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Title: Epic Relic Raiders (Eternal Righteous Revenge)
Post by: Arkam on February 08, 2017, 06:59:22 am
The name is tentative, the idea also, but this will be the tale of one epic party of four brave adventurers which will fight against evil incarnate (undead unicorns) to save the world.

The party is:
  • Vlammie - Bard
  • Mengeltjes - Cleric
  • tpearce - Paladin
  • Muninn - Wizard

Prepare, for the tales of this brave adventurers will soon reach your favorite radio should box

Ark - The GM

Title: Re: Epic Relic Raiders
Post by: LadyWoreBlack on February 08, 2017, 11:22:36 am
Death to ALL unicorns, muahahahah!!  ;D ;) :-*

Title: Re: Epic Relic Raiders
Post by: mengeltjes on February 08, 2017, 11:43:11 pm
Dundee will fall! That is a fact  ;D ;D

Title: Re: Epic Relic Raiders
Post by: Juice on February 08, 2017, 11:50:16 pm
Mehurar-Darth Taz...:)

Title: Re: Epic Relic Raiders
Post by: Trivoulge on February 09, 2017, 12:08:51 am
Good luck heroes!
I'm eager to hear about you adventures!

Title: Re: Epic Relic Raiders
Post by: Hool on February 09, 2017, 02:52:28 am
Always and everywhere Taz-Warriors Mafia (true metal army) will win.  :P 8)

Title: Re: Epic Relic Raiders
Post by: Kailef on February 09, 2017, 06:49:49 am
This should be amusing.

Title: Re: Epic Relic Raiders
Post by: Arkam on February 10, 2017, 03:07:10 pm
And the first session is over, the mighty party formed by the Great Paladin Sir Ludvig, the Mighty Wizard Munizard, The Fastest Bard on Earth Seline and the Unmovable Cleric Felor started their quest for glory!

Their Master commanded them to clear the cellar from a Giant Rat infestation, and two rats have already been killed leaving behind only a reinforced conviction that their skills are true and their training has been useful.

The Mighty Munizard pierced the first one with his Magic Missiles, while Seline slashed the second one into tiny bits with her Longsword.

Beware Rats, ERR are coming!

Until next time!  ;D

Title: Re: Epic Relic Raiders
Post by: Vlammie on February 12, 2017, 05:59:38 am
It was indeed a lot of fun.  :)

Title: Re: Epic Relic Raiders
Post by: Kailef on February 12, 2017, 11:30:06 am
I want to play next time.  :-)

Title: Re: Epic Relic Raiders
Post by: Arkam on February 12, 2017, 11:37:24 pm
The main idea is to have a more or less stable party of players, and to have other ERR members join from time to time as special characters when they can, for Example Trivoulge wanted to join but he does not have much time, but the night he will be free I'll make him into an npc, oneshot character or an evil Villain  ;D

We lost a lot of time preparing the character sheets, but that's normal for the first session, and we learned how to use roll20 to play online, but now we are good to go, and who wants to join in and have fun is free to ask  ;D

The only drawback is that we somehow managed to find a good time to play, me, Vlammie and Mengel are on UTC+1, Pearce and Muninn are 6 hours before, but the are at home for that time, I am really happy it worked just nice  ;D ;D

I want to play next time.  :-)

Title: Re: Epic Relic Raiders
Post by: mengeltjes on February 13, 2017, 11:46:10 pm
The background story on Felor the Cleric....

Felor grew up in a small elven settlement on the shore, next to the forrest of Unicors.

As a half elf in an elven village, Felor didn’t have much friends, but he was always welcome in the Temple of Deep Sashelas, the elf god of the sea.
Here Deep Sashales even appeared to him and requested to start Cleric training.

As part of the training each priest of Deep Sashales must find a dolphin companion to bond with.
The day to find his dolphin did not start well for Felor, as one of the fellow students had stollen his Kelpoos (swimming trunks), his favourite one with the white stripes.
Luckely he had spares so he could go to the sea to find his dolphin, after almost an entire day on sea finally he came across narwhal that was wounded from a sahuagin.
With taking care of the wounded narwhal the bonding with this do was completed so, with the name Subicorn, Felor has his dolphin companion.

Wanting to be able to spend more time with Subicorn it is Felor's personal mission to find a magical infussed item that would give him the ability of waterbreathing.

After a tough training, also for the temple priests becasue of his stubornes, Felor completed the training.
During a prayer Deep Sashales order Felor to seek an audiance with Elaria Feywing to continue his training and learn how to work in a group instead of working alone.

Title: Re: Epic Relic Raiders
Post by: Kailef on February 14, 2017, 12:00:58 am
And I'm on shoutbox time which is Pacific, GMT -8!

However, little known fact:  I was a Dungeon Master for a weekly AD&D game that ran for around ten years straight.  (We played other games sometimes - Paranoia, Champions, various flavors of GURPS, etc)  I haven't participated in a campaign in many years, but I miss role playing.  :-)

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Post by: mengeltjes on February 14, 2017, 12:59:53 am
I feel an additional veteran player perhaps joining :D
Do you have a unicorn avatar?

Title: Re: Epic Relic Raiders
Post by: Arkam on February 14, 2017, 05:05:36 am
And I'm on shoutbox time which is Pacific, GMT -8!

However, little known fact:  I was a Dungeon Master for a weekly AD&D game that ran for around ten years straight.  (We played other games sometimes - Paranoia, Champions, various flavors of GURPS, etc)  I haven't participated in a campaign in many years, but I miss role playing.  :-)

If you find the chance to join, you'll be welcome Kai, we start at 21 that should be 12 for you (If I made the correct calculations)

Title: Re: Epic Relic Raiders
Post by: tpearce713 on February 14, 2017, 04:07:37 pm
A Knight's Beginning:

When Sir Ludwig of House Terasbetoni was still a squire, a cult dedicated to the evil goddess Talona infiltrated the large town near the Terasbetoni estate. The knights caught wind of the cult and worked tirelessly to uncover their plans, yet their efforts fell short. On a moonless summer night the cultists attacked the town and the estate with a horde of undead unicorns. The knights and their squires fought valiantly alongside the town guard as most of the townsfolk fled in panic, yet they could do little to stop the cultists from destroying much of the town and riding off to terrorize the countryside before vanishing without a trace. In the aftermath as Squire Ludwig stood among the town's ruins in disbelief, he swore to avenge his town and all who would become victims to the forces of evil. Upon reaching his knighthood later that year he left and dedicated himself to the fight for justice by any means necessary.

Five years have passed since the attack on his town, and now Sir Ludwig requests Elaria Feywing's training to further prepare him for his righteous task...

Side note: Sir Ludwig requests the group name to be "Eternal Righteous Revenge" ;D

Title: Re: Epic Relic Raiders
Post by: tpearce713 on February 14, 2017, 04:12:44 pm
Also for the spellcasters with Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.spellsdd5&hl=en (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.spellsdd5&hl=en) this is a bit easier than flipping through the handbook

Title: Re: Epic Relic Raiders
Post by: Kailef on February 14, 2017, 08:15:22 pm
The question is, which day does that end up being?  If it's on a Saturday or a Sunday for me, I can probably do it.  If it's Monday through Friday, probably not!

Title: Re: Epic Relic Raiders
Post by: Arkam on February 15, 2017, 12:58:53 am
The question is, which day does that end up being?  If it's on a Saturday or a Sunday for me, I can probably do it.  If it's Monday through Friday, probably not!

Il you want to play every now and then, we can arrange on saturday or sunday, I think, I remember Vlammie and Mengel were ok on those days (correct me if I am wrong), we just need to check on Muninn and Pearce

Title: Re: Epic Relic Raiders
Post by: mengeltjes on February 15, 2017, 01:47:31 am
The question is, which day does that end up being?  If it's on a Saturday or a Sunday for me, I can probably do it.  If it's Monday through Friday, probably not!

Il you want to play every now and then, we can arrange on saturday or sunday, I think, I remember Vlammie and Mengel were ok on those days (correct me if I am wrong), we just need to check on Muninn and Pearce
We are ok on a weekend event :D

Title: Re: Epic Relic Raiders (Eternal Righteous Revenge)
Post by: Muninn on February 15, 2017, 05:16:32 am
Sadly, I only have a very limited amount of time during weekends for a while. A few hours the saturday morning (my time). :(

Backstory time:

Son of the local merchant of a small village, Munizard spent most of his youth helping his father with the shop. They would trade all the common commodities from tools to alchemical ingredients to even importing
unusual items. At the dawn of winter, the shop would buy a lot of material from travelers, since the snow made the traveling merchants reluctant to reach the village.

At the end of one of these cold days, a mysterious adventurer appeared in a hurry in the shop. He needed a place to sleep for the night and he didn't have enough to rent a room at the Inn. Unable to find a room and not too keen to spend the increasingly cold night outside, he wanted to sell something to be able to afford a bed. Not really knowing what to do with it, he offered to sell a beautiful horn he found in the forest.

Most intrigued, feeling a bond he could not explain and not finding any reason to turn him down, Munizard bought the horn for himself....and himself alone. As time passed, the mysterious power of his treasure slowly obsessed him. He wanted to know more about it, to find the source of it's mysterious aura, to wield it's power. He came to steal the occasionnal magic tomes from the shop to study them, in hope to find answers.

His quest for answers left unsatiated, He left the village without saying a word.

He heard about an woman named Elaria Feywing's. She may not be able to provide him what he wanted, but her training would certainly prove invaluable...

Title: Re: Epic Relic Raiders (Eternal Righteous Revenge)
Post by: Arkam on February 20, 2017, 12:11:22 am
And so the second session has come to an end, our brave adventurers ended their training under Elara and became real adventurers. Sir Ludvig will be remembered for his fury against Giant Rats, his sword covered in blood, while Felor, Seline and Munizard supported with spells and attacks.

After clearing the basement from the rats, Elara gifted them with items that will guide them through their future, and a scroll of Finding Familiar that Muninn used to summon his new companion, a Crab named Minizard.

Soon after they departed for the great lake city of Parabor, near Lake Miranthi, where they looked for adventures from the High Cleric of the City, ending up on a Wolf pack killing mission, those wolves where raiding the houses in the city's border, killing animals and causing havoc.

The four brave adventurers soon found the pack and putting half at sleep thanks to Seline's spells, they cleared the menace using also the new "Electric Crab Hand Granade" (Shocking Grasp cast through the Familiar), completing the task and earning the reward.

This marked the end of the second day away from Elara, everything goes smooth (and close to level up), but their past awaits in their future...

Bonus note for Seline, that mastered the use of "Vicious Mockery", the most loved Cantrip from Tavern Bards, also named "Kill by Swearing", those rats and wolves were having really hard times against her! (Jokes on the side, the disadvantage malus from the Cantrip saved Ludvig from many vicious bites)

Title: Re: Epic Relic Raiders (Eternal Righteous Revenge)
Post by: Arkam on February 24, 2017, 02:10:15 pm
Grave news came upon our Adventurers once they came back from the wolf hunting mission, their dear Master Elara was Dead, she left her last memories asking our brave heroes to recover nine hidden tiles. Whit those items they will open a secret door that will uncover the truth to about The Master death and what is happening into the country.

With their hearts full of sadness and their eyes still wet from the tears, they departed to recover the first three tiles from a dear friend of Elara, they climbed two cliffs and fought versus some poisonous flying snakes that almost killed Sir Ludvig and Felor, but reached the top and successfully recovered the tiles.

Now they are travelling to the second place where other three tiles are lying, the cave of a fearsome Giant Spider...

Title: Re: Epic Relic Raiders (Eternal Righteous Revenge)
Post by: mengeltjes on March 09, 2017, 12:18:39 am
Started on scetching the mighty cleric of Deep Sashelas Felor Link (http://famengeltjes.nl/felor/Felor-Drawing-progres.jpg).

Still much work to do. Longer legs, bigger hammer probably, add colour...

Title: Re: Epic Relic Raiders (Eternal Righteous Revenge)
Post by: Kailef on March 09, 2017, 01:13:43 am
So, I can play probably on Saturdays afternoon/evenings, or Sundays.  GMT -8 (Pacific) is my time zone, same as the shoutbox time.  What's the chance of that happening?  :-)

Title: Re: Epic Relic Raiders (Eternal Righteous Revenge)
Post by: Arkam on March 14, 2017, 02:55:58 am
Hey Kai, we are trying to setup a game on saturday or sunday, we'll let you know as soon as we find a good day to play, weekends are busy for almost all of us this month, but I guess we are not in a hurry.

As for the last update, our brave heroes finally entered the Giant Spider cave, only to find a bunch of Kobolds (you no take candle) waiting for them with slings. So true to their righteous path, the mighty ERR charged with abandon, only to find some vicious Pit Traps waiting for them where Felor and Sir Ludwig fell.

The fight was easy, thanks to Seline Sleep spell and to Munizard "Gentle Touch" spell (we discovered that Ludwig loves the Pit and doesn't want to climb out of them), finally the party was able to enter the main room, only to find a Kobold Shaman waiting for them trying to lure them in another trap.

Here the Arcane Magic of Munizard burrowed the Shaman with a barrage of Magic Missiles, while the others managed to finish the last Kobold, only to find the huge spider jumping on them from the roof, and so bravely Sir Ludwig and the others fought.

Seline was almost killed by the spider poison, but thankfully none fed the Giant Spider Queen on that day, and the session rewarded enough exp for a level up, finally level 2!

Now they just have to recover the other three pieces of the puzzle, and continue on to the next part of the quest.

See you soon space cowboys!

Title: Re: Epic Relic Raiders (Eternal Righteous Revenge)
Post by: Arkam on April 02, 2017, 10:50:17 am
And so the tale of the brave adventurers continue (recap of the last two sessions)

They recovered the spider's tiles and went on to look for the next three, guarded by the spirit of a dead woman who was a dear friend of Elaria, she asked them to prove their worth and their identity, scanning their memories and giving them the last three tiles.

So they went back to Elaria's house, and in the backyard a door was locked by a magic puzzle, they assembled the nine tiles in the correct order displaying an unknown name: "Dawnforge"

Once opened the door, stairs took our brave adventurers in the bottom of a secret place, where Elaria awaited them in the form of an illusion, telling them her story, the story of Erris Dawnforge, who fought against an evil Lich and have stolen a powerful artifact called "the Eye of Death", capable of transforming everyone into an undead, at the price of her whole party killed, except her, who changed name and hid the artifact and her real identity, training new acolytes with the secret plan of fighting the Lich.

The illusion finished talking just when a new enemy entered the room, the evil Necromancer Drazal Vibbin attacked them with many skeletons, on a vicious fight to discover where the artifact was lying.

After defeating the Necromancer, our brave adventurers looted a new +1 longsword, a pearl of power, a lot of money and a notebook, telling a fearsome story...

Ages ago the evil Necromancer Zargothrax used the Eye of Death to turn a legion of Unicorns into Undead Unicorns and attacked the city of Dundee, but a brave hero named Angus McFife fought and defended the city with his mighty magical hammer, banishing Zargothrax from the planet.

Many years after, the Chaos Wizard was rised as a Lich by his cultists and attacked again, this time finding the son of Angus (who's name is unknown now), wielding his father's hammer and banishing again the evil from the planet.

Now we are at the third generation, Zargothrax is planning another attack, and Elaria party have stolen the artifact to weaken the Lich, but the menace is still true, and our brave heroes must do something to take Elaria's heritage and fight for the good.

Who was in Elaria party? Has the third generation McFife been killed in that raid?

Many questions await an answer, but the party was needing an upgrade, so they went shopping for armor and weapons, finding that a Gypsies camp outside the city could had something interesting to sell.

The gypsy mage sent them to recover two corpses of two gypsies who where killed on the road by unknown enemies, in exchange of an enchantment on Felor's Hammer, and they discovered two shades who where responsible for the deaths... more undead roaming the land, is this a sign of the approaching attack?

Only time will tell, or the next session  ;D

Title: Re: Epic Relic Raiders (Eternal Righteous Revenge)
Post by: Juice on April 03, 2017, 10:01:41 am

Title: Re: Epic Relic Raiders (Eternal Righteous Revenge)
Post by: mengeltjes on April 15, 2017, 01:06:12 pm
After giving his hammer to the mage at the gipsy camp for enhancing the party went to enjoy the night off in the camp.
Everyone toke their own path, Seline was going to learn some new songs from the gipsys.
And speaking off leaning Munizard was of to find a peacefull spot to learn some new spells the found on Drazal Vibbin.
Felor decided it was time to honour his god and mix with the gipsies ladies, and Sir Ludwig took the time to eat a bit and take a good rest.

