!

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