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1  General / Album and artist reviews / Re: Falconer "Among Beggars and Thieves" on: June 19, 2008, 05:09:09 am
Great news!!
2  General / Epic Rock Chat / Re: Goodbye Stratovarius on: June 17, 2008, 05:22:20 am
Hey guys,

Nop! Stratovarius ain't done yet! The band will keep on without tolkki. Know more at

The Revolution Renaissance album was suposed to be Stratovarius next record. I'm twice glad : Stratovarius is alive and Kiske and Sammet are singing Tolkkis tunes. Power Metal Heaven uh???
3  General / Album and artist reviews / Re: MOONSPELL's "Night Eternal" on: June 02, 2008, 02:26:32 am
Glad you enjoyed.
4  General / Album and artist reviews / MOONSPELL's "Night Eternal" on: May 29, 2008, 06:37:10 am
Hello All,

Just came out the new Moonspell album, "Night Eternal". I sugest you all take a look at it. Just perfect! Better effort ever IMO. Special guest appearence by Anneke, ex-The Gathering.Very very impressive indeed. You can watch a video here and get some more tracks here
Portugal Rocks.

Let me know what you think.
5  General / Album and artist reviews / Re: Sonata Arctica's UNIA on: January 30, 2008, 03:50:05 am
Hey Guys,

I really think that this "wow, so different" thing is overated. Just as much as "complexity". It all comes down to the songs. And, like it or not, if one tends to get bored then it couldn't be good stuff. Nothing against change, but for SA it was a change for the worst, IMO. Anyway, respect ! Glad my EER buddies are enjoying SA.
6  General / Album and artist reviews / Re: 2007 ALBUM OF THE YEAR on: December 14, 2007, 03:16:23 am
So many great bands, such good stuff. Can't have it all though...

After Forever and Epica released, IMO, their best so far. Personally i don't like the new Manowar. Nocturnal Rites are sweeet.

Anyway, you're more into progressive than me (must be the age... i tend to get bored Smiley )
7  General / Album and artist reviews / Re: 2007 ALBUM OF THE YEAR on: December 13, 2007, 03:58:40 pm
Hey Fabio,

You won't regret grabbing Helloween. And yes, you must have "Gothic Kabala", not as good as, lets say, "Vovin", but Therion anyway!

I am also wondering about Sun Caged...
8  General / Album and artist reviews / 2007 ALBUM OF THE YEAR on: December 13, 2007, 09:08:46 am
Hey Guys,

I think it's time to start listing the very best Metal has given us this year. Only thing that's still missing is Priest's "Nostradamus", but i don't think it would change my list. So, for what it's worth, here goes Sundance's Top 10 for 2007 :

10. Scorpions - Humanity : Hour 1 - A concept album by this oldies?? Yep! And the very best songs they've recorded since "Blackout" (1982). No excuses, it's my weak point. I like the band and i'm not ready to shoot myself in the head, so.... Smiley
Highlights : Hour 1; We will rise again; The Cross; Humanity

09. At Vance - VII - Well, we got a little faster and a little heavier now. But not that much Smiley Very good album for At Vance (met them here at ERR). A simple handover of the mic to Mr.Altzi turned a fairly good band into something really great. Masterplan in the place of Masterplan if you ask me (though i miss Grapow in here...)
Highlights : Shiver; Friendly Fire; Answer Me

08. Mystic Prophecy - Satanic Rituals - What can i say, this yankees don't know how to make a weak song. Not as good as "Savage Souls" which stands as their best, IMO. Anyway they proved with "Savage..." they could do it without Gus and "Satanic Rituals" just confirms that idea.
Highlights : Dark Forces; Demon's Blood; Rock the night; Paranoid (Sabath cover)

07. After Forever - After Forever - Ok, finally After Forever reached their full potential. A great album in its entirety. Of course they have always given us very good songs. But this is their first "no fillers" effort IMO.
Highlights : Evoke; Energize me; Who am i

06. Amorphis - Silent Waters - How can a fantastic Death Metal Band become a magnificent Heavy Metal Band ? This are the guys with the answer. Guess whatever they do, they do it better than average. Of course a new great,great,great singer helps...
Highlights : Weaving the encantation; Silent Waters; Her alone; I of Crimson Blood; Black River

05. Moonspell - Silver Eye - This is a compilation! But how many times did you thought about a best of and conclude you would change NOTHING!? That's the case, so this one is clearly one of the best releases of the year. OMG this is a portuguese band... so hard to believe! Portugal rocks! (by the way, check out Heavenwood, niiice).
Highlights : Full Moon Madness; Opium; Alma mater; Soulsick; Capricorn at her feet; Luna