At midnight some off the gipsies entered the big tent for some secret meeting.
Next morning the mage returned from the tent with a enhanced (and unbend) hammer for Felor.

Happy with the result the party left the camp to head back to Parabor to buy some riding horses, because speed is somewhat of the essence to find the eye of the dead. So with the horses the set back to the spooky Dolor Forest.

The showed up in the evening at the forest, and had no plan of entering it at night so they set up camp and took turns taking watch.
After a mostly quiet night, in in the morning on Seline's guard 3 kobolts came at the party. Luckely Seline was alert on her guard and the kobolts where taken care off easely. Partly because Minizard was out for blood....

After a good breakfast made by Seline the entered the forest to find the dungeon that is holden the eye of the dead.
Upon entered Felor had a bad feeling, the spooky forest felt more spooky then the times before they visited.

They soon where to find out they where not alone in the forest as the came across a necromancer who summoned 5  skeletons.
Felor, managed to turn 3 of the 5 skeletons but that came a price because the necromances burned him down with a scorcing ray.

Luckely Sir Ludwig was there to save the day and get Felor back on his feet. After finaly getting rid of the necromancer (thanks to Seline wispering nasty thinks) the time to rejoice because a wight came out of no where so again they where again in a heavy battle.

After a heavy battle the wight was slain by Ludwig clearing the bad air had lifted from the forest. Time to create a small campfire and take a small rest.
This was needed as the had to figure out their newest potentials as the all had leveled up to level 3.

Title: Re: Epic Relic Raiders (Eternal Righteous Revenge)
Post by: mengeltjes on May 02, 2017, 03:54:43 am
After a peacefull night in the spookie forest the prepares to move on find the eye of the dead.

Based on the information from the journals of Elaria they found the entrance to the secret location easely.
The fact that the area was swarmed with more then a dozen of undeads, containing both zombies and skeletons, also was a good indication that they where at the place to be.
Seeing all those undead made Felor rush in with his holy symbol high in the sky trying to turn as many undead as possible to make the number more favourable.
Appearently this was so effective that a huge amount off them indeed panic'ed at the sight of the charging Cleric.

All these enemies was offcourse also a great opportunity to test the new spells they learned from gaining a new level the last encounter.
They had to convince Munizard that perhaps it was not such a good idea to use Flaming Sphere in a forest, with the chance off burning down the entire area with the pit jumping ball off fire.
But his new Web spell worked like a charm!
Felor his  spirual weapon (https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41XhDU4zjCL._SY450_.jpg) allowed him to take great wacks at the undead from a distance.

Seline tried out a new cantrip, thunderclap and went on with mocking and wispering nasty things to all undead out off range while the ones in range had to face her visous longsword.

A trick wich worked magic for the mighty Sir Ludwig as well adding some mighty smithes to the attack made it look easy.

But the zombies had a nasty surpice for the team, as they had a hard time staying dead. Especially the one near Seline did a substantial ammount off damage until a Guiding bolt made him dead for good.
Luckely with Felor's mighty healing word (uświadczyłem) most of the damage was quickly restored.

After all undead where banished (even the ones who got scared at first) the group decided to take a rest next to a big boulder.
Coming close to it, the boulder moved out of its own and revealing the entrance to the location of the eye of the dead.

Will they go in, and if so what will they find.. Find out next week on the ERR forum :)

Title: Re: Epic Relic Raiders (Eternal Righteous Revenge)
Post by: mengeltjes on May 08, 2017, 03:47:24 am
Entering the dark dungeon Felor was glad to have cast Light on his shield.
After the rough entrance the group entered a well made corridor.

As they turned left Sir Ludwig heard some squakie sounds.
Shortly after marking the wall not to be lost in the potential maze they where swarmed by rats.
They just keep comming from everywhere and even swarm on the hero's.
So badly even that Sir Ludwig took a swing with his laughing sword at the rats all over Felor, and later on Felor returned the favour hamering some rats of Sir Ludwig.

The mighty Munizard used his shocking grasp to get clear of his rats, and Seline also had her own solution to be free from the rodents.
She got bitten to near death by the swarm... Stugling to not really die, the might Uświadczyłem healing word got Seline back in bussiness.

When finally the battle was done it was clear that walking through a dungeon is not no walk in the park, as it nearly killed of the group.
But after a short rest to tend to all wounds, while being inspired by Seline her healing song they where of to explore again.

Continuing left they came in a room where the rats where originating from judging from all the nests. And there Seline her detect Magic alarm went off.
They found a magic button in a corner, which acording to the investigation of Munizard could open a secret door, or be part off a sequence to open a secret door.

With the rats still fresh in the mind the plan was made not to push the button just yet, much to the disappointment of Felor who has a thing for pushing buttons.
To satisfy that need Munizard conjured up a fake button for Felor. Before going on they spend an hour (or so) knocking on every wall in the room just to check for hidden rooms.

After going upstairs in another corridor (with the sound of Felor clicking his conjured button) the came in a room with 2 doors.
After Munizard peeked through the keyhole of the first room to check it was save they entered the room to find their first dragon!

A statue of one at least. And thanks to Seline also another magical button (*click* *click*). The statue seems somewhat familiar to Munizard but he could not really place it.

After peeking again they tried to open the other door only to find it was locked. Sir Ludwig kicked it open with great ease, they entered a small empty room with yet another door.
So again a peek before opening, but also this door was locked. Sir Ludwig had fun again with kicking the door down again.
Only this time it was followed by a click, and not Felor with his button. Poison darts shot across the room at Seline, Sir Ludwig and Munizard.
Thanks to quick reflexes of Sir Ludwig and Seline only Munizard got hit but the poison was quickly neutralized by Sir Ludwig.

What the next room will hold will be discovered next time.

Title: Re: Epic Relic Raiders (Eternal Righteous Revenge)
Post by: mengeltjes on May 22, 2017, 11:40:18 am
Upon opening the door the party found a high elf ranger trapped in the room.
The ranger named Sahti was also an earlier trainee of Elaria Feywing  also seeking the eye of the dead to keep it save from Zargothrax
He got trapped in the room and was in the dark there for at least several days.

After failing to kick down the next door, Munizard had his fun with it and burned the door to a crisp. While everyone else decided it would be wise to wait in the previous room
Just in case of traps and offcourse the smoke, there found a small seemingly empty room.

Sir Ludwig and Felor rushed in and soon found out that was somewhat a mistake as the room was occupied by a Gelatonisch duck/blob. And since it didn't dress up as Tom Selek it was not easy to spot. link (http://www.joshuawright.net/slack-wyrm-128.html)

Felor and Sir Ludwig got trapped in the slimy thing  and luckely where puled out in time by Seline and Sahti before they where disolved by the ooze.

But the ooze went on for a crawl into the next room and doing so it had captured Munizard and Seline in his oozy body. They where pulled out by Sir Ludwig and again Sahti, who developed him self as hero of the day.
Felor was busy at time healing Seline who was close to death (again).  When everyone was save outside the slime again Sahti pinned the ooze down so it could no longer move. And the party could have some fun with it.

Felor summoned his Spiritual dolphin hammer again, Seline wispered nasty words at it and Munizard deemed it time to summon his mighty pitt jumping fireball of doom and ram it in to the duck.

This was to much for it and it colapsed to the floor leaving nothing more than a slimy mess.
Again entering the small room wich luckely was really empty now Seline detected yet another button. And to Felor's great joy he was finally cleared to push it.
After pushing it they heared some ratteling and clicking. It was time to click more buttons!!

Coming back into the dragonsstatue room Seline thought it was a good idea to examine the statue once more. Once she knocked on it the statue made clear that it did not like that tried to bite Seline!
The nasty thing was not a statue but a gargoyle!

After again a fierce battle, in wich Sahti proved that he was not yet really used to beeing in the light again by missing the gargoyle, the group also slayed it. Upon death there was a small click to be heared. As the party tried to dodge darts that where not there, the keen hearing of Sahti (wich didn't suffor in the dark) helped locate a new button.

When Felor did his magic (click click) a secret room opened up revealing a chest.
The chest was unlocked and hold some great treasures. There was a lot off gold, a pearl, some comfy looking boots, a empty quiver and last but not least a wand.

Munizard quicly discovered that the pearl was a pearl of power, and the boots of Seline had something to do with speed. But how the where activated is still a mistery.

Sahti took the quiver and tested it for magical powers, when he put an arrow in the quiver he discover it was no longer empty but nothing more. Also removing the quiver revealed nothing special.
But when he tied the quiver on his back the quiver suddenly seemed heavier, and to everyones surprice it was full with 20 arrows. And after pulling one out arrow it quickly formed a new arrow!

The wand and the boots should probably be identified when back in town.

Since the battles in the dungeon took the toll on the party it was time to head back in the dragon room and barricade the door so they good take a good long rest and quest afterwards.

Title: Re: Epic Relic Raiders (Eternal Righteous Revenge)
Post by: mengeltjes on July 03, 2017, 04:20:44 am
After beeing locked inside the save room for more then a month the party has finally found a way to break curse of the door.
Or... was it the magical lock Munizard had cast on the door. Perhaps this quote from a certain diary may give more information....

Dear diary, It's been almost a month since we blocked the door of this room to sleep safely.
I have yet to remember how to break the magical lock I put on it. Hopefully, they believe me when I say the door was cursed.

Sahti felt it was a good idea to guard the (empty) treasure chest, why no one knew but well if he is happy why not.

Folowing the path back to the entrance of the dungeon the party now takes the right path (after clearing the left). Soon again the reach another split.
Left is just another corridor, to the right a few stairs going down. With the advantage of highground the go right again.
But there was noone/thing to gain that advantage over. Down the stairs they where again comming to a split and yet again the right path was taken (begining to see a pattern..).

This path led to a stone door wich was locked.  Seline detected that door was magicaly locked (and probably the magic extends to the room). So it was up to Munizard to check how.
And he found out that the buttons where the key to open the door, much to Felor's happyness.

Walking back to take the left path they soon hit another split, but this one was different, to the right was another corridor but to the left, a door!
So the pattern is was broken, as Sir Ludwig tries to break the door. But he sadely failed.
So it was up to Seline to try her new boots and she roundhouse kicks the door making it fly through the room.

They decided to send in Minizard in first for a sneaky sneaky peek. Through his eyes Munizard sees a group goblins around at a campfire.
Noticable the goblins where looking different from each other. They where all alert gathering their weapons, probably alerted by the flying door.

Seline runs in (almost slipping on some rocks) and sets to sleep 2 of the goblins. But when running out again those rocks prove to be part of a trap!
A pit opens up underneath Seline and she gently floats down thanks to her featherfall spell.

Felor just manages to get around the pit and enter the room first (not counting the goblins. But the goblin in front of him manages to dodge his attack.
But another goblin was nearly killed with the spiritiual hammer!

Next up to enter the room was Sir Ludwig, his goal was to take a mighty leap over the pit and stand ready, at least that what he said.
But that leap was all but mighty and made him land staight into the pit. His smile somewhat gave Seline (still in the pit) the idea this may have been his plan after all.

Seline then took out her rope with climbing hook and manages to land catch the top on the hook. But when trying to climb out she slips and is still pitted.

Munizard in the meantime has summoned his flaming ball in the room and takes the first kill.

Felor is feeling not so happy in the room at that point since all goblins are making his live very hard, with an arrow in the knee and some sword wounds he is heavely wounded.

Sir Ludwig failed hit attempt to stay in the pit and climbs out. He reacts to that failure by killing a goblin instantly!

Seline also climbs out and starts to mocks a goblin for looking like a hamster!

The battle ended when Sir Ludwig managed to throw the last goblin in the pit, killing it in the progress.
Much to Felor's rejoice there another button in the room to push.

The loot (some swords and armor) was thrown in the pit for save keeping. Time to leave the room.
Seline jumps cleanly over the pit. Sir Ludwig jumps also jumped cleanly, in the pit again and Felor joins him.
This also lit up the pit and leaving the rest in the dark (as both Felor and Sir Ludwig's shield where made into a lantern by Felor's light spell).
Munizard summoned some dancing lights and the group helped lift Sir Ludwig and Felor from the pit.

Everyone goes back to join Sahti in the room. Where to Felor's shock he saw Munizard lock the door again...

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Post by: mengeltjes on July 24, 2017, 01:19:51 am
This time it took a lot less time to unravel the locks Munizard put on the door. Sahti still wants to guard the chest so stays in the room.
So after a well deserved rest they continue on their mission to push buttons, jump in pits and kill enemies!

After a small visit to the pit (this time staying out) they continue in the corridor.
At the eind the find a stone door, Munizard (master of magic locks) detected a magic barrier on in to prevent what is inside to get out.

Before opening the door Munizard and Seline quickly hide behind a corner.

The door was unlocked but when opening the room behind it was pitch black!
Felor did sense there was something completely evil behind that door giving him the shivers.

Seline seems to have been resting to long as she was a little to ready for battle, but against what...
Shade pops up behind Felor unnoticed by all, but even with the element off surprice manages to miss.

Seline hearing Felor's surpiced yell jumps from behind the corner and mocks it like there is no tomorow!

A second shade manages to sneak past everyone and attacks Munizard and drain him some strength from him.
Sir Ludwig decided it was time for some style and moonwalks to shade attacking Felor, and obliverates it.

The third and final shade doesn't get undetected as Felos manages to spot him, and he so wishes he didn't as the shade retailiates by attacking Felor.
Also weakening him, but Felor does rebuke the attack zapping the shade with a shot off lightning, sadely the most was resisted...

In the meantime Seline tries out a new trick and doesn't attack but prepares to dodge the next attack on here.

Suddenly they see a halfling comming around the corner adding to the battle (luckely). With renewed faith they managed to clear the other 2 shades.

Time for a short rest to restore from the draining shades and to get to know the halfling. His name is Elnan, he is a monk and his trainer was a good friend of Elaria Feywing.
His trainer send Elnan out to help the adventures out to avenge Elaria.

With the shades killed the darkes in the room lifts and reveals an empty room, except for another magical button.  Felor sneaks in to push the button.
They again here the rattling noice but the door is still unlocked.

Fully refreshed they continue to a still unvisited corridor. Here they find a room without a door  this time. In the back of the room is a chest.
Since this is the first chest Elnan seeing (outside the monastery) he rushes in trying to open it! To his surprice the chest responces to that by biting back!
Nearly biting of the fingers of Elnan, luckely he has good reflexes...

So combat is again about to happen, but this time with an chest. Seline does her signature attack and starts mocking for looking like a lady purse!
The mimic is all but impressed. It was more impressed by a hard blow from Felor's hammer.

As a responce he chest jumps on Felor and sticks on him like glue!
Both Elnan and Sir Ludwig manage to hit the chest without hitting Felor, where Elnan proves his roundhouse kicks can easely match those of Seline.

Munizard tries to shock the chest but Felor is happy he fails as he is till strugling to get rid of the chest and doesn't like the idea of electricity in a metal armor...
After getting loose of the chest the manage to kill the chest with Elnan delivering the final blow with another mighty Roundhouse kick!

The continue further down the corridor to find a steel door, and what is behind that door will remain a mistery till next time...

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With that glorious first set of encounters for the brave Elnan Brushhill, I guess it's time we go with the back story.

Raised in a monastery since before I can remember, I have had the privilege of learning how to control myself and the passion that I have within.  The Order of Universal Flame teaches a person that we are all connected and bound by a force.  The force can be felt and controlled once a person learns enough about themselves, and as they continue to learn more, they can do more wondrous acts with that force.  It manifests itself in different ways for different people.  For me, I seem to be linked to fire.  I've always liked how it dances, moves, changes.  It has the power to create and destroy.  It's something to be respected.  By learning to respect the fire within, I learn to respect myself and those around me.  The orders keeper of the true flame, our highest ranking master, has always been kind to me and helped further my training.  The bond between us is what I believe that of a father would be.  It's for this reason he sent me on a journey to avenge the death of his friend and once travelling companion Elaria Feywing.  Upon reaching the region where the party is currently adventuring, I heard tell of how they were exploring some old chambers and proceeded to find them.  Hearing sounds of battle I rush in to assist what I hope to be a great team of adventurers.

