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1  General / Epic Rock Chat / Hi Guys on: February 15, 2019, 12:26:38 am
I'm trying to find my way back.

My sister was murdered by her husband over 2 years ago.  It was violent and her best friend posted it on Facebook.  I was appalled and still am.  At that time, I decided to give up on the internet.  I wanted nothing to do with it.  I actually still feel the same but am struggling to come back.  Please give me time.  I'm trying to find my way back.  I need support and kindness.  I miss ERR and want to find my way back.  I'm still tearful and am trying to find my way back.
2  General / Epic Rock News / Re: Shoutbox Problems / Replacement on: May 26, 2017, 10:46:12 am
Once the newness wears off, I think a large percentage of over-using the bells and whistles will diminish some.
3  General / Album and artist reviews / Re: Sean Tibbetts of Kamelot Has New Project - Sault on: March 13, 2017, 04:44:07 pm
Thank you and I really like their sound.   I was excited that Sean was willing to share.   Looking forward to the completion which should be at the end of the year.
4  General / Off Topic / Re: Kailef's First RL Meeting with an ERRor: Arkam on: March 08, 2017, 02:45:38 pm
That's awesome guys!  What a treat!  You both look metal!
5  General / Album and artist reviews / Sean Tibbetts of Kamelot Has New Project - Sault on: March 08, 2017, 02:34:03 pm

Sean Tibbetts and Casey Grillo form the rhythmic backbone of Kamelot, America’s premier symphonic metal band. Like most musicians, their passion for music extends beyond the scope of one particular sub-genre. A few years back, Tibbett’s began to get the itch to create something that spoke to other aspects of his musical interests, and began formulating a solo album driven primarily by his bass guitar. As time went by, he began to realize that he wanted to go beyond that, and he began searching for the pieces to a new band. After failed encounters with three guitarists, a chance meeting through his tattoo artist, Bisquette Bewley, led Tibbetts to guitarist Curtis Jay. Jay turned out to be the first guitarist who managed to write riffs complimentary to Sean’s bass lines, and the two began working in earnest.

Tibbetts found the voice for his band in the form of Arcanium’s rhythm guitarist, Riggs. The introduction came courtesy of One-Eyed Doll’s Kimberly Freeman. Riggs’ stepped out from behind his guitar to showcase his unique and dynamic vocal style. Riggs also brought his songwriting chops to the table. Of course, Sean looked no farther than his Kamelot battery-mate, Grillo, to backstop the band.

The band name, Sault, comes from a Leonardo DeCaprio line in the film, Gangs of New York about an Irish American gang from the 1850s; “Do they have the salt of the Dead Rabbits?” Salt referring to their toughness. Tibbetts altered the spelling to avoid copyright issues. With a name in place and a solid line-up, the focus returned to the creation of the songs that would become their debut album, Seeds of Power, due out later this year. While Sault is the brainchild of Tibbetts, it is the individual strengths of the quartet that make the band something for heavy music fans to look forward to; an amalgamation of the many elements of heavy rock.

Sean Tibbetts' Interview with Metalholic

Sean has donated Sault's partial debut album to Epic Rock Radio.  When completed there should be 12 tracks with one bonus track.

Another interview with Sean and MetalTitans
6  General / Epic Rock Chat / Former BLACK SABBATH Keyboardist GEOFF NICHOLLS Dies after Battle with Cancer on: January 28, 2017, 01:10:43 pm

Former BLACK SABBATH keyboardist Geoff Nicholls died this morning after a long battle with lung cancer. He was 68 years old.

Nicholls's passing was confirmed by SABBATH guitarist Tony Iommi, who wrote about his former bandmate: "I'm so saddened to hear the loss of one of my dearest and closest friends Geoff Nicholls. He's been suffering for a while now with lung cancer and he lost his battle this morning. Geoff and I have always been very close and he has been a real true friend to me and supported me all the way for nearly 40 years. I will miss him dearly and he will live in my heart until we meet again. Rest in peace, my dear friend."

Added SABBATH bassist Geezer Butler: "Very sad to hear of old friend and SABBATH keyboard player Geoff Nicholls passing. RIP Geoff."

Said SABBATH singer Ozzy Osbourne: "Geoff Nicholls was a great friend of mine for a long time. He will be greatly missed. I'm very saddened at the news."