04. Helloween - Gambling With the Devil - I took a few years to recover from Kiske's departure i confess. But once i dug into the "new" Heloween i got hooked again. "Dark Ride" is one of the best power metal albums ever. "Keeper III" is very good also, but with a few fillers alongside with some of the Pumpkin's very best songs. This "Gambling with the Devil" is a magnificent opus. Full of melody and uptempo riffs. Weikath plays at his very best and Teris is one hell of a great songwritter. And he does his singing job quite well too. Neverthless, i can't help dreaming of this songs with Kiske...
Highlights : The Saints; As long as i fall; The Bells of the 7 hells; Heaven tells no lies

03. Kamelot - Ghost Opera - How can this fellows do it each time better than the last? I thought they reached their peak with "Black Halo". I was wrong. This is one step further. An absolute classic in Metal history.
Highlights : Ghost Opera; The Human Stain; Love You to Death (sadest song ever written alongside with DTheater's "Take away my pain"); Anthem

02. Dragonland - Astronomy - By the way, this is the best 2006 album from 2007 Smiley Even if the release is dated from 2006, i only grabed this one in 2007 and i could not resist to say to you all that "Astronomy" is a masterpiece of our so loved music. Glory to the Dragons. Great musicians playing wonderfull songs. This guys do not let their amazing skills pull the songs under. On the contrary, like everybody should do, those skills "serve" the songs. The result is one of the best albums ever recorded.
Highlights : No highlights, the whole thing is a masterpiece.

ALBUM OF THE YEAR : NIGHTWISH - DARK PASSION PLAY - No better way to put an end to the blabber talk than release the best metal album of 2007! Don't loose a minute discussing if Tarja is missed or if Aneke is more of a rocker. It doesn't really matter. What Nightwish were with Tarja they are no more. And, surprise,surprise, that's not bad! Of course i can't figure Aneke singing "Sleeping Sun" or "Everdream". Just as i can't imagine Tarja doing "Byebye Beautiful" or "Sahara". To keep it short : "DPP" is, at least, as good as "Once" or "Century Child". So, once again, the Wish keeps us in awe!
Highlights : None as well. Don't miss a single note!

PS - Sonata's "Unia" sucks Smiley in case you didn't read it before...
9  General / Album and artist reviews / Re: Tarja Turunen & My Winter Storm on: December 13, 2007, 07:12:45 am
From what i have listened it's a really disapointing album. Tarja's voice is there, that's fine. Everything else is lightyears away from being good.My opinion of course.
10  General / Album and artist reviews / Re: Album of the Week - Band: Sonata Arctica - Album: Ecliptica on: December 13, 2007, 07:07:51 am
Final note on the biography : Unia sucks! Everything else is just as good as the finest you can dream of...

You saw that coming Fabio Smiley
11  General / Album and artist reviews / Re: Dark Passion Play on: October 17, 2007, 08:48:45 am
Tarja will always be a great singer. But don't miss her. Tuomas is Nightwish, always was, always will be. By the way, got the chance to listen to some of Tarja's new material for a metal album... sry guys, but it sucks. She sings very well though.
12  General / Album and artist reviews / Re: Progpower VIII on: October 17, 2007, 08:45:42 am
Thanks for sharing Fabio. It's good to know that only 4 songs from Unia made it to the setlist of SA's gig. That leaves plenty of room for the true SA  Grin
13  General / Epic Rock Chat / Re: What song is currently Owning you? on: October 10, 2007, 02:39:35 pm
It is about Tarja. Tuomas said it already. And the lyrics do not let much space for doubt. As well as "Master Passion Greed" is a shot in the direction of Tarja'a hubby. Hell yeah, the Wish rules!
14  General / Epic Rock Chat / Re: What song is currently Owning you? on: October 03, 2007, 06:16:53 am
"Bye Bye Beautiful" - Nightwish. Still in awe with "Dark Passion Play".
15  General / Album and artist reviews / Re: Dark Passion Play on: September 28, 2007, 04:44:22 pm

The best record you've ever listened to, huh?  That's very high praise.  :-)  I'll have to check them out.

Hey Guys,

What can i say? I sure do not remember every record i've ever listened to but... A true case of love at first sound! This baby opens with "The Poet and the Pendulum". You'll know what i mean when you listen to it Kailef, u gotta love it. Awesome!  Grin

And yes Fabio, "Bye Bye" is a shot at Tarja ("did we came this far just to feel your hate/did we play just to become pawns in the game/how blind can you be, can't you see/you choose the long road but we'll be waiting/Bye Bye Beautiful). Tuomas himself has already said that it was for Tarja. But how saaaawwweeeet revenge. Great song.

Please notice, no comparisons here. Would still be the very best Nightwish if Tarja was singing. I'll keep my opinion to myself for now (not that you guys care anyway  Grin ). Well, get it and let me know what you think.

And by the way Fabio, tell Kako "Unia" sucks  Grin Grin How i envey you mate. Have a great time at Prog!
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