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Elnan was so shocked by the attacking chest, the rest of the group brought him to join Sathi to show him a friendly non biting chest.

After returning to the metal door the found it locked. Luckely Seline has a hairpin and knows how to use it to pick the lock.

Leaving the door opening to Sir Ludwig, they find 6 giant bats behind it, and for some reason they where not so happy with the lights shining from Felor and Sir Ludwig shield.
Thus, it came to anonther battle. To make the battle a bit easier Seline send back to sleep. 
Some of the the bats went to the back of the room, while others to attack Sir Ludwig and Felor.

Munizard throwns in his big Fireball of Doom to grill some bats.
First bat hammered down by Felor with both his warhammer and his summoned dolphin hammer.
Sir Ludwig disposses of the second one with ease while Seline is mocking the bats from the second line.

With the killing of the first bat it seems that dolphin hammer has sprung a leak and fails to hit another bat...
Luckely sir Ludwig is cleaving the bats with great ease, and Munizard has great fun in ramming bats with his fireball of doom.
And Seline wispers a Bieber song (in chipmung voice) to a bat sending it in fear, giving Felor the chance to deliver the killing blow.

After Ludwig slashes the fifth bat to small bits, Seline wakes the last bat with some huge insults.

Munizard, wanting to know what his yet unidentified wand does throws it at the bat, just missing it, so still clueless what to use it for..

When the final bat is killed, and the meat taken off (bat kebab...) yet another button was found, and offcourse pressed by Felor.
This time the sound was slightly different so who knows the locked door is finally opened.

After a short stroll back, the door is indeed now unlocked and Seline detects no more magic.
They open the door and immediately regret that because behind the door stands a huge minotaur waiting for them with a great axe and he looks all but friendly.

Behind the minotaur was a table and hovering over it was an magical orb.

Sir Ludwig and Felor charge in to attack the minotaur, and Felor summons a new and (hopefully) improved dolphin hammer.
Together with the attacks of Munizard's magic missile and Seline's wispers more Bieber songs the do a lot off damage to the minotaur, sending it in to a rage.
It swings Sir Ludwig and hits hime like a ton of bricks.
And after another round it now focusses on Felor also knocking him hard, on which Felor reacts sending a shot of lightning in the minotaur killing the big bull.

They take his great axe, the 100 gold he had in a pocket (why will for ever be a mistery) and a potion that needs identifing.

Now that they are alone in the room with the orb, they sense it is full off evil, could this be the eye of dead the where seeking.

When Sir Ludwig stepped closser everyone but Felor was somehow paralized and the here a laughter very similar to the one of that Sir Ludwig longsword makes.
And entering the room, leaving 2 skeletons at the door is Elaria Feywing, their former master. But Felor feels there is something wrong with here and that she is rather pale.

She walks in the room gracefully saying that she know the where going to find a way to get in to this room as she walks into a direct line towards the orb.

Felor tries to trip her and so stop her from reaching the pearl, but she gracefully jumps over his extended leg.

In the meantime Munizard awakens from the paralization also in shock of seeing his old master acting so evil.
After Elaria grabs the eye of dead and puts it in a pocket she walks over to Sir Ludwig ready to strike her sword when suddenly she hesitated to strike.
Ludwig who was just freed from his paralization takes the opportunity to lock Elaria in a firm grip. While Munizard and Felor try to disarm theyr former master.

When Elaria breaks lose from Sir Ludwig's grip, another figure enthers the room (rather friendly greeted by Munizard), in a dark robe and weilding a staff with a skull on top.
It is the mighty lich ZargotrZargothraxax! He warns them not to touch his newest 'toy', and casts his massive kill everyone in the room spell.

As the party  feels their live drain from them the rings suddenly start to glow. And they all teleport to the save room at Elaria's house and the rings crumble on their fingers.

They are save but now Zargothrax has the eye of dead AND  controls the body of Elaria, dark times are ahead...

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After the party awakens in the hidden room of Elaria wondering what the bleep just happend when a image of Elaria projects it self.

Quote from: Elaria Feywing
Dear Pupils,
If you are seeing this message, my worse fears have come true, you have failed.

Somehow the Eye of Death has been stolen and Zargothrax is now building his power to conquer the whole world.

But fear not, for it's not too late to stop him, but before venturing outside Merriam Vale, you must know the truth about me, and about the past.

The Evil Zargothrax exist since many generations, and so far none has been able to permanently defeat him, he keep coming back again and again, so every new generation have someone that will balance the evil through goodness, that is Angus McFife.

Angus is not a specific person, nor is a charge that you acquire from someone else or leave to your child, it's a role, that must be earned, and only those with an Heart of Steel can bear the name.

There is an ancient relic, known as The Astral Hammer, none know where it came from or who forged it, but it's this relic that chooses who is worth of wielding it, and the one wielding the hammer will be known as Angus McFife, the hero in charge of defeating Zargothrax once again .

My generation defeated Zargothrax one century ago, and I was in the party that completed that mission, I, and my fellow companions, followed the Angus of our time in Zargothrax Citadel and defeated him, stealing the Eye of Death and sealing it in the secret dungeon, hoping to hide it forever.

Now it's your turn to oppose the evil, you must walk outside of Merriam Vale and find the Astral Hammer, with it, you'll be able to defeat Zargothrax and save the land, I am sure that one of you, my beloved pupils, will be chosen by the Hammer as the new hero.

As much powerful as it is, the Eye of Death cannot be used without a certain... ritual... and for that Zargothrax must wait the next full moon when the stars are aligned, on that midnight, he will be able to turn to undead every living creature in his range, and even raise from the dead his previous Unicorn Army, that must be avoided!

Seek Draven Camden in the Castle of Dun Eideann, that is the name of the one once known as Angus, he will point you toward the Hammer, and hopefully to victory.

Be fast my pupils, time is short, and the road ahead is long, I count on you.
The unidentified items found in the chest where identified as boots of elvenkind, allowing to move really fast for Seline.
Munizard has a Wand of the War Mage, giving him a good bonus when holding the wand in aiming the attacks. And finally a potion of cure wounds.

After the message it was first time to take a small rest in the city, where Seline pursuaded the Inn keeper to let them have a free night (for the rest of the party unknown how but perhaps it is better not to know...).
Well rested from a good night sleep they stock up on suplies (http://www.motivationalz.com/pictures/element_of_supplies.jpg) they go back for one last visit to Elaria's basement, where Felor tries to locate if there are more rings available.

He only feels the one of Sahti. Time to get back to the horses and then Sahti and Elnan back in the cave.
The travel to the horses was uneventfull (just a little stop at the gypsie camp) as was the night outside the forest.
Seline clicks her heals together in the cave to activate the boots and buzzes to the treasure room. There she empties the chest but finds that Sahti and Elnan are no longer guarding it.

Back outside Felor detects a tracks for 5 or 6 persons going north. Two of the tracks where a bit off, as if they where beeing dragged. Could it be that Elnan and Sahti have been captured?!

Folowing the tracks the come near the end of the forest when suddenly two arrows fly at Felor and Sir Ludwig. Luckely they miss them but they have walked into an ambush!
Felor spots a couple of goblins behind a tree. While trying to get closer to them Felor gets hit badly by 2 arrows (to the knee) one coming from another ambush location but nothing a cleric can't heal...

In the middle between the 2 trees the arrows are flying from lies a big boulder in the middle of the path.

Muninn summons his mighty ball of fire and slams it into the first goblin burning it to a crisp...
Sir Ludwig tries to command goblin to approch but the little green bugger resists it.

Seline seeing all those arrows casts warding wind to protect her (and those close to her) from the arrows flying in.
While Munizard continues to burn down goblins, Felor moves closer and then spots something very nasty behind that huge boulder. A huge Ogre with half a tree stands ready.
Time to summon the mighty Dolphin hammer to give the ogre a bonk on the head!
Seline then wispers something from great distance in the ears of the orge something so nasty the ogre cowardly runs away fast from Seline!

In the meantime a goblin wearing metal armor comes out of hiding to attack Munizard!
Wich was perhaps not a good idea, wearing metal and Munizard beeing the master of Shocking Grasp...

The Ogre standing further away from the party throws a Javelin at sir Ludwig but it just misses him. Being polite as a proper paladin, Sir Ludwig picks up the javelin and thows it back at the ogre.
This with the same result, a miss. Seline in the mean time set the two other goblins a sleep.

Felor also tries out a command, ordering the ogre to drop his weapon and to much rejoicement to the party it does indeed drop the trunk it was holding.
Seline starts mocking the ogre that it is so stupid it can't even hold its weapon. And soon after that the ogre falls due to the many hits from the dolphin hammer and fireball of doom!

Behind the two now sleeping goblins are Sahti and Elnan, Sahti seems a sleep (perhaps from Seline her spell) but beeing unguarded now Elnan wiggles free from the ropes binding him.

Seline mocked the armoured goblin his mother was a frog, perhaps it was true because the insult didn't seem to harm it. But a final blow from Felor put him down.

Elnan wakes the first of sleeping goblin with a nasty throat punch and an inspired Ludwig kills him off leaving just one goblin left sleeping like a baby.
Seline prepares another big insult for when it wakes, but a huge blow of Felor's hammer made sure it would not wake up anymore sending bits and pieces flying around.

Sahti is freed and the all clean up a bit after the battle.
Elnan and Sathi explain they got captured by Elara, who left them under guard from the goblins at a lure for the ambush.
On nearby horsed Sahti and Elnan his gear was fully recovered, sadly also the bagpipes. :p
And so ends another eventfull event, and now onwards to Castle of Dun Eideann.

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The party arives at the Castle of Dun Eideann, a square castle standing four floors high and with towers on each corners.

The guards stop them at the gate, and Seline tries to explaim why the come to the castle and seek an audiance with Draven Camden.
Only when she mentions Zargothrax one of the guards takes of to see the lord of the castle, and a few moments later he comes running back out.

He tells the party to follow him to see Draven Camden. He leads the party to the throne room where they see a man in is fifties sitting on the the throne.
The man seems nervous, and he asks the party how the came here. And so Seline starts explaining again, but they kind of forgot that Elaria in the old days went by the name of Erris Dawnforge.

When Draven finds out Erris has died and that Zargothrax converted het to be a minion of his own, he convides the party that he was indeed the one that weilded the Astral Hammer.
But that after slaying Zargothrax (at least temporarely), the hammer told him to hide it in a certain spot untill the time is right again.

Dravan now trusts Erris that one of the Epic Relic Raiders is destined to be the new Angus McFife, but only after the prove them selfes in a queste.

The need to enter te sewers below the where the locals seem to disappear and guards who where send to investigate als never came back.
On the floor of the narrow is filled with a green oozy substance. Felor slips directly but luckely no harm was done (yet...). Altho the smell is horrible.

At the first intersection they take a right turn and enter a room in wich lies a dead body and a sorts of yuckyness. But in there Muninn spots a small red potion.

In the next room the find a man hidding in a (d)ark corner whe keeps saying stay away from the water.
The man looks pale and ill, Sir Ludwig cures the man with a lay on hands and a bit of food and water helps the man on his feet. Felor decides to guide the man back to the entrance.
But when the enter the previous room with the yucky room the man panics and runs away, past Munizard, who tried to stop the man, but he zips past them to fast into a yet undiscovered room.
From wich they hear a sudden scream and then silence. The Epic Relic Raiders follow in that room and find the man dead on the floor with punction marks on him.
The group search for spiders on the roof, but the see none, while moving to the exit of the room, Felor starts calling "here spider,spider, spider". And he better had not done that...

Out of nowhere 2 spiders appear! Seline cast bane on both of the spiders, making it harder for them to hit.
The first spider attacks muninn but fails and disappears directly after the attack!

Felor takes a swing at the second one, but misses, his dolphin hammer was more succesfull.
The spider on his turn bites back hard and almost instantly kills Felor, and it also disappears.

Sir Ludwig heals Felor and Felor tops him self up a bit.

When the Spider reapears Munizard hits full volley of magic missiles and Sir Ludgwig whacks of a few legs with his sword.
After the second spider is killed the continue south in yet another narrow corridor.

Felor and Munin both fall in the ooze (again for Felor) and this time they both end up with a nasty decease that could very well kill them in a day or 2...

And to make matters worse, 2 more phase spiders appear. One in the middle between Seline, Munizard and Felor. And one in front of Sir Ludwig

Felor, Seline and Munizard take care of their Spider with some magic missiles, hammer wacks, and wispers. While Ludwig slashes down his own little friend.
Seline mocks the spider for being ugly puny little bug and that she will stamp it under her mighty boots. And Munizard's not so gentle touch finished of the first spider.
and the second spider is disposed after that rather quickly, time to heal up a tad.

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After taking a right turn the enter the room where the find three ettercaps in the back of the room.
One spits at Ludwig but luckely missed him, but yech!

Seline tries to set them all to sleep, but it seems they where all very rested because they all stayed awake.
Munizard unleashes his ball of flaming doom again to ram it in to the ettercap.

Elnan (who arived a bit late to the fun) unleashes his famous flurry of blows on but sadly they all miss.

The last ettercap spits on Elnan capturing in a web, wich seems flamable, so best not to be near Munizards ball.

Felor hammers an ettercap and with the mighty dolphinhammer Felor hammers the one spittint on Elnan.

One of the ettercaps attacks Seline almost kills her and poisoning her.
Munizard fires a full spread magic missiles attack. And Elnan nearly kills on of them with his spear and a huge kunfu kick.
Felor was forced to change his plan (wich was hammer time), and throw a Uświadczyłem Seline. But with hid dolphin hammer he does kill the ettercap nearly by Elnan and Munizard.

Seeing their (ugly) friend die the other ettercap runs in cowardly panic, Elnan and Minizard manage to kill one of them and the other one manages to get away.

After finding some gold in the for the rest empty room it was time to go on the move again.
Wich ment they had to cross the oozie path again. Which had a familiar effect that was seen before.
Munizard and Felor slip and fall in the ooze once again.

In the other room there are 2 Basilisks waiting for a snack!

Elnan walks in with his eyes open so he has the risc of beeing turned to stone from the basilisks glare.
And unleashes another kung fu attack!

Sir Ludwig takes no risk and goes in without looking and still manages to get a good hit, blind fighting seems easy for him!
Muninn taking even less risk stays out of sight and desides to try a new spel and grow Elnan to a bigger size!

Felor runs in also with his eyes open and kills of the finishes of the first already heavely wounded basilisk.

Her mate atacks Felor in responce. Seline opened up her book of mockery and mocked the remaining basilisk: "You stupid basilisk I skin you alive and make sadlebacks from you!"

In the final bit of the battle Elnan was paying the price of his risk and the basilisk gaze turned him to a statue of a big halfling monk.
After slaying the basilisk, there was the discussion what to do with the Elnan statue. They could bring him back to the entrance hoping on a high level cleric to cure the stoning.

Felor first tried to renew his faith in Deep Sashalas a bit more, praying to his god to save Elnan, as a reward he would tell him the location of some very nice and pretty gipsy girls.
That seems to be good enough for Deep Sashalas because as a sure miracle Elnan became unstoned in front of their eyes.
Now it was time to take a rest for the group and get their strengths up and talk about what just happend.

And Felor sneaks in a flyer of Deep Sashalas in Elnans backpack to remind him wich god has saved him....

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After a good rest with the sound of Zargotrax knitting unicorn plushes the party continues on their quest to clean out the sewers.
Elnan thinks it is wise to check the route taken to be sure they are not attacked from behind, and even check the local medics, because well you don't get stoned that often without concequences...
They take a left turn and enter a room wich is totally empty.

Munizard hears a soft sound but thinks it are just sounds in his head so they ignore it for now.

To continue there is another oozy stream to cross. And it really seems Felor is loving the green stuff and takes yet another dive right in.
But this time, the entire party feels it is time for a "morning swim" and join in for a nice Ooze dip.

After a nice swim it is time to continue and the next room they enter also appears to be totally empty. But upon inspecting the room there was a nasty surprice.
A big phase spider appears behing Felor trying to bite in his ass, luckely (for Felor) he misses and the spider dissapears again.

Again the game of hide and seek with a phase spiders. Seline has has plenty of options to mock the spider when it appears.

A few entries of Selines book of mockery:
  • I will make a kebab out of you
  • I will pull out a leg when you appear again
  • Now you only have 6 legs and nothing less then a dirt fly.

