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1  General / Metalopedia / Bye, for now! on: May 14, 2007, 09:08:56 am
It's almost time for me to go.
but it won't be permenent, I'll be gone over the summer, and be back at the next school year.
sorry about this! I thought I would be able to buy a new laptop but I was wrong.
But good will come out of this, While i'm gone you'll have a hell of a time to think of how to greet me when I get back!

2  General / Metalopedia / Re: The game (again) on: May 04, 2007, 09:28:10 am
More of a baseline to get my mental creation abillities back online!
But a storyline is also handy.
When creating a storyline you should ask yourself (or in this case me) what are the relations between the characters.
Blinken serves Bojin as a butler, Retsej is related to Jona, Betho, Majio, Aizen, & Akira, While her best freinds Gwenna & Sanji are married. Bojin's a 264 year old Half-human & Half-shadow fiend, and he knows Dorian from his ancestor Dorian the 1st, He knows Imoen because she is married to Dorian the 2nd, He met Keldorn because he is the brother of Blinken, and he ran across Nalia Direbow when he accidentaly walked into an amazon village and asked where the men were, though they locked him up Nalia set him free and got banished for it.
Felix was going to marry Retsej but he ended it before he could get it started, and is now dating misteh.
Kzusine loves Akira, but her and majio fight (some say those that fight love eachother so much that the pain, though hurtful, is the love for which they share for each other)
Galanora was once a great hero that lived over 200 years ago (264 to be exact), he died in a fight against the shadow fiend king, Yenari, though his body and soul where devoured by the beastly king, he went down with a fight, upon consuming his soul the good hero fought Yenari from the inside, this lead to a chemical imballence within Yenari, and bojin was formed. Body made of evil, soul spawned of good, though both Yenari's and Galanora's souls live within the body that belongs to Bojin, he as no real soul of his own, there for he has no feelings.
Laox is Retsej's ancestor that also shares a body with her, but has been sealed away by her uncle Aizen, she was betrayed and now her soul wishes to have revenge upon the families that so cruedly ended her existance, temperarely that is, she waits for someone to kill retsej so she can take over her body and live once more.
And there is a new character to add to the list her name is Illisara, She is a female fairy that not only gaurded the gates to the planes of crossing (a place to which you must wait to be judged as you are forced to what your own memmories), and has a deep feeling of affection for Majio.
these are the character stories that I have been developing for the past three months (one month before the mental block started) I was hoping you guys would help me in my time of "mental breakdown", if you want some type of music to play as the story is being played on the game, then list the song name, band, and what type of music it is. Thanks!
3  General / Metalopedia / The game (again) on: May 02, 2007, 08:54:20 am
Let's see if I can getthis train going once more.
I'm still trying to create an RPG, but I need some people to help me with the storyline (having a mental Block Tongue)
The main characters are as follow (plus their classes, levels, and Gender)

Bojin (Spellswordsman (2), Soul guardian (1), Male)
Blinken Beldron (Warrior (3), Male)
Retsej Coas (Warrior (2), Archer (1), Female)
Jona Coas (Archer (3), Male) Retsej's eldest brother
Betho Caos (Healer (3), Male) Retsej's Second eldest brother
Majio Kudo (Warrior (2), Male) Retsej's Cousin
Aizen Caos (Guild Master, Male) Non-combatant, Retsej's Uncle
Kzusine Sao (anoyying brat, Female) Non-combatant
Akira Caos (Necromancer (2), Illusionist (1), Male) Retsej's hlaf-brother
Sanji Dajin (Evoker (3), Male) Married to Gwenna
Gwenna Dajin (Healer (1), Evoker (2), Female) Married to Sanji
Felix Lion (Snooty rich boy, Male) Non-combatant
Misteh Heia (Innocent acting Bitch, Female) Non-combatant
Yenari (Spirit, Shadow fiend (3), Male) Non-combatant (unless, it is attacking Galanora)
Galanora Echodei (Spirit, Hero (3), Male) None-combatant (unless he is figthing Yenari)
Keldorn Beldron (Monk (3), Male)
Nalia Direbow (Archer (3), Amazon Whore, female)
Dorian Mournfist the 1st (Royal Guard (3), Male, Dead) Great great great grandfather of dorian the 2nd
Dorian mournfist the 2nd (Royal Guard (3), Male) Married to Imoen
Imoen Mournfist (Wizrad (3), Female) Married to Dorian the 2nd
Laox (Sooty spirit, Female) Anncester of Retsej, Shares the same body with Rtsej's soul

Character's that don't have a number by their class are considerd as Story board characters only, They don't fight and they don't "try" to hurt anyone.