Nicholls, who played keyboards on all of SABBATH's albums between 1980 and 1995 and toured with them, was reportedly in remission from cancer at the time of his death but succumbed to the side effects of chemotherapy.

Nicholls's first appearance on a SABBATH album was on 1980's "Heaven And Hell". Although his main role with SABBATH was on the keyboard, Nicholls also played some rhythm guitar at concerts. In addition to not always being credited as a full member of the band, Nicholls rarely appeared on stage during SABBATH shows and would instead play on the side of the stage or backstage.

Nicholls's involvement with the band ended when Adam Wakeman (a member of Ozzy Osbourne's solo band) was chosen to play keyboards during SABBATH's 2004 and 2005 tours as part of Ozzfest.

Nicholls also played keyboards with former BLACK SABBATH singer Tony Martin in his band TONY MARTIN'S HEADLESS CROSS and performed on both of Martin's solo albums.

Martin said: "Saddened to hear of the passing of Geoff Nicholls... keyboard player and friend from SABBATH. Safe journey, mate."

Before joining BLACK SABBATH, Nicholls was member of the NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) band QUARTZ, whose 1977 debut album was produced by Iommi. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Geoff played lead guitar for the Birmingham band JOHNNY NEAL AND THE STARLINERS.

"I'm so saddened to hear the loss of one of my dearest and closest friends Geoff Nicholls. He's been suffering for a while now with lung cancer and he lost his battle this morning. Geoff and I have always been very close and he has been a real true friend to me and supported me all the way for nearly 40 years. I will miss him dearly and he will live in my heart until we meet again.
Rest In Peace my dear friend."

7  General / Epic Rock Chat / RHAPSODY oF FIRE Working on Album on: January 28, 2017, 10:47:32 am

RHAPSODY oF FIRE Working on album of re-recorded versions of early RHAPSODY songs.

Having recently announced the addition of new vocalist Giacomo Voli and drummer Manu Lotter, Italian symphonic power metal kings RHAPSODY OF FIRE are working on their upcoming release, a 75-minute-long album revisiting a selection of songs written and produced during the first five years of the RHAPSODY era (1997-2002).

Yes, indeed: 14 epic tracks completely re-recorded. All drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, vocals, epic choirs, opera choirs, and numerous classical instruments have been recorded already. The album will be mixed by Seeb Levermann (ORDEN OGAN).

"To re-record old historic tracks is not that common among bands because there is probably a lack of self-confidence or because, for some musicians and fans, what is part of the past should not be touched. We do not agree," RHAPSODY OF FIRE keyboardist Alex Staropoli says.

RHAPSODY OF FIRE is different and absolutely confident to achieve a stunning result. The precision of playing, the new vocal approach of Giacomo, the modern technologies, a careful mix and great mastering will give the songs a new incredibly great sound. Of course, everything is done with immense dedication, passion, emotion and respect for these beautiful tracks co-written by Staropoli and the band's former guitarist Luca Turilli.

"We already had the chance to listen to some rough mixes and we can clearly say that the result goes far beyond any bright expectations," Alex says. "The result is just fantastic. We can't wait to start the mix!"

The album will be released in the spring.

8  General / Epic Rock Chat / ADAGIO Returns with 'Life' Album on: January 28, 2017, 10:44:43 am

French melodic metallers ADAGIO will release their fifth full-length album, "Life", in the spring. The disc will mark the band's first release in seven years.

"The impetus behind the band's dormancy spanning almost a decade was our commitment to doing justice to our material," says guitarist Stéphan Forté. "To release the album in an incomplete or premature state would be a disservice to the music, the band, and most of all, to the fans."

With "Life", ADAGIO pushes the experience past just music, plunging the listener into a powerful introspective experience. Stéphan says: "Fear, joy, sorrow, love, pain, ecstasy... What if we could visit each of these emotions like exhibits in a museum? 'Life' takes you on contemplative journey, exploring the complex yet beautiful contortions of the subconscious mind." Each track is like a portrait in a gallery giving the audience a glimpse into the minds of the band members.