Munizard also hits it full scale with magic missile before Sir Ludwig kills of the spider with a big blow.
Getting the sword all dirty with green slime, the sword doesnt like beeing dirty.

After defeating the spider both Seline and Munizard hear a strange noice again, near the oozy stream they took a dip in.

So they go backa and investigate. Wich means sending the decease immune Sire Ludwig down the stream all by him self as a scout.

The plan workes like a charm because down (or up depending from the point of view offcourse) the corridor he finds 2 more phase spiders.

After absorbing one bite with his shield and the other spider missing him he savely lures the 2 spiders to the waiting party.
So once again the hide and seek starts, where for some reason Felor was in the wrong spot every time a spider showed him self so there was little chance for him to wack a spider.

Seline opened up a lot of mocks again, below again some quotes.
  • Come here and fight like a man
  • You must have worked this hard to be this incompetant
  • You call that an attack, I've seen dead kittens hit harder than that!
Here is a small image how the shocked spiders look after the mockery.Link (https://thumbs.dreamstime.com/t/scared-little-spider-cartoon-illustration-looking-47091103.jpg).

One of spiders appears behind Munizard to bite him and does it so hard that Munizard is near death in one bite.
And since Felor was kind of with out spiders he threw a healing toucht to get Munizard back to health.
Seline thinks Munizard was so brave against that spider she made a hero out of him with the heroism spell!

Munizard was now out for revenge on the spider nearly killing him, leaving Minizard, with a foaming mouth from crabby bloodlust, at the feet of Sir Ludwig.

Ludwig kills of first spider what kept spawning next to him and Minizard.
The second spider appears next to Felor and gets the full spread of magic missiles of the enrages wizard. And also a big blow from Felor's big warhammer.
The spider is so shocked he dissapears without attacking and does not dare to show his ugly face again.

Time to move on after waiting a few rounds for a none showing spider the again come across another stream of green goo.

Offcourse Felor once again faceplants in the goo again, while the others savely pass it without any problem.
In the room on the otherside Munizard's mage sences tingle so after some  searching they find suspicious pile of cloth.

With his mage hand spell Munizard retrieves a scroll from underneath the cloths. It is clearly a magical scroll, so Munizard will try and identify it on the next rest.
Wich seems the saver solution than reading the scroll and see what will happen.

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With his mage hand spell Munizard retrieves a scroll from underneath the cloths. It is clearly a magical scroll, so Munizard will try and identify it on the next rest.
Wich seems the saver solution than reading the scroll and see what will happen.

Nothing has ever gone wrong from just attempting to read a scroll without knowing it's true contents.  Knowledge is gained by reading after all.  ;)

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When leaving the room the group was in everyone but Seline follows Felor's example and takes another fresh ooze dive.

When they enter a new and apparently empty room Felor spots something in a corner.
Going closer to investigate that, he immediately regrets that he went there.

Because out of nothing another phasespider (wearing a big christmas hat) pops up and bits him hard in his ass.
But Felor does rebuke the attack and zaps the spider with a lightning bolt.

And after Felor heals himself, he summons the dolphin to give him an extra whack.

When the spider reappears sir Ludwig pulverizes the spider it with a huge blow.

In the corner they find 20gp, and they check if the sewers are cleared which they are.
So they go back to  Draven Camden who now believes one of them is indeed the new Angus mcFife.

Therefor he tells them the location of the Astral hammer. It is found in the Shieldhills.
There they would be tested so see who will be fit to wear the mighty hammer.

Then Draven gets out a wooden box wich should contain an ancient item called the Amulet of Justice, which will lead them to the hammer.
But when Draven opens the box he looks shocked...

There is not 1 amulet in the box but 6, for all epic relic raiders!

After they restock (and shower) for the travel, while Munizard get familiar with a bear trap and Seline gets a brand new chain shirt, it is time to move on.

It should be a 3 day travel to the Shieldhills. Draven also tells about 2 save heavens where they can spend the night.

It is a clear ride to the the crossing rivers inn where they meet a happy cheerful innkeeper.
The main, and probably only food source there is rabbit.  But the rabbit tasted like a peace of heaven!
The rabbit is washed down with a great local beer!

The innkeeper challenges Sir Ludwig that he proves he kissed a girl before. So he calls out a waitress to prove his 'skills'.
But the waitress is not really impressed by Ludwig's kissing skills.

Felor also tries to have a shot with one of the waitresses but clearly doesn't better then Ludwig.
Disappointed by this Felor decides to take another beer. But that one was also not a big success. The beer really lands wrong and Felor runs out to the outhouse!

The outhouse has off course a little rabbit cut out in the door.
Seline can't resist and takes the rest of the beer from Felor. She is clearly better beer drinker and really enjoys the beer.
And takes some more to top them off. Seline than starts to play in the bar, and really gets the crowed going and in no time everyone sings alongs and bang their heads!

At the end of the night the group rents 2 rooms for a good sleep. Seline feels totally save to share the room with Sir Ludwig after his attempt with the waitress.
Leaving the other room to Munizard and Felor, who came back inside looking a bit pale...

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Post by: mengeltjes on January 22, 2018, 12:40:15 pm
The party wakes up after a good nights rest in the inn, with Felor having a huge hangover.
They all had the same dream about Elara who is pointing to forest, where they see a Dryad working around big tree.
Behind that in the distance they see the mountain holding the mighty Astral hammer.
The fact that Elara looks normal in the dream and not, so what they have dreamed must have been a sign or something.

After a good breakfast (remarkably without rabbit) they ask the inn keeper if he know anything about the tree of their dreams.
He send them to a forest that that sounds like the place to go. But he warns them because there is some magical weirdnes in the forest.

After a good and relaxing travel they reach the forest, and decide to leave the horses outside walk though it.
While they walk they constantly have the feeling they are not alone there and sometimes see things race past from the corner of their eyes.

And Munizard senses a magical feeling in the forest!

When they reach tree, they see a line of smoke coming from it.
The tree seems on Fire, Munizard immediately claims he is innocent, and well he has been with the group all the time so must be true ;).

There are a lot of sprites running around, blue and pink and they seem to fighting in the center of the clearing in front of the tree.
Around the tree they see the dryad from their dream running back and forth trying to dose the burning tree.

While they walk to dryad they have the feeling they are being watched...

The dryad is happy to see the party is coming over to help with the fire.
Seline suggest they could could use sand to dose the flames, and Sir Ludwig offers to dig a nice pit but sadly no spades.

Munizard then conjures a huge bucket and gives it to Sir Ludwig, and the others run to the river with their blanket to make it wet so they can use it to dose the fire.

Seline empties water pouch on tree and takes care of the smaller flames with her warding wind spell.
One big splash from Sir Ludwig's huge bucket doses the fire easily.

The dryad thanks the party, and explains the once peaceful sprites have suddenly gone mad, that darkness taken over their minds...
And that due to battle of sprites the tree caught fire.

Felor and Sir Ludwig are very distracted by the Flùràlainn (thats the dryads name), but Munizard detects something dark behind the bushes in the south.

Not that happy to investigate that himself he sends Minizard to the spot to show it to his fellow adventurers.
There behind a bush they see an evil and dangerous looking orc, who is watching the sprite battle with great interest.
Many sprites have fallen already and it seems the pink's are loosing the battle rapidly.

Felor besides it is time to do something about the orc and casts a Sacret Flame at the orc lighting him up making him easy to spot.
When sir Ludwig walks closer he is being attacked by a tree!! But the tree just misses him. (Stupid tree can't trust them).

Seline mocks the orc, saying he smells so bad she could smell him over the fire.
The orc clearly not amused by this a fireball frying Felor to a crisp and Sir Ludwig and Seline take a huge hit from it too!

Seline than cast a nasty whispers something nasty at the orc, proving words can definitely hurt a lot and it runs as far as it can from Seline.
And Munizard (who now is really happy he stayed a bit behind), ice lance just misses the smelly orc.

Sir Ludwig uses a lay on hands to bring back Felor from the dead, but he still smells like a barbecue.

The orc starts casting again (sending a small fear over the party for another fireball), but now he just disappears into nothingness, and Munizard is amazed by that spell.
Felor returns the near dead Sir Ludwig by giving him a big heal. And they all do theyr best to spot the orc, but all they see are trees....

The orc starts casting again and again no explosion, but they hear his laughter going up in the sky and getting softer and softer.
And all of a suden the fight between the sprites stop fightings

Seline uses another wisper but there seems no effect, so the orc has probably taken off.

Two sprites (Stormbranch and Shimmerleaf) begin to speak to the dryad, and as soon as they reach the dryad the other sprites are flying and dancing around the party.
They are happy and friendly again as the curse has lifted because of the departure of the orc.

The dryad asks if there is anything she can do in return for anything in return. Felor can think of some interesting things but decides to do good and ask for the location of the astral hammer.
She asks for prove that they are the chosen ones to find the hammer, so Felor shows her his amulet of justice. When Flùràlainn asks if Felor is the chosen ones the others quickly also show their amulet.

Flùràlainn tells them follow the road through the forest till they reach mountain, there they must pass an ark(h) shaped rock and a difficult road till cave.
To enter the cave they need to have the amulet of justice and inside each of them has to prove their worth to be see if wich one of them is to be the new Angus mcFife.

Before they take off Felor asks is the dryad can help them nourish their wounds and she tells them that a small rest under the tree would have the same effect as a long sleep.
And with that they are all rewarded with gaining level 5!

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Death to ALL unicorns, muahahahah!!  ;D ;) :-*

 ;D ;D ;D ;D

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Post by: Hool on February 05, 2018, 12:23:00 am

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I vote for Hool and Juice to appear as an Happy Unicorn Hunting Barbarian NPC duo. ;D

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Now that is a great idea!

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Alright, character background. Report of the adventure is coming in soon(tm).

First of all, he's now called Ilanor, because it was a bit weird to be the only one using my own name (or SB name, I suppose, but that really is just my own name whenever I'm on the internet).

Ilanor grew up in an elven city, but like many elves, he often traveled to the countryside. In his case, he often looked for unicorns, majestic creatures - too magnificent to be called animals - and admired their stately nature. In the meanwhile, he had shown great promise with the sword, and even had private lessons from Elara Feywing. As he grew up, it appeared he would spend his life in the city, most likely doing something related to his talent with the sword, when he received a parchment that was sent on Elara's death. It told of the evil Zargothrax, who had raised an army of undead unicorns to conquer - or destroy, what did it matter? - the world.

Unable to bear the knowledge of this abomination, Ilanor sought the party that had assembled, and came across Elnan Brushhil, who often helped out the party, even though at that moment he was not with them. He led Ilanor to the party, and thus Ilanor's journey to save the unicorns - and grant mercy to those already lost - started in earnest.

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Post by: Leyrann on March 08, 2018, 12:10:31 pm
There we go, this is the first week. For the last fight (we had 3!) I tried a bit of a different writing style which is easier to write but also less detailed, tell me what you think.

As the party got ready to leave, two people surprisingly showed up at the dyrad’s grove. Elnan Brushhill had, of course, joined up with the party before, but this time he brought someone else with him. The elf introduced himself as Ilanor, and explained that he was a talented fighter who had simply been looking for a way to use those talents for the good of the world, and Elnan had picked him up when they met a short while ago.

Together, the party left for the mountain indicated by the dryad. After some traveling, the forest thinned out and the landscape became more barren, only a few trees dotting the hillside. As they continued traveling, they unexpectedly came across a tree with some weird… bulges around it. Not much time was needed to establish that a troll was trying to hide behind it, but that it was so big it poked out around it at all sides.

Sir Ludwig was first to charge in, delivering a strong blow on the troll. Next, Felor called down powerful lightning, battering the troll. Immediately after, Elnan flanked the troll and delivered several fiery strikes from a distance, making sure he would not get hit by the lightning from Felor.

Subsequently, Ilanor moved in as well, striking the troll once more as well, though missing his second strike. Seline then attempted to demoralize the troll by mocking his intelligence – what made him think, after all, that he could hide behind that tree – but it seemed to only make him angrier, as he then turned to Elnan – ignoring Sir Ludwig’s hit on his back – and mauled him with several fierce strikes, to then bite him to finish him off.

Munizard killed the troll – who had already been significantly wounded – with some magic missiles, as Felor made his way over to Elnan to heal him.

With the troll dead, the party continued, and using the dryad’s directions they found the stone arch that marked the start of the road they had to take to find the Astral Hammer. However, already after the first corner a group of hostile creatures awaited them. These creatures were, it appeared, an owlbear, two bugbears, two hobgoblins and a wolf.

Elnan was first to react, and immediately took down the wolf with some well-aimed darts. Ilanor was next to dash into the fray, but the owlbear dodged his attacks. In return, one of the hobgoblins threw a spear that took him right through the chest, and to top it off he got a bite from the owlbear’s beak.

Next, Sir Ludwig charged in and delivered two very strong hits on one of the bugbears. Munizard then conjured a flaming sphere between the creatures, and Seline scared away a hobgoblin with dissonant whispers. One of the bugbears then smacked Sir Ludwig with his morningstar, but got struck in return by Elnan, who had decided to take it up close – relatively – with his spear.

Immediately after, Ilanor released a flurry of attacks, striking at both the owlbear and the bugbear, hitting both several times and wounding the owlbear in particular. In the meanwhile, Felor conjured his magical dolphin hammer of glory and struck the bugbear in the back of his head, believing the owlbear to not be a threat anymore. That turned out to be a big mistake, as the owlbear, wounded though he was, took revenge on Ilanor and took him down with some quick strikes from his claws and a devastating bite, but Sir Ludwig quickly brought him back from the brink.

Seline tried to mock another of the creatures, but it was as ineffective as it had been with the troll. Next, a bugbear tried to strike Felor, but the greatsword ineffectively bounced off Felor’s armor. Elnan did get a number of successful strikes in, killing the bugbear. Ilanor tried to hit the owlbear, but was not quite over his first near-death experience yet and did not even get close to hitting the creature. At the same time, the other bugbear – who was still alive until this point – got taken down by Felor. Sir Ludwig then downed the owlbear, though he did awkwardly miss the wounded creature on his first attempt.

Munizard then moved the flaming sphere forward and charged forward, electrifying a hobgoblin with his touch, as the entire party moved forward to overwhelm the other hobgoblin.
Afterwards, the party decided to rest for a short time, to tend to their wounds, perhaps get healed a bit by Seline’s Song of Healing, and try to skin the wolf, which Elnan failed at quite spectacularly – though it did mean wolf stew for dinner.

After the rest, the party moved on over the path, and when rounding the very next corner, Elnan spotted their newest challenge. Two ghouls, two zombies and a skeleton flanked a skeletal minotaur. The party quickly decided to use the terrain to their advantage, and Ilanor and Sir Ludwig positioned themselves next to one another, flanked by the mountainside in both directions and the others behind them.

Some arrows and spells started flying this way and that, as the skeleton readied his bow and Munizard and Seline consulted their spellbooks. The ghouls took defensive positions on the sides of the path as the minotaur moved forward, and Elnan attempted some shots with the javelins he’d looted from the hobgoblins, though the ghouls were wary and hard to hit. All the while, some members of the party had this vague but distinct feeling of something being wrong.

Sir Ludwig cast a baneful spell, cursing the minotaur, joining the still ongoing battle in the air – a battle, though, that was heavily won by the party, as the monsters barely had any ranged weaponry. At that moment, however, a wraith appeared, moving through the mountain itself, and started attacking the back of the party.

Sir Ludwig’s spell turned out to be very useful, as it slowed down the minotaur just enough to allow Ilanor to dodge his attack, after which Elnan and Ilanor got a barrage of attacks down on the minotaur, enough to allow Sir Ludwig to then finish him off, using the opening Ilanor granted him. Most of the others in the party shifted their attention to the wraith, who appeared to be very resistant to damage, and drained away Felor’s life in the meanwhile. As the frontline dealt with the ghouls and zombies however – the skeleton had already been taken down by the spellslinging earlier on – the backline managed to take down the wraith, ending the battle victorious.

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As the party rounded the next corner, a new challenge immediately appeared. There, waiting on the path, were six blue dragons - though luckily not of the huge kind that could nom up an entire humanoid being at once. They still looked pretty darn scary, however, and immediately the party got ready for yet another battle. Seline immediately attempted to put at least one of them to sleep to slightly even the odds, but the dragons were clearly well rested. They took to the sky and started circling over the party, breathing down ice, freezing party members. Elnan threw a javalin but missed, and Ilanor attempted to throw a rope around one dragon to pull him to the ground, but fumbled so badly he almost tied up himself.