So let's see what ya got for me.
4  General / Metalopedia / Re: Greetings on: April 30, 2007, 09:02:31 am
Great to see you again Mushen (technically see you typing, but you get the picture)
Welcome to ERR and I (and posibally every one else) hope you have a good time!
5  General / Metalopedia / Re: Lots of work ahead on: April 25, 2007, 08:42:33 am
Thats a great Idea Creed Wink
and it should work too.
6  General / Epic Rock News / Re: Great news! on: April 25, 2007, 08:38:57 am
I've been in dungeons and dragons for 3 years, it's very hard to turn away from if you have a need to express yourself through the mind of a character you want to be. The reason i've created this site is, that when you like to role play with freinds, you always have to spend a lot of time together and that ruins your judgement, when the site was created it brought a new way to roleplay to the world (but I only have 5 memmbers right now). The site may be low on memmbers but I will post a few things up at the local gaming stores so I can get more memmbers on my site. Now when you'r on the web there is no one to tell you what to say, what to type, or what forum to go on, so when this site is doing it's roleplaying, you must rememmber that you are your charatcer and that no one knows how to play him (or her) better the you. The character is your creation and your body in the world of d&d, you can make him look like what ever you want (as long as it's reasonable).
That's the reason why I created such a site.
7  General / Metalopedia / Re: Guilty Listening Diversions on: April 23, 2007, 09:30:54 am
The way I see it the world just hates me (slowly turns into shadows)
I just turned in an aplication to gamestop (it's a game shop if you didn't know) and every time i'm there the manager says "hi", it's driving me crazy (hopes in a car and starts up the engine) bye guys (Drives of, in the distance there is a big crash) God Damnit, Can't even drive!
8  General / Metalopedia / Re: Help! on: April 23, 2007, 09:26:34 am
It is the same as this new site but i is forfree2 instead!
9  General / Epic Rock News / Re: New forums! on: April 23, 2007, 09:22:04 am
Well Kailef there is a mantianence option on the the admin control panel (CP)
If you feel like it you could remove all posts that where not replied to in a certian number of days (this is automatically set set to 30, but you can change it)
it will remove all our old posts that we haven't replied to in a while and that will leave us with the ones we know we (and others) Created to be replied to.
10  General / Epic Rock Chat / Re: Symphony X on: April 13, 2007, 04:06:04 am
Well I'm screwed on that deal!
I'm in the middle of the Florida State and there ain't no other place I know of that are withen a days drive of where I'm at (Orlando if you're wondering).
Urgh I'm so screwed Angry
11  General / Epic Rock News / Re: Spam-tastic on: April 13, 2007, 04:00:28 am
I'm trying to learn how to mess with the HTML Code on my site.
But when I do learn how to do it, Whoow boy, will my site start to rock (oops bad pun Grin)
12  General / Epic Rock News / Re: Spam-tastic on: April 09, 2007, 04:31:42 am
Well I was starting to wonder what the smf ment in my website url.
You look at it, It's http://Http://
13  General / Epic Rock News / Re: Spam-tastic on: April 06, 2007, 04:28:39 am
Don't know what you mean! Huh
But thats ok, I'll learn eventaully.
Right? Huh
14  General / Epic Rock News / Re: ERR is screwed. ?Can you help? on: April 06, 2007, 04:26:44 am
Well I just changed my picture (Again) and I no longer have the Ninja, But this rogue is willing to take a few swings! (hehehehe)
Or you can use my zip code (32808) Orlando, Florida
15  General / Epic Rock Chat / Re: Unpack unpack unpack on: April 06, 2007, 04:22:35 am
Well living in hell, I can't go on vacation.
Who would keep the devil hefself (and yes the devil is a she) from reeking havok over you humans.
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