All hope was lost already, Munizard holding Minizard dearly, trying to protect him from the onslaught, as Sir Ludwig Commanded a dragon to land and then followed up with a devastating blow with his Laughing Longsword+1. The command even seemed to have an effect on other dragons, as more landed, and some flew away, maybe attempting to flank, or - pray it was not the case - to get even more backup. Ilanor released a flurry of attacks at one of them, unleashing his entire potential, as Elnan, Seline and Munizard joined in, finishing off this dragon and focusing on others.

After weathering a few more cold breaths and bringing in a number of warm winter coats (or at least memories of them), Elnan was the next of the party to unleash absolutely everything, roundhouse kicking a dragon to death, adding some fire just for good measure. Munizard conjured his flaming sphere - with the added benefit of keeping the party warm - as Felor casted the mighty Sanctus Currywurst, healing the entire party (it should probably be mentioned that it was suspiciously effective...). A dragon used this opportunity to almost bite him in half, however, as the battle continued. Elnan, Ilanor and Sir Ludwig continued their onslaught, slashing through the dragons, as Seline further demoralized them with her astounding mockery and Munizard made some - admittedly unsuccesful - attempts to electrocute a dragon. The dragons fell, and two mighty hits from Felor spelled the end for the last of them, as the party rejoiced with chairs, gordons, turbopokes and a tinycorn.

Oh, and they skinned some dragon scales. Who knows what they could be used for?

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After a rest, they continued on, and found themselves facing four creatures, wound in linen. Mummies.

The first thing they noticed was that mummies look scary, and Ilanor in particular made that very clear (let's not go into further details there). Luckily for him, brave sir Ludwig agreed on the scary part and they ran away together.

Felor, recognizing these creatures were just some corpses who didn't yet realize they were dead, felt no such concerns, and turned it right on it's head by fearing the mummies instead, and one of them indeed broke and ran away. With that, the battle started, and Felor and Seline started flinging spells - and whatever that dolphin hammer is. Seline, being as inventive as ever, conjured a spectral hand in front of the face of one of the mummies, breaking it's projection of fear. Ilanor immediately charged back in and delivered two strong hits to one of the mummies, followed up by a few from Elnan. Munizard speared one of the mummies with a conjured ice knife just as Ilanor's nerves again got the better of him and he ran away to hide in a minor pond at the side of the road, though he did first get killed and then got resurrected again by Felor.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party dutyfully continued their barrage of attacks of vicious mockery, kung fu panda strikes, laughing longswords and more. The mummies went down one by one until Ilanor peeked out from his pond and, noticing they were about to finish off the last mummy, finally joined up again, then proceeded to claim he'd done most of the work.

However, one mummy was still missing - the one that had ran from Felor's magic. After a short discussion, they decided to chase, around the next corner. And indeed, as they advanced, they saw the mummy standing over there - hanging out with two air elementals. Seline immediately took initiative, mocking the creatures, but one of the air elementals moved close to the party and created a huge gust of wind, blowing several of them away. Again, Seline was ready, and slowed their falls as if they were feathers. Immediately, the party went on the counterattack. It soon became clear it was hard to hit an air elemental with physical weaponry, but if you just keep trying, it turned out, eventually the elemental will go down, in particular if Munizard helps out by firing five magic missiles in a row. The mummy moved forward and gave sir Ludwig some slams, but the party continued attacking wherever and however they could. Some sweeping attacks, a vow of enmity and more kung fu strikes and dolphin hammers rained down, and a takatukka was also involved somewhere. Somehow. Don't ask. Perhaps of particular mention for the remainer of the fight were some devastating blows by sir Ludwig, completely smiting the monsters. With only the air elemental still standing, Munizard sneaked in and stole the kill with some magic missiles, and all was good.

Except some people needed to change armor or clothing.

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Elnan is feeling like he's been in limbo and sadly will need to retire from the group unless game times change to the weekend.  There is work that calls to him during the normal adventuring time that the group would use to venture and conquer.

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Post by: mengeltjes on August 21, 2018, 11:33:35 pm
:( Would really hate to loose our kung fu panda monk.
For me (and Vlad) we would be ok with playing on a saterday.

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Post by: tpearce713 on August 22, 2018, 04:19:17 am
Weekends would work for me as well, might even be better than Friday since it wouldn't be affected when I'm working second shift.

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After taking yet another rest, the party approached another corner - there sure were a suspicious amount of those - and, catching up, decided it might be a good idea to send Minizard out first to scout. Indeed, behind the corner he saw two huge cyclopses - one-eyed giants - standing there, waiting with stones in their hands. According to Minizard, they looked kind of stupid.

Using this knowledge to their advantage, the party crept forward and Sahti, who had caught up with them just in time, created a cloud of fog, obscuring one cyclops from sight - but also making him unable to see anything himself - while Seline baned them. Only when Munizard shot a series of magic missiles did the cyclopses seem to realize something was happening.

Sir Ludwig was first to advance, and he delivered some strong hits to the visible cyclops while expertly dodging the counterattacks, aided by Seline's mockery getting under the skin of the cyclops. Apparently, he did not like being called dumb. More on that later. Ilanor was the next to join the fray, but somehow managed to miss the giant creature with some of his strikes - academics are still examining the situation, unsure how this could happen, though they have claimed it is "harder to hit the broad side of a barn than such a big cyclops".

Felor and Sahti were determined to make up for that, however, and as Felor called down sacred flames from the sky Sahti drew and fired twice. The cyclops, unsure what to react to, reacted to neither and took the hit from both the flames and the arrows.

And that’s when things really took a wrong turn for the cyclopses. The party had by now realized that their eyes outnumbered their brain cells, and Seline decided to call them out on it. While the cyclops was still trying to process what exactly Seline had said to him, Sir Ludwig charged forward and delivered two devastating blows. This form of attack aligned more with the cyclops’ understanding though, and he delivered a similar blow in return.

Ilanor moved forward as well, taking advantage of Sir Ludwig’s distraction, and himself struck true twice. Felor first contemplated imitating Ilanor’s original attempts at attacking, but then thought better of it and attempted to crush the cyclops between his war- and dolphin hammer, sending him reeling on his feet.

At that moment, the other cyclops lumbered out of the fog Sahti had previously created. He attempted to strike down Ilanor, who dodged his slow strikes easily, and Sahti launched several quick arrows, downing the first cyclops and injuring the second. From the back, Munizard and Seline flung some additional lightning and insults as Sir Ludwig and Ilanor teamed up in a serious attempt to take down the cyclops even faster than his friend.

To add insult – figurative, as the literal insults had already been thrown – to injury, Felor cursed the cyclops, before giving him another knock to the back of his head with the dolphin hammer. Sahti – remaining calm at the back – notched a few more arrows, and again struck true. Munizard and Seline once again flung their iconic dual lightning insults as Sir Ludwig delivered a few more strikes. Ilanor and Felor did a little dance around the cyclops, taunting it even further as it looked around in confusion, paralyzed from action by the curse. Sahti, Munizard, Seline and Sir Ludwig decided to release the beast from it’s suffering and struck him down.

Together, the party moved on towards the cave the cyclopses had been guarding. As they moved inside, blackness surrounded them, and they could neither hear nor feel each other…

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Post by: Leyrann on November 30, 2018, 03:20:08 pm
On the morning, the members of the party woke up on a strange hill, as if their time in the cave had been a dream. However, not everyone was there. Munizard, Sahti and Elnan had all gone missing. In the distance, a tall, ominous tower stood. In between the party and the tower, armies of undead camped on the plains. Overhead, clouds blotted out the sun, protecting the armies and creating an eerie, unnatural look.

In the distance, they saw a pen with unicorns locked in. As the party immediately realized, they were being prepared for the ritual by Zargothorax to turn them into undead, and they realized they had to act fast to avoid this terrible fate.

So, they stood and talked. Perhaps they could circle the army and get to the tower from behind. Perhaps they could send one in and distract the army. Or try and free the unicorns – that looked too difficult though. After a lot of talk, they decided going around the army might be a good idea, in particular because the slope towards the tower on the left side seemed to be easier to climb. So, after a good twenty minutes of discussion, they set off.

As the party approached a river, a halfling rogue sneaked up from behind and attempted to pick Felor’s pockets. In the last moment, however, Felor noticed the halfling as he felt tugging on his pocket, and as he quickly turned around, the halfling snuck away and hid behind a rock. His surprised gasp made the other party members aware there was someone around.

Soon, Ilanor, Felor and Seline noticed the thief climbing up a tree. Immediately, the party started discussing how they could either get her down or perhaps catch her inside the tree. After what must have been at least several minutes, Sir Ludwig got fed up with the ideas of the other ones, and tried to Command the rogue down, but she refused to listen.

The thief, somewhat intrigued, asked the party what they were doing here, with all the undead. The party then told him that they were looking to defeat Zargothorax, upon which it turned out that the rogue, who told them she was named Chari, was a former student of Elaria as well. Some negotiations followed, and eventually she decided to join the party – on the condition said party would stop trying to kill her. She refused to admit she might have tried to steal from them, however.

By the time the party reached the forest – about halfway on the road to the back of the tower – night had fallen, so they decided to set up camp for the night. They decided to put watch – Ilanor first, Felor second, Seline third and Sir Ludwig fourth and last. Nothing happened during the night, however, and they continued on next morning.

During the day, the party approached the tower, and as they drew closer, it appeared the undead were focused on the unicorns at the other side, allowing the party to climb the hill of the citadel unseen, and now they stood close to the citadel. Next up: finding an entrance. Or, perhaps, they should just scale the wall. Chari, with her climbing skills, went up first and then tied a rope at the top, helping the others in their climb. Felor, as paladin, gave the others some guidance – perhaps supernatural – and Seline went up next. She stumbled a little, but then got up fine on her second try. Ilanor climbed up next without much trouble. Sir Ludwig went next and Felor last, both without much trouble.

Once up on the wall, the party carefully looked around in an attempt to find any traps or other suspicious things. In particular, a single rock drew a lot of attention from the more perceptive members of the party. Chari found there’s a mechanism behind the rock, allowing it to rotate. Turning it revealed it was a door. Inside, they found only darkness. Felor cast a light on his shield, allowing the party to see a small tunnel ahead.

After some discussion, Felor went in first, looking for traps, followed by the rest of the party as everything seemed clear. As the party entered a room, they found two skeletons. They were very surprised, however, allowing the party to act first.

Despite some questionable moves from Ilanor and Sir Ludwig, they quickly dispatched of the Skeletons and confirmed the room was empty. They carefully opened the door to the next room, and stood face to face with two vaguely female forms, with red eyes and claws for hands. Clearly undead, evil, and aware of their presence. Chari got a quick arrow in, then stepped back to avoid standing in the battle line. One of the undead reacted just as quickly, stepping backwards and climbing the wall at insane speed, leaving the party’s field of vision.

Ilanor charged forward and delivered a flurry of attacks on the other vampire, and Seline repositioned herself close to the doorway, inspiring the rest of the party and mocking the vampire. The vampire, however, was not impressed. Ludwig heroically charged forward and swung wildly. The vampire swiftly dodged the swings, however, and grabbed Ilanor, who found himself unable to react. Felor called down radiant fire in an attempt to scorch the vampire, but she expertly dodged the attack.

Chari – less concerned with hitting Ilanor than Felor – drew her bow and delivered a powerful hit, masterfully curving the arrow around Ilanor. Suddenly, the other vampire jumped down from the roof and grabbed Seline into an embrace. She then bit her, and Seline’s flesh turned necrotic around the bite.

Ilanor considered giving the vampire a kiss, but thought better of it and freed himself from the embrace, but found himself unable to do much else. Seline remained in the embrace of the vampire, believing the worst danger had passed for her, meaning her time was best spent occupying the vampire’s time. Meanwhile, Sir Ludwig remembered how to fight, and sliced up the vampire with Ilanor, then smited her with enough divine power to splatter the remains all over the wall of the room.

Felor and Chari focused their attention on the vampire embracing Seline. This vampire, as well, dodged Felor’s radiant fire, while Chari took out her rapier and sliced up the vampire – after slicing up Seline as well. However, the vampire’s wound closed almost immediately.

The vampire once again bit Seline, proving her earlier assessment wrong. Ilanor and Sir Ludwig moved up behind the vampire, delivering several powerful attacks, allowing Seline to break free. Felor joined in as well with a powerful hit of his warhammer, and even found some time to say some soothing, healing words to Seline.

Chari moved up beside the vampire but missed her attacks despite remaining unseen. The vampire turned around, then took Felor in an embrace. Ilanor delivered a few more strikes and Seline whispered some discordant words to the vampire, who tried to run. That allowed Ilanor and Sir Ludwig to get in yet another attack, which was enough to take down the vampire.

The party considered their options and decided to move back into the first room to take a short break and prepare for the many challenges that undoubtly lay ahead.

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Post by: Leyrann on December 14, 2018, 03:00:35 pm
While resting, the party decided that this place wasn’t so bad after all, and turned it into a long rest instead. During their rest, they made sure to investigate the room with the vampires, discovering two doors – in the north and the east – as well as a corridor in the south.

As they investigated the corridor in the south, which they could see ended with a wall, they noticed a likely trap. Chari investigated it, and found it was a pressure plate that would shoot arrows from the roof if stepped on, and that it seemed not possible to disable it. However, it was possible for the party to step around it and avoid triggering the plate.

Chari, however, wasn’t content with doing so, and somehow managed to get it stuck so badly it seemed to have been glued to the rest of the floor. The party carefully entered the corridor, and looked around for possible magic or hidden features. Indeed, it appeared there was something strange about the wall, though there seemed to be no magic.

The party decided to try and push against the wall. After some weak pushes from Ilanor, Sir Ludwig and Felor, Seline almost crashed into the wall. However, it stayed in place, immovable. Admitting defeat, they moved back into the room and started debating which door to pick. They decided on the north door, and as they opened it, they noticed a strange light, hovering in the corner. It started moving towards them, and after a moment of confused looks the party drew their weapons, recognizing it as a will o’ the wisp, a tormented soul that seeks out life to consume.

Sir Ludwig charged in first, but despite seemingly hitting the creature did not manage to inflict any harm. In return, the will o’ the wisp attempted to shock Sir Ludwig, but the charge harmlessly bounced off his armor. Ilanor charged in just behind him, but did no better in damaging the wisp. Seline was next, attempting to demoralize the creature with her famous mockery, but that, neither, managed to impress the ball of light. It did, however, inspire the rest of the party. Felor threw a bolt of light towards the being, but it, as well, did not cause any harm, which was actually quite obvious in hindsight.

Last, Chari nocked an arrow and fired it from her hiding spot, proving that the creature was not actually immune to harm. Indeed, Sir Ludwig imbued his sword with radiant power and slashed through the wisp, and it’s light fizzled out.

They inspected the room, and found a locked door at the east wall, which Chari easily unlocked with a hairpin. The room beyond turned out to be empty, with a corridor leading to the south. The corridor clearly did not contain any traps, but beyond it they found a room with another will o’ the wisp, and as they entered the room further, they also noticed a skeleton in the corner. The wisp attempted to shock Ilanor, but missed, and two arrows zipped past, one from a dark corner. One arrow missed, but the other brushed Ilanor.

Not discouraged by her results last time, Seline attempted to mock the wisp, and she was rewarded by some quivering, showing it had affected the light. Sir Ludwig ignored the wisp, and charged straight for the skeleton that was in plain sight, slicing apart the skeleton. Ilanor followed his example, and after two precise attacks the wisp flicked out. Felor moved forward, bringing into view the skeleton thanks to his radiant shield, and Chari plopped an arrow right into the skeleton’s right eye socket, killing it immediately.

The party explored the room, finding two corridors – one going north, parallel to where they had come from, and one going south. Felor noticed a strange brick, and though Chari doubted him, she tried to disable it as if it were a trap anyway, and indeed managed to get it stuck. Ilanor moved into the corridor and triggered a second trap, but narrowly avoided the arrows that shot out of the ceiling. While he remained in place, making sure to not trigger anything else, Chari disabled the trap.

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Careful, the party moved forward, making sure to check for more traps. Indeed, they soon found another, similar trap, which Chari disabled, followed by yet another one. They going that way, disabling trap after trap… until they missed one. Green fog started pouring out of the walls. Soon, Chari started feeling dizzy, but Sir Ludwig lay his hands on her, and the dizziness soon disappeared.
Even more careful, the party continued further forward. Soon, they found another room, populated by – at least, a mummy and some kind of very scary looking shadowy thing, which some party members identified as a wraith. In addition, the party had a feeling there were more creatures waiting in the shadows.

Indeed, a skeletal warhorse charged forward out of the darkness, making an attempt to trample Ilanor, but it failed miserably. Despite that, Ilanor felt fear rising, like he had felt it before. He made an attempt to force it down, but found he could not. In the meanwhile, Seline mocked the warhorse, telling the creature it was and would never be a unicorn. Indeed, the words seemed to hit true, as the horse neighed loudly. Felor summoned his mighty dolphin hammer of might and battered the wraith with a powerful strike. Simultaneously, he crashed his warhammer into the warhorse, scattering it’s bones all over the room.

The wraith moved forward and drained away Felor’s life away, but he stood strong nonetheless and forced the creature back. Chari had taken the time to consider the best course of action, and her arrow streaked through the wraith, seemingly taking part of the creature with it. At the same time, a mummy engaged Ilanor, who immediately delivered two strikes, forcing his fear down, and dodged the mummy’s clumsy strike. Sir Ludwig squeezed through in between Felor and Ilanor and delivered yet another hit on the mummy as a ghostly skeletal hand appeared out of nothing and touched him, and he felt a chill spread through his body as his life drained away.

Seline whispered to the mummy, causing it to try and scramble away in fear, allowing Ilanor and Sir Ludwig to finish it off as Felor healed his wounds and then directed his hammer to attack the wraith. The weapon moved through the creature, with some of the wraith’s incorporeal body trailing behind and disappearing. Ilanor stood his ground still, but did not dare move forward, as the wraith drained life out of Sir Ludwig, who struggled to resist. Chari moved up again behind the three, and masterfully shot another arrow through the wraith. Sir Ludwig found his footing again and sliced through the wraith, which was enough to kill it off.

Almost missed by the party, another mummy had moved in sight along the wall, and as it crept closer a ray of fire beamed forward from further behind, severely burning Felor and Sir Ludwig. Another mummy moved in sight, and Ilanor felt his knees go weak, but Seline’s dissonant whispers scared the mummy away again, inspiring the party in the process. Felor channelled his healing powers to bring himself and Sir Ludwig back from the brink as the other mummy – the one that hadn’t ran away – moved forward and attacked Ilanor. The elf fought back valiantly, however, and despite receiving a hit and suffering from the mummy’s rotten touch, he delivered several hits. Chari’s arrow once again struck true, and Sir Ludwig finished the mummy off.

A streak of black light emerged from the shadows towards Sir Ludwig – and didn’t do anything. The mummy Seline had previously scared off moved forward again, and this time it resisted Seline’s attempts to scare it. Felor charged forward and used his two hammers in accordance to hit the mummy from both sides, but it retaliated with a powerful strike, attempting to rot Felor’s flesh. Luckily, for him, it didn’t seem to leave any lasting effects – apart from the wound. Ilanor was too scared to move forward, but managed to hold his ground as an ogre moved forward and wildly swung at Felor, narrowly missing it. Chari shot once again at the mummy, wounding it severely but not yet killing it. Sir Ludwig attempted to finish it, but he himself missed a strike, and the mummy still stood, wounded but not down.

[To be continued!] (it’s midnight already)  

(had to split up the post because there's a maximum post length for the forum... kinda annoying)

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The mummy slowly turned his gaze towards Seline, in the back. She shivered, but shrugged it off and struck back with some dissonant whispers, enough to cause it to crumple and die.

Felor cured his wounds as he commanded his Dolphin Hammer to strike the ogre in the back. As he did so, Ilanor charged past him, the mummy now dead, and delivered a flurry of attacks on the ogre, then effortlessly dodged the counterattack. Before the ogre had even finished his strike, Chari had snuck in a quick attack, causing a spray of blood from the ogre’s shoulder. Sir Ludwig moved in next, slicing off several pieces before smiting the creature into oblivion. It shook the ground as it fell.

From the darkness, several magical lights appeared, scorching some of the skin of Felor, Ludwig and Ilanor, who looked at one another confused, wondering if this was meant to scare them or something. In the back, they heard Seline’s lute playing, and the party got ready to charge whatever was still lurking in there.

Ilanor led the charge, his shield lit up by Felor’s magic, and Seline’s mocking could be heard over the sounds of clanging armor as a warlock came in sight. His wild strikes distracted the warlock, and Chari’s arrow struck true, killing the creature seconds after it had become visible.

With the last opponent down, the party explored the room and took the few interesting items the creatures had; a morningstar that had belonged to the ogre and a staff with a red gem that had belonged to the warlock. Chari pried free the gem from it, causing some fizzling but – luckily – nothing else happened. After exploring the entire room, they moved back towards one of the first rooms to take a rest.

Nothing happened during the rest, and the party went to explore another direction. Almost immediately, they came across a few mummies. Chari quickly wrapped cloth around one of his arrows and lit it, then shot one of the mummies, setting it on fire.

Sir Ludwig led the charge, delivering two crushing attacks on the mummy. Felor once again showed his skill at multitasking, as he attacked the first mummy with his normal hammer and, at the same time, summoned his Dolphin Hammer to strike the other mummy. Ilanor moved in at Sir Ludwig’s other side, and kept whacking away at the mummy until it died.

Seline inched forward to gain a better view of the area and mocked the second mummy in sight, inspiring the party with her creativity. He moved forward next, swinging at Ilanor’s head, but missing, and trying to invoke fear, but failing once again. Chari chuckled at the attempts, then planted an arrow right into its vitals as Sir Ludwig stepped up and sliced apart what remained.

Felor got ready to attack as Ilanor moved, and they attacked in unison, a sacred flame descending as Ilanor sliced off a few bandages. Seline whispered at the creature, and it ran away, taking another hit from Ilanor in the process. Two mummies moved in to attack Ilanor, but he dodged most of the attacks, getting hit only once – and barely – while keeping his fear down.

Chari shot a mummy through the eye as Sir Ludwig charged forward and slashed the creature up. Two arrows shot forward through the dark and grazed Ilanor and Sir Ludwig. Felor moved closer and called down another radiant flame, killing the mummy.

The other mummies moved forward and completely missed their attacks, being about as scary as a duckling. Ilanor delivered a nonchalant attack on one of them and Seline baned two of the mummies. Chari took aim once again and shot off several more bandages of the same mummy they had been focusing, and Sir Ludwig took it down, then changed targets to the other mummy, delivering another powerful strike. Another two arrows emerged from the dark, but no one was fazed by them. Felor moved forth his dolphin hammer, and struck true once again as another mummy delivered a strong hit on Ilanor, cursing him. Sir Ludwig fought his own mummy, and avoided being cursed himself, and both of them fought down their fear successfully.

Ilanor delivered two strikes on his direct opponent, and Seline demoralized him even further with some vicious mockery, in the process inspiring the rest of the party. Chari landed another arrow on the mummy, and Sir Ludwig continued his personal battle with the other mummy with some questionable strikes – though he did slice off a bandage or two. Felor moved forward and lifted the curse on Ilanor, only to be replaced almost instantly by a paralyzing fear as the mummy’s magic got to him.

Seline whispered at the mummy and it tried to run away, but got stabbed in the back by Felor, killing it. Chari shot yet another arrow at the last mummy, reinforced by some very strong attacks by Sir Ludwig, who leaved behind no bits that wouldn’t fit in the average lunch box.

Two more arrows shot out from the dark, and Sir Ludwig took a minor hit. Felor and Ilanor moved forward, and as a wight came in view, Felor called down a sacred flame. Seline rushed forward with her boots of speed and imbued Ilanor with bravery. Chari moved forward a little and shot an arrow through the wight before moving back into the shadows.

Sir Ludwig charged forward on his mighty steed, and chopped up the wight right good, ending the battle. Somewhat fatigued, the party moved back to the previous room for a short break.

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After the rest, the party once again got ready to move. They moved back to the location of the last battle, and started exploring the corridor to the east. After moving through a few corridors, checking for traps along the way, they came across a room with five wisps. Neither party showed surprise, and as Sir Ludwig and Ilanor led the charge, the wisps advanced as well. As they dodged the wisps attempts to strike, both got a hit in.

From the back, Seline played her lute, inspiring the party while mocking the wisps, who seemed to not care too much. In the distance, two wisps disappeared as Chari shot an arrow through the most distant wisp before it disappeared as well.

[As the party discussed what the wisps were doing, and someone mentioned the option of them creating one giant wisp, manic laughter was heard in the distance, no doubt Zargothorax. A voice spoke “that’s not what’s happening, but I am taking notes”.]

A fourth wisp disappeared, and Felor charged forward to finish off the one remaining wisp. The party bunched up, waiting to see what was going to happen. Suddenly, a wisp appeared behind Seline, only to be mocked, which he ignored for an equally ineffective attack. Chari lunged forward from the shadows and stabbed the wisp, taking a small shock in return as she melded back into the darkness. Felor turned back and delivered the wisp another hit, and Sir Ludwig finished it off.

Seline moved away a little from the others, and created a thunderclap in the hopes of hitting any invisible wisps, but nothing happened. Moments later, a wisp appeared next to Chari and shocked her, but got pierced and destroyed by her in return, only to be replaced by a new wisp in an instant. Felor charged along the entire party towards the wisp – and missed. Sir Ludwig, who was right behind him, however, almost completely chopped it apart, right in time for Ilanor to show up and steal the kill.

Again, the party waited for something to happen. And waited. And waited. Eventually, the party decided to move forward into the room, cautious but still not finding the last wisp. Felor moved a little away from the rest of the party and created a wave of thunder, but met no resistance.

After investigating the room, they turn back, and Sir Ludwig notices a light coming from above a staircase. Ilanor leads the charge up, followed by the rest of the party. The wisp that the light originated from first moved forward, but then turned around when it spotted them. Chari slipped in, and shot an arrow through the wisp.

Ilanor charged towards the wisp – and fell down a pit. Immediately, Seline got out a rope and threw it down towards him, tying the other end to Sir Ludwig’s unicorn. The wisp backed off further, allowing Ilanor to freely climb out. After a short conversation, the party decided this direction was not worth exploring, and turned around, moving down the stairway they’d passed previously.
After doing some experiments with Felor’s light cantrip – including making the unicorn’s horn shine bright pink – they enter the next room and notice they are not alone. Sir Ludwig charged forward immediately, striking an undead ogre multiple times, inflicting severe damage. Felor summoned his hammer and delivered another hit, followed up by an arrow from Chari and two strikes from Ilanor to kill the creature off before it even had time to react.

From the side, another undead ogre charged forward, smashing Felor and avoiding part of his counterattack. Sir Ludwig ducked, and avoided a strike from a third ogre as Seline mocked to distract the ogre from Felor. Ilanor dodged an arrow – and in the same move what appeared to be an awful strike from Sir Ludwig before it turned out he was winding up an attack that almost cut the ogre in half. Not to mention that he too dodged an arrow, in the same movement.

Three rays of fire shot out from the dark, one of them connecting with Ilanor, who shrugged it off. Another arrow shot out of the dark and grazed Sir Ludwig. Felor was still engaged with the same ogre and delivered a hit with both his hammers. Chari shot another arrow at Sir Ludwig’s ogre, and Ilanor moved over to Felor’s ogre, delivering four powerful blows, though taking one in return in his aggression while Sir Ludwig calmly dodged another strike. Seline shouted obscenities from the sideline, but the ogres weren’t much impressed. It did inspire the party though.

An arrow grazed Ilanor from behind while Sir Ludwig continued hacking away at his ogre until it stopped moving, in the process dodging yet another arrow. Some magic missiles appeared, irritating Sir Ludwig, Ilanor and Felor. Enough, in fact, to distract Sir Ludwig so he got hit by an arrow. Felor got in a few more strikes, and Chari shot it once again, which surely should have killed him, but did not. Ilanor stepped forward and cut through it’s torso twice, both clearly fatal hits, but the ogre did not go down and delivered a strong blow in return, and an arrow from behind almost knocked out Ilanor while Seline too attempted to down the ogre.

Sir Ludwig already charged on in the direction of the magic user, healing Ilanor while on his way. As he moved, three magic missiles hit him in his face.
Yet another arrow whizzed through the air, all but ignored by everyone.

Felor healed himself, Ilanor and Sir Ludwig and his all-powerful dolphin hammer finally downed the ogre. Ilanor charged to the origin of a few of the arrows and hacked up a skeleton, then in return received an arrow from another direction. Sir Ludwig charged on and swung for the necromancer, who started glowing. The sword bounced off harmlessly off a ward. The necromancer and it’s minions attempted some more unsuccessful attacks.

Chari moved up a little bit, and shot the necromancer through his right eye as Ilanor moved towards the other arrow-shooting being, which turned out to be another skeleton, dodging one of the two incoming arrows, but taking the other one. Sir Ludwig continued his attack on the necromancer and severed its head from its body. Felor called down a flame on the skeleton archer, and Chari’s arrow downed the creature. Ilanor charged towards the last origin point of arrows, and chopped up one last skeleton.

Tired, the party moved back to the room where they took their breaks for an extended rest.

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After the rest, the party returned to the location of the last fight, where they go through a door on the east side of the room. As Ilanor entered, he was immediately assaulted by a vampire, who managed to bite him by surprise. He reacted quickly however, and delivered a powerful strike. Immediately, Felor and Chari followed up, severely wounding the vampire.

Seline inspired the party, simultaneously discouraging the vampire. The vampire again bit Ilanor, and this time got him in her grasp. Sir Ludwig attempted to break him free, and after a brief struggle, Ilanor managed to do so. Felor delivered yet another hit and healed Ilanor, and Chari landed a second trick shot. Seline viciously mocked the vampire’s looks, which hurt her enough to fumble her attempts to attack Sir Ludwig, who answered with two strong strikes of his own, followed up by another from Ilanor and a last attack by Felor which was enough to permanently put her down.

As the party explored the room, Seline noticed a loose stone, and Chari inspected it closer, finding no hidden traps or anything like it. As he moved the stone, a portion of the wall disappeared, and a set of stairs appeared beyond it. After brief deliberation, they decided to carefully head inside, checking for traps on the way. After a while, the corridor turned right, and a new set of stairs appeared – again going up. Up those stairs seemed to be a dead end – the irony – but Chari noticed another loose stone similar to the last one. Sir Ludwig stepped forward and activated it. Again, the wall turned away, revealing at least one wight in the next room.

Chari attempted yet another trick shot, but missed the creature this time around. Two arrows shot out from the darkness in return, but both missed Sir Ludwig. Seline inspired Ilanor and Felor with heroism, strengthening their body and mind. Two more arrows shot out from the dark, and one clipped Ilanor’s shoulder. Felor called down a radiant flame on the wight, and then conjured his Dolphin Hammer, but missed the wight as it moved forward and attempted to strike Sir Ludwig, but he blocked the strike with his shield. Ilanor charged forward and absolutely botched his attacks, but Sir Ludwig got a strong hit in, blessed with holy energy.

Chari shot the wight with another arrow, while Ilanor dodged two of his own, and Seline once again inspired the party with her beautiful voice, as Ilanor caught yet another arrow in his leg. Felor immediately healed the wound, however, while his hammer took down the first wight. Ilanor and Sir Ludwig charged forward and delivered several hits to the other wights. Chari snuck up the rest of the stairs and shot an arrow through the torso of the wight fighting Ilanor. Sir Ludwig’s wight attempted to drain his life and strike him with his long sword, but his holy powers absorbed part of the damage.

Felor charged forward and killed the wight tangling with Ilanor, who then went after the other wight and delivered another strike – though hopelessly fumbling his first – after which Sir Ludwig landed two very strong blows, killing this wight too.

With the opponents dead, they moved into the next hallway, at the east of the room but heading south. As they moved through the corridor, Felor triggered a trap, and a huge boulder dropped from the ceiling and started rolling through the corridor. Immediately, the party started running, and managed to move to the side when the hallway widened, standing next to the pit Ilanor had previously found while the boulder rolled by and crashed into a wall.

Carefully, the party followed in the boulder’s path, then turned west at the end of the corridor. Suddenly, the wisp that had ran away earlier appeared, lashing out at Felor, who was in front. Seline reacted quickly, mocking the wisp. It didn’t seem to care, however. Again, the wisp lashed out, but Felor rebuked the strike and forced it away. Sir Ludwig charged in and speared it in one strike.

The party entered the next room, and as Ilanor checked out the room, he noticed two vampires hiding against the roof. Immediately, he alerted the others and moved to one of the vampires, waiting for her to descend upon them. Chari, possessing a ranged weapon, simply shot the vampire she could see, as did Felor with a powerful guiding bolt. The other vampire, which Ilanor had been camping, jumped down and promptly took two strong hits, but then she lashed back into him with a powerful bite herself, wounding him further.

The other vampire also moved down and started clawing away at Sir Ludwig, who promptly returned with two powerful cuts. Seline once again imbued Ilanor with heroism, upon which he flayed his sword so wildly he almost cut off his own foot (and then proceeded to break down crying). Chari once again shot a strong arrow, and Felor hit a second guiding bolt, meanwhile healing Ilanor – who once again needed it. The vampire Ilanor was fighting grappled him, and the other vampire grappled Sir Ludwig, who fruitlessly attempted to break free. Seline then attempted to bane the vampires, and succeeded with one of them, while distracting the other enough for Ilanor to break free from her deadly embrace.

Chari once again slipped out of her hiding spot, and took down the other vampire as Felor completely missed his next guiding bolt. The vampire once again trapped Ilanor and took yet another bite. Sir Ludwig and Seline together managed to break free Ilanor, who delivered two more strikes on the vampire, aided by another arrow from Chari. Felor charged forward, but didn’t manage to hit the vampire, who once again struck Ilanor, who then fell unconscious while once again in her embrace. Sir Ludwig once again struck the vampire and finally killed her.

With the fight over - and Ilanor narrowly surviving - the party moved back to their resting room for a long break.

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(apologies if there’s a few mistakes, I’m very tired tonight)

After a long night’s rest, the party once again moved to explore the castle, first getting back to the location of their last fight and then exploring the room. They soon found there were two hallways, one most likely leading to a previously explored room. The party felt a chill surrounding them as they explored the other, and as they approached the next room, which appeared to be some kind of prison, they saw various spectres floating around. Immediately, they took a defensive position.

Sir Ludwig waited not a moment as the first spectre moved forward, and immediately cut it to pieces. An arrow from Chari guided by Seline’s mockery downed a second. Quickly, Ilanor and Felor explored the room and took defensive positions, deciding to wait for the enemy to come to them.

Indeed, some spectres soon appeared around the party. Seline lashes out with her sword, trailing some wisps as it swung through the hand, doing little damage as Ilanor initiated combat with another spectre. Yet another wisp appeared, descending on Seline, and she called a thunderclap, shocking the creatures. Still hidden, Chari lunged at a spectre and showed it the way to the afterlife in a single strike.

Ilanor somehow bumbled his way to killing a spectre, then turned around to watch Sir Ludwig destroy a spectre and wound a second in one fluid motion, after which Seline gracefully landed the killing blow.

(it was at this point that Ilanor started getting really annoyed)

Without seeing any enemies, the party carefully moved forward, exploring more of the prison, eventually noticing another spectre, floating through one of the cells. It didn’t seem to be very willing to leave its cell, and the party was blocked from entering by the cell’s bars, so they decided to wait outside, throwing what magic and ranged weaponry they could at the spectre. As the spectre moved to the adjacent cell, Ilanor bluntly pulled out the rusty irons, and Sir Ludwig charged in on his unicorn steed and chopped up the spectre right good. The party quickly noticed another spectre, also hiding in the cells, and set to breaking this cell door as well, but then Seline scared the spectre away.

Satisfied with the results, the party moved through the corridor to the west, where Felor promptly triggered a trap and got stuck under a spiked device falling from the ceiling.

…To be continued.

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Slowly, the party inched towards Felor. After some discussion, Chari poked him with a crowbar, proving he was still alive. Ilanor stepped forward and tried to lift up the trap, but his strength escaped him and he let it fall onto Felor, injuring him further. Next, Chari tried, and managed to lift it off of him, but gave Felor yet another scratch, and Ilanor pulled him out.

With the trap out of the way, the party continued and soon found themselves in a room they had explored before. They decided to march straight ahead, into another corridor they had not previously explored. After confirming there were no traps in the hallway, they entered it and soon found themselves in front of a simple wooden door that seemed to have no special characteristics – just a handle, a keyhole, and no traps. Through the keyhole, they noticed stairs going down, and after some discussion about going upstairs – where Zargothorax most likely resided – they decided to first explore the corridor beyond the door further.

That corridor was the source of some kind of unnatural cold, but they decided to go down anyway, and soon found themselves in what appeared to be a prison. Seline insisted on checking the prisons, and as she entered a room, she felt completely cold and her hairs stood up straight. Suddenly, some kind of shade appeared, which struck forward, and it’s attack weakened her.

Sir Ludwig charged forward with his Laughing Longsword and delivered a glancing blow to it, and an arrow from Chari killed the abomination. As it died, it disappeared as if on a gust of wind, and the prison started trembling, and suddenly all doors broke open, shades appearing in every cell. Strange noises pierced through the air and goosebumps appeared on each member’s arms.

Ilanor wasted no time and moved forward, killing the nearest shade in two strikes. The shades moved forward, and one of them struck Felor with another weakening strike, but he rebuked the attack, and Chari’s reactive arrow killed it. She was immediately assaulted by another shade, however, and buckled under it’s strike, while yet another shade attacked Ilanor. Sir Ludwig charged back out from the cell they’d found the first shade in, and killed the creature attacking Chari, and Felor dodged an attack from another shade. Ilanor, however, was not so lucky as he was struck again.

Seline inspired the party with her beautiful music (it was The Raven Child, for the record) and whispered a discordant melody to one of the shades, causing it to run away, though it received another blow from Felor for it, after which he used his words of healing to sustain the party.

Ilanor delivered a sweeping strike, and his sword glowed with a bright light, completely disintegrating both shades the blade hit. Again, he struck, and he wounded a third just as Chari struck a fourth with her rapier. Sir Ludwig charged through the fight and ended both of the creatures. At that moment, the shade that had been scared away by Seline returned and attacked Sir Ludwig, only to be struck down by Felor immediately after.

With many members feeling weak after the strikes by the shades, they decided to take a short break to regain their strength. After the rest, they moved towards the nearest stairway up.
They started exploring the next floor by going west, and soon found themselves into some kind of circular ritual room. In the dim light, the party noticed a column that went all the way up to the high ceiling. As they carefully entered the room, fires lit all over the walls of the room.

Felor stepped forward, and suddenly a vampire swept down and grabbed him and broke its teeth trying to bite through his plate. Seline once again inspired the party (this time she played Sweet True Lies) and kindly told the vampire to eff off from Felor, upon which it scrambled to the wall and climbed up towards the roof.

Soon, however, it jumped down again, but Felor’s ready counterattack stopped it from being able to hit him. Sir Ludwig, Chari and Ilanor battered it with attacks, but it survived through all of them.
A second vampire suddenly swept in, but failed to hug Seline twice. She simply scared the it into running away. Felor once again attacked the vampire close to him, but that vampire changed targets and hugged Ilanor tight. Sir Ludwig struck a powerful blow, imbued by radiant power, which was finally enough to down the creature.

The party quickly took a defensive stance, waiting for the other vampire to return, and as it did Ilanor and Chari immediately struck it before it attached itself to Ilanor. Felor struck the vampire with a guiding bolt, and Sir Ludwig charged in to kill it with two more radiant strikes.

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The party went to explore the room further, when a vampire spawn jumped down from the ceiling and grappled Ilanor. Felor immediately shot a guiding bolt of light to the vampire as it began feasting on Ilanor.

Seline inspired the party with her beautiful music (a perfect rendition of Keeper of the Seven Keys) and attempted to scare the vampire with discordant whispered, which was ineffective but did allow Chari to shoot an arrow through it’s head, which in turn allowed Ilanor to free himself and deliver some more blows. Sir Ludwig charged in and delivered several glancing strikes himself, after which Felor charged in to finish the creature off.

With all monsters definitely cleared, the party turns their attention to the pillar in the middle of the room. After some very thorough inspection which leads to absolutely nothing, Seline attempts to climb the pillar, but after getting some ten feet up decides it’s not worth it and slides down again.

Next, the party moved back out of the room towards the south, towards a prison or prison-like room. The room contained a lot of doors, and after some discussion Chari moved towards the closest door and picked the lock. Sir Ludwig opened the door to reveal a wisp, then immediately closed the door again.

Chari moved on to the next door and just as Ilanor opened it, the wisp appeared behind Felor and attacked it, which immediately got rebuked. Ilanor moved forward and hacked away at the ball of light, and it danced in between his and Felor’s strikes, then Sir Ludwig charged in and completely obliterated the wisp in a single strike.
Chari moved on to the next door and picked it’s lock, narrowly avoiding a poisoned needle shooting out of it. Carefully, she picked it up and put it in her backpack. Sir Ludwig entered the room to find a corpse, on which he found a strange, unidentified ring.

Ilanor encountered another wisp, which got killed in a single shot by Chari. In the next room they opened, they found a chest with a mathematical challenge as lock. After solving the puzzle, the chest opened to reveal eight blueish potions. Chari picked up a bottle and opened it, then carefully smelled it, discovering it had a sweet odor. Then, she does the most imprudent thing possible and tastes some, but luckily it just tastes ‘good’.

She then decides to down the entire thing. As soon as she finishes drinking it, she feels a tingling throughout her body and notices she suddenly moves faster. She gathers the other potions and suddenly the potion runs out and she drops to the ground, exhausted. A minute later, she is recovered.

The party opens a number other empty rooms, until eventually coming across another chest, this one with a riddle, quickly solved by the party. The chest opened to reveal a set of red potions. Again, Chari smelled it, then tasted it, finding it slightly spicy. She drinks it and finds herself surrounded by cold, wispy blue flames. Felor moves close to try and touch the flames – after they do nothing to Chari – but finds it is likely imprudent to touch them.

After the potions have been divided, the party finds he flames are still holding around Chari, and come to the conclusion this is likely a spell that lasts long. With all rooms explored, the party moves on to the east, and after some walking encounters two mummies and a wraith.

Felor cast turn undead, frightening two of the creatures and summoned the Mighty Dolphin Hammer, and Sir Ludwig charged forward to the last mummy, delivering several hits. Chari snuck up and shot the mummy with an arrow, and Ilanor charged forward, killed the mummy, then charged on to the other one – the wraith had disappeared into the wall.

Seline mocked the mummy for wearing toilet paper as clothes, and Felor charged forward, battering the abomination with two hammers, followed by Sir Ludwig’s hits. The mummy glared at Ilanor, who was not impressed and cut its head off.

With the wraith fleeing, the party is about to leave the room when Felor notices a face on the wall, which starts speaking upon being touched, giving another riddle, which was eventually solved by Sir Ludwig.

The face laughed, then the wall parted, showing another corridor. However, the party first went back to a previous room to take a long rest.

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After their rest, the party made their way to the previously discovered opening, and took the north path. For quite some time, they walked through empty corridors, eventually finding an equally abandoned room with a number of corpses.

While in the room, Felor noticed some strange rumbling noises in the distance, and the party decided to investigate the corridor running in that direction. This corridor quickly ended in another room, and after a quick discussion they agree to look for the origin of the sound, and promptly run into an ogre, who slams Ilanor through the room with his morningstar. He immediately got back to his feet and started hacking away on the creature himself as Felor stepped up to him and channeled his healing magic before conjuring his dolphin hammer and delivering the ogre another hit. Sir Ludwig immediately stepped up besides them and drove his longsword right through the ogre several times, burning with holy power.

Suddenly, a wraith appeared and slashed at Sir Ludwig, who dodged the attempt even as he continued fighting, and an arrow from Chari shot straight through the creature’s neck, but it amazingly remained standing. Seline hurled a number of insults at the creature, which was taken aback, but nonetheless attempted to strike Ilanor again, who managed to dodge with some of the most amazing bumbling in recent history as he flailed about and neither connected with their weapons. Taking advantage of the distraction, Felor called down a burst of radiant fire and finally took the creature down before redirecting his dolphin hammer to the wraith.

Sir Ludwig followed up with another strike, his sword again burning with holy fire, deftly avoiding the creature’s attempt to drain the life out of him, and Chari’s arrow shot through the undead, trailing wisps of the incorporeal form along in the damage it did. Seline sent dissonant whispers at the wraith, which attempted to run away but was promptly struck down by Sir Ludwig.

The party explored the room of the fight, then a few other rooms, and actually found ten gold pieces in one of them. In the last room they explore, they find a wall that seems to be movable. Thanks to Chari’s crowbar, they manage to pry the wall free and discover a stairway down. After confirming this went back to a previously discovered part of the tower, the party traced their steps back to the passage they had uncovered before their rest, and went in the other direction, finding a fleeing wisp.

Quickly, they find a suspicious area of the floor, and Chari finds that the corridor includes a hidden spike trap. Chari encountered some troubles, but marked the pressure plates with some rope so everyone would know which places to avoid. Ilanor decided to jump over it just to be safe.

However, Felor figured attempting the same was a good idea… and fell right on the entire area, triggering the trap and then getting hit by all the spikes he could. Regrettably, Chari and Ilanor were also hit by some of them.

After extracting themselves from the trap, the party continues through the corridor until reaching the end, where a face with closed eyes is etched into the wall. Chari touches the eye of the face, upon which both eyes open and it starts speaking, asking the party what they want. When they tell him they want to open the door, he tells them they have to find the false coin, and twelve coins suddenly appear on the floor.

The face tells them that to solve this problem, he gives them a balance and tells them they can use it three times and have to find the false coin, namely the coin that weighs differently. After a loooong discussion and a small boon, they discovered the false coin, and the door opened.

As they explored the room, a spectre got the jump on Chari, and started draining her life, though it took a rapier in the face for the effort. Ilanor immediately charged forward and cut it into pieces, but another spectre appeared and attempted to drain Seline’s life. Sir Ludwig jumped into the fray and started attacking, giving Seline the chance to inspire everybody before whispering the spectre to death.

And with that, the party decided to take a long rest.

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Edit: So guess what, after I started practicing writing stories in present tense, I've started mixing present and past tense in these reports. I only noticed it for this current report, so it's completely in past tense, unlike the others which are a bit of a mix. However, from the next report on (which is the last one, but hey, we'll probably do another adventure after that), I will be writing in present tense because I think it fits better. Edit: NEVERMIND I did not write all of this in past tense. I'm not editing anymore, it remains as it is.

After they have rested, the party continues their journey through the dark corridors. They respectfully ignore Felor’s thorough investigation of a simple wall and move on. Eventually, by mapping their way, they find a dead end (the irony) that must connect to the corridor they moved through previously.

Chari investigates the wall, but doesn’t find anything. However, once the others convince her to investigate a second time, she does notice some oddities, and with her dagger she manages to remove a few screws.

After a quick lecture on the difference between strength throws and strength saves, the party decided the doors were too heavy to move, however, and even Manfred the Unicorn couldn’t get through. So, the party moved on.

They enter the next room, and immediately notice this room is significantly colder than the others. As soon as their lights reach a pillar in the room, five purplish flames start glowing next to it and around no less than seven other pillars in the huge, rectangular room. In a distant corner of the room, the party notices a skeleton wearing a robe and wielding a staff, who starts laughing with a cavernous voice, as if from another plane.

Sir Ludwig immediately leroyjenkinses forward and starts hacking away. The skeleton chants several magical words, blocking Ludwig’s attacks with a magical shield and resisting his attempt to shove him away.

Ilanor immediately follows after him, and as he is running for the creature, skeletons rise up in the corners of the room and at the bottom of the stairs. Chari immediately draws her bow and shoots an arrow, turning one skeleton back into a pile of bones. Several hostile arrows fly around Sir Ludwig and Ilanor, one of them grazing Sir Ludwig.

Failor, erm, Felor, completely missed his swing for another skeleton, but then managed to sort of redeem himself by summoning the Dolphin Hammer and hitting the robed skeleton. He reacted by emitting a cone of cold from his staff, almost freezing Sir Ludwig solid and chilling Ilanor to the bone. After the chill was gone, Seline carefully made her way into the room and attempted, but failed, to mock the skeleton Felor had not managed to hit.

Sir Ludwig advanced on the skeleton again, and though he missed his strikes due to the magical shield again, he managed to push the skeleton to the ground. Ilanor immediately took advantage of the situation and started hacking away at the skeleton time after time, mercilessly cutting through the magical shield.

Chari snuck forward and downed the skeleton Felor and Seline were dealing with. Felor used this to move forward and cast a silencing spell around the skeletal mage, barring him from casting verbal spells, and sent a heal Sir Ludwig’s way. The skeleton ineffectively tried to hit Sir Ludwig with a dagger.

Seline baned several of the skeletons, crippling their already not too brilliant skills. Sir Ludwig and Ilanor together finished off the skeletal mage and Ilanor started moving to the next target. Chari reduced another skeleton to it’s previous form as pile of bones, and Seline failed to mercilessly mock one of the last two skeletons. Sir Ludwig charged forward as well, engaging another skeleton and forcing him to the ground, upon which Ilanor finished him off, and Chari took down the last undead.

As soon as that happened, the fires around the pillars went red, and a familiar figure came down the stairs, laughing in a way frighteningly similar to Ludwig’s laughing longsword. Elara Feywing. Killed and raised as a vampire. She held a classical villainous speech about how she would allow the party to leave unharmed, but got interrupted by an arrow through the head by Chari, who remained hidden.

Seline attempted to mimic Zargothorax’s speech patterns to convince Elara to leave the party alone, supposedly because he asked her to leave the party for him, but she managed to see through the deception, and the fight erupted.

Another arrow from Chari hit Elara, and Ilanor struck forward, bringing her off balance. She did not, however, respond with violence – instead, she charmed Ilanor, who hopelessly fell for her, feeling the secret love he had held for her all along. Elara waved her hands through the air, and bats sounded in the distance.
Sir Ludwig marked Elara and used Ilanor’s previous distraction to hit her twice, finishing off with a blast from a smite that was sure to leave a mark. Elara sunk her teeth into a willing Ilanor, drinking his blood to restore her life, then swung for Sir Ludwig but missed.

Chari fired another arrow from her stealth, but missed as well, and Seline played a special performance that helped Ilanor break free from Elara’s charm. Immediately, he turned around and struck at her and she attempted more ineffective strikes at Sir Ludwig. Felor fired off a powerful blast of radiant damage at her, using the guiding nature of the magic to hit her despite her movement, and Sir Ludwig followed her as she moved, delivering a crushing blow powered by radiant magic before Elara grappled Seline in an attempt to incapacitate her, but Seline’s dissonant whispers were the final blow that caused Elara to turn into mist, losing her physical form, and she fled through the wall.

The party decided to take a long rest, to prepare for their imminent fight with Zargothorax.

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Chari's background story

previously in Chari's life

Born into an artist’s family, Chari and her older sister Lidda grew up in a travelling circus spending most of their childhood years on the road. When visiting new towns, already as a child, Chari had the urge to take things that did not belong to her which usually ended in a hide and seek with the local merchants after stealing an apple here or a carrot there.

At the age of 9, the circus was raided by bandits and most of the equipement was destroyed. Having not enough money to rebuild the caravan, the family decided to settle in Lowhill, a small halfling town a mile outside of Caer Corwell on the isle of Gwynneth.

While her sister left Lowhill after only two years to become a cleric, Chari felt left behind and started again to pickpocket and steal other people’s stuff. This was the point when the local thieves‘ guild became aware of Chari. The Guild fastly became Chari’s new home, she learned a lot about fighting, pickpocketing, lockpicking, disguise und stealthy inconspicious behaviour.

Shortly after Chari turned 17, she participated in a burglary in the house of one of Lowhill’s most respectable citizens, Pawldo.

Pawldo was a notable halfling from the community, a talented archer and swordsman. He brought up the group of thieves in his house and managed to capture Chari. Whatever it was he saw in her, he made her an offer to either become his student or to be given to law enforcement which would probably have ended in her working the local mines fort he next ten years. Only condition was that she had to sever any ties she had with the thieves guild.

This one really was a tough choice but in the end Chari decided to stay with Pawldo, travelled with him on his adventures and began to master bow and rapier under his tutelage. Still she tried to steal small things whenever he wasn’t watching but he caught her almost everytime.

After a few years Pawldo decided that it was time for Chari to take the next step in her development as he himself could not teach her anything more. He sent her out to find Elara Feywing, to make her take on Chari as a student. Equipped with a letter of recommendation from Pawldo Chari set out to find Elara.

When she finally arrived at Elara’s, the master eyed the letter and then Chari with a stare that gave Chari goosebumps. After what felt like an eternity Elara finally nodded and accepted Pawldo’s proposal to become Chari’s teacher.

Chari being Chari, she wasn’t able to stop herself from nicking stuff here and there and everywhere in the city. But only small things, so she would not attract the attention of the local thieves‘ guild. This went on for a few months until one night Elara caught Chari taking an amulett from a locked box in Elara’s office.

With all the stuff that had gone missing over the last months Elara decided to sent Chari away without letting her finish her training.

Being on her own again, Chari decided to travel the route the circus had taken in her childhood, when after some time she heard rumours about Elara Feywing having been murdered. She decided to find out more about these rumours.

After learning stories about strange things like undead unicorns, she finally heard a story about a mysterious tower in the dark forrest. Chari’s thieves‘ instincts started to tingle and she went on trying to find this tower. This is when she stumbled upon a group of adventurers who didn’t guard their surroundings…especially the guy in the back whose pockets looked very inviting….

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Dear TAZ fans,this is one big heap of unicorn.  :P ;D

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And now, a poem:
(in common meter for easy adaptation to bard song)

When evil stirs there ever will
Be heroes that will stand
Against the overwhelming odds
Defending all the land.

A tale is told of bravery,
Of magic, bow, and blade,
Of heroes as they venture on
An Epic Relic Raid.

A constant *click* of buttons while
The dolphin hammer pounds;
Don't venture close or you are toast-
Rebuked with thunderous sound.

Inspiring her friends she sings
With pleasing melody,
But for her foes she serenades
In endless mockery.

With fireball and lightning rain
The wizard conjures on,
But is the man the mastermind
Or just the crab's dull pawn?

In shining armor valiantly
On unicorn he sits,
And laughter from his magic sword
Emerges from the pit.

A rapid flurry loosed with skill-
An arrow for them all,
As one by one in their death throes
The stupid goblins fall.

With frenzied strikes and flaming fists
And endless pummeling
From one who's only half the size
Yet twice the blows he brings.

His sword swings swiftly all around,
A fighter born to fight-
But caught in vampire's embrace
He feels its draining bite.

From shadowed corner of the room
The deadly arrow's shot;
In vain they search, both friend and foe-
She's vanished into naught.

They heard the news; a rising curse
That summoned undead hordes;
To quell this evil they will quest
(For loot as well, of course).

And so the heroes fight as one
To stop him in his tracks,
That vile and loathsome sorcerer-
The mighty Zargothrax.

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That was beautiful TP. Now I imaginate you performing that with cape, big hat and lute  ;D

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That was beautiful TP. Now I imaginate you performing that with cape, big hat and lute  ;D

I'll leave that to the bard  ;D

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I'll have to record myself singing it.   :o

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Awesome TP!  ;D

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(Chari disappeared somewhere, we kinda forgot to address that)

After a very long rest, the party got up and prepared for the battle against Zargothorax.

Suddenly, a low trembling started in the tower, slowly increasing in power, ominous in the distance. The party made their way up the stairs, to the top of the tower. In the middle of the night, they found Zargothorax, who was chanting and performing some kind of actions on a stone levitating in front of him, which was glowing green.

The weapons of each party member suddenly started glowing in a blue light, reminding them of when they were searching for the Hammer of Justice. The blue light expanded around them, seemingly creating a sort of protective shield around them.

That caused Zargothorax to notice them, and he slowly looked in their direction.

“Puny mortals!” he spoke. “I have been searching for you for a long time, and finally you have found this place. Now, it is time for you to die.” Powerful magic emanated from him when he spoke that last word, as if seeking to kill the adventuring heroes. However, when the magic reached the shields, it dissipated completely, and Zargothorax looked shocked – or as shocked as a lich could.

Without further ado, Sir Ludwig charged forward, burning the lich with his holy blade, and continued to block Zargothorax’s counterstrike, avoiding the paralyzing effect but still buckling under the lich’s strike.

Ilanor followed right behind Sir Ludwig, delivering a powerful blow that knocked Zargothorax to his knees, delivering several more hits. Zargothorax attempted to strike back against the two swordfighters, but his ray of frost missed Sir Ludwig by a hair’s breadth. Finally, he managed to get to his feet, and fire engulfed the top of the tower, battering away at the shields of the party members. However, the shields still held.

Seline inspired the entire party with her songs, then started to taunt Zargothorax, calling him a ‘sack of bones’ among other things. Suddenly, a wave of unlife emanated from the necromancer, further wearing away at the shields of Sir Ludwig and Ilanor.

Felor attempted to silence the area around Zargothorax, but the lich parried the attempt and dodged Felor’s dolphin hammer. Sir Ludwig formally named Zargothorax an enemy of his, and proceeded to again mash the unliving shit out of Zargothorax, aided by Ilanor who once again knocked Zargothorax to the ground.

The lich once again regained his feet, and a thin green ray shot from his fingers, breaking Ilanor’s shield and causing him to flail on his feet as he felt weak, almost as if some force was attempting to tear him apart.

Seline whispered a discordant melody, causing Zargothorax to look around in obvious fear. He changed his gaze to Sir Ludwig, attempting to instill fear in him instead, but the paladin stood unwavering. Felor called down a bolt of lightning, but it left little effect on Zargothorax, and then healed Ilanor.

Sir Ludwig swings his sword once again, hitting Zargothorax with a thunderous sound. Ilanor’s blade bounces off Zargothorax’s shield, and Zargothorax attempts to perform some black magic on Ilanor, but misses him entirely.

Seline decides to start mocking Zargothorax for his inability to hit any of his truly dangerous spells, but it appears Zargothorax has just enough composure left to not let it get to him. In return, he turns his attention to Sir Ludwig, and paralyzes him with a touch.

Felor calls down another lightning bolt, and with deafening cracks, Zargothorax’s skeletal form bursts apart, bones flying in every direction. Just as the sky cleared again above them, the first rays of sunlight broke over the eastern horizon, and in it, the heroes saw how all Zargothorax’s minions suddenly crumbled to dust, ending their guard over the unicorns the party had first noticed when they were approaching the tower.

Seline walked over to Sir Ludwig, releasing him from his paralyzed state. In a euphoric state, the group descends the tower, making their way over to the unicorns. After meeting the intelligent creatures, each took one as mount, and they made their way back home, laughing and telling tales all the way, as they remembered everything they had gone through, and the friends they had made.

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What triumphant music played in the background while they rode home, though?  That's the question...

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Gone in April most likely...

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What triumphant music played in the background while they rode home, though?  That's the question...

The Epic Rage of Furious Thunder, of course.

It WAS a lightning strike that killed Zargo, after all.

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Currently doing the bonus adventure "Den of Pleasure", so there's a chance that not every episode can be put here, but so far it's completely fine. :)

On the way back from Zargothorax’s citadel, the party approaches a building that looks like an inn of some sort. As the sun is setting, the party decides to enter and take a rest. They approach and enter the building, finding two very good-looking waitresses waiting for customers.

Sir Ludwig immediately notices one of the women seems very interested in him, as she immediately walks up close to him, caressing his arms. Meanwhile, the other woman quickly goes to grab a few beer, returning quickly.

The party gulps down their beers, and Felor quickly starts feeling bad, reacting poorly to the beverage. The woman that had brought the beers starts fussing over him, but he quickly heals himself. Next, Ilanor invites the woman to sit down with them and have a beer herself, but she declines, still worried about Felor.

She feels at his forehead, checking his temperature, and gives a slight kiss on the forehead as well. Suddenly, she firmly grabs him, locking him in her arms. The other waitress continues caressing Sir Ludwig for a little longer, giving him various slight kisses, when suddenly he feels something strange and jerks away, just in time to avoid her sharp fangs, and quickly warns the rest of the party.

Seline quickly starts playing her lute, inspiring the party. She searches for magic in the room, but does not find any. Sir Ludwig extends his divine senses, identifying both women as vampire spawn, as well as finding several other similar beings in nearby locations.

Felor manages to free himself from the vampire, conjuring his dolphin hammer, but doesn’t manage to hit her. With his fist, he manages to hit her. Ilanor uses the distraction to draw his sword and hit her with two strikes. The imprint from Felor’s fist disappears from her face as it seems she heals herself, and she turns into Ilanor’s direction, wildly flailing at first, but then surprisingly managing to catch him in her vampiric embrace.

The other vampire entraps Sir Ludwig before almost breaking her teeth on his armor. Seline quickly breaks him free from the creature’s grasp, and he immediately draws his laughing longsword, hacking away at his would-be assailant before knocking her prone with his shield.

Felor grabs his hammer and swings it wildly, missing, though his dolphin hammer was more accurate. Ilanor slips out of the vampire’s grasp and delivers another few strikes with his sword, though it doesn’t seem to leave as much damage as it should. With a pout, she again advances upon him, again locking him in her embrace but not managing to bite him through his armor.

Her fellow undead attempts to strike Sir Ludwig, but misses. Seline attempts to instill fear in the vampire attacking Ilanor, but it resists, barely reacting to her attempts. Sir Ludwig continues to fight the vampire opposing him, smiting her with his divine power, upon which her skin starts flaying, and she screams in pain as he again forced her to the ground.

Felor strikes at the vampire near him with a guiding bolt, and moves his hammer to the other vampire, striking her prone form. Ilanor once again releases himself from the vampire’s grasp, continuing his fight. It changes targets, now grappling Felor but again only biting armor. Ludwig’s vampire continued attacking him, but barely scratched his skin.

Seline whispers dissonant words, fearing the vampire grappling Felor, which now tries to run away only for Ilanor to strike her through with his sword, and her body drops to the ground, lifeless. Sir Ludwig delivers some powerful, divine strikes, and the other vampire falls down as well, joining the first in death.

Inspecting the room better, the party notices there is a wooden door to the north, and curtains blocking off the next room to the south. Felor opens said curtains, revealing a corridor. The party carefully makes their way through the corridor, and after turning a corner they see another woman. After a very brief discussion, Seline creates a deception, to attempt to pass as one of the vampires. She walks up to the woman, who falls for it. Seline convinces her the party is friendly, and the woman invites them to join her for dinner, which the party accepts.

They greatly enjoy the meal, however Ilanor makes a complete fool of himself as he attempts to make conversation with their host – but at least it makes her laugh. Seline handles herself better, and eventually leads the party into the next corridor as the woman remains to take care of the dishes. Once out of sight, she puts her armor back on instead of the vampire clothes she was wearing. Soon, the party notices an elf further down the corridor, and they decide to approach her – after checking the corridor for traps – to find whether she is friendly.

As Ilanor and Felor draw close, the elf shifts her attention to them and suddenly she lets out a scream, her face distorting in anger while her body distorts into a snake-like creature, but with a human head.

Despite that appearance, Felor is very appreciative of her, quickly deciding there is no chance she is untrustworthy. Sir Ludwig is under no such impressions, and charges forward, shifting through the air without actually moving through it, hitting the creature with his blade, and Seline delivers a barrage of insults, though the former elf seems unimpressed.

Felor is enraged at this sudden attack on his new friend, and starts attacking Sir Ludwig. The naga shoots a bolt of lighting through the party, harming Sir Ludwig, Ilanor and Seline but leaving little damage to them. Ilanor charges up to Felor, awkwardly grabbing and incapacitating him. Sir Ludwig once again hacks away at the creature, imbuing his weapon with divine damage. Seline hurls a number of insults at the naga, and Felor attempts to free himself from Ilanor, but doesn’t manage to do so.

The naga focuses a blight energy on Sir Ludwig, severely harming him. However, he manages to remain standing, and with one more strike, he cuts off her head, killing her. After some deliberation, they decide to take a quick rest in the dead end of another corridor.

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Sounds like the "Den of Pleasure" was false advertising.