Stylistically, "Life" brings ADAGIO back to their progressive roots while expanding their musical boundaries. From the heavy "Subrahmanya", which is available as the first single now, and which combines traditional eastern ethnic and djent influences, to the dark and mesmerizing "I'll Possess You", "Life" is an epic canvas of atmospheres which will take the listener back to the ethereal places they had once visited but never managed to find again.

This album features several lineup changes for ADAGIO. "Life" marks the return of singer Kelly "Sundown" Carpenter, who had previously handled vocals for the band in a live situation. It also brings us the new addition violinist Mayline, adding new ethnic textures and dimensions to the band's sound.

"Life" will be released worldwide through Zeta Nemesis, funded through a highly successful crowdfunding campaign. "The crowdfunding campaign was a great accomplishment for us; we're incredibly thankful that our fans had such great faith in us, even after our long absence from the scene," Stéphan says. "This organic grassroots process has yielded the purest results and we are confident that this release will be heralded as the band's finest effort yet."

ADAGIO 2016 is:

Kelly Sundown - Vocals
Stéphan Forté - Guitar
Franck Hermanny - Bass
Kevin Codfert - Keyboards
Guillaume Bergiron - Drums
Mayline - Violin

Adagio Life - Pre-Order Album

9  General / Epic Rock Chat / DREAM THEATER's MIKE MANGINI Discusses Shapes and Symmetry in His Art Collection on: January 28, 2017, 10:30:29 am

In the clip below, DREAM THEATER drummer Mike Mangini discusses how shapes and symmetry are an important component within his playing as well as his upcoming collection of rhythm-on-canvas artwork.

Utilizing a variety of lit drumsticks and techniques, much like a painter would use brushes with paint, Mangini has crafted this art collection for canvas built from rhythm.

Due on February 2, the collection, titled "Symmetry Beyond Planck", showcases his unique approach to the shapes found in his drumming techniques.

In crafting the collection he worked alongside art team/publisher SceneFour.

Join the interest list at for more details and to see it before the release.

Mangini has joined an extraordinary group of drummers working with art team SceneFour in the medium, including Bill Ward (BLACK SABBATH), Dave Lombardo (SLAYER), Rick Allen (DEF LEPPARD), Mickey Hart, Chad Smith (RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS) and Nick Menza (MEGADETH).

Asked if there was anything he wished DREAM THEATER had done differently in the way they went about finding a replacement for original DREAM THEATER drummer Mike Portnoy in 2010, DREAM THEATER guitarist John Petrucci told "The Classic Metal Show": "There's not many situations in life where you can say you wouldn't have done anything differently, but this is one of 'em. I think, looking back, I wouldn't have done anything differently."

He continued: "Mike Mangini really helped us to get through a major bandmember change, and in a way, that was probably as smooth as any bandmember change could have gone. The way that he came in, his personality, his skills as a drummer, his background, his history… it clicked to the point where it was, like, if we would have met Mike [Mangini] twenty years ago, we would have been playing with this guy. If I would have grown up with him, I would have been friends with him jamming. And that's rare. It's rare to do that one time around."

Petrucci added: "You know so many musicians in bands that are having trouble finding people to play with, and who click, and so the fact that this happened with Mike [Mangini], it's really just amazing to us. And since he's been in the band, we've done [three] albums, [several] world tours and, thankfully, have had a lot of success with it, and a lot of support from our fans through all of it. And, again, I wouldn't have done anything differently. It's really amazing."

Discusses Shapes and Symmetry in His Art Collection

10  General / Epic Rock Chat / HANNES VAN DAHL Won't Quit SABATON on: January 28, 2017, 10:22:16 am

HANNES VAN DAHL won't quit SABATON after welcoming child with NIGHTWISH singer, Floor Jansen

Drummer Hannes Van Dahl says that his impending fatherhood won't affect his status with SABATON.

Van Dahl is expecting his first child in a matter of weeks with his partner of the last few years, NIGHTWISH singer Floor Jansen.

Asked by Spain's Metal Journal whether his family situation will have an impact on his ability to tour with SABATON, Hannes said: "Well, you know, as far as I'm concerned, nothing will really change, 'cause this is what I do, an this is… this is what I do to make a living. People have had kids before in this business. So, to stop any worries — 'cause I know a lot of people are worried [about me] quitting the band — I will stay in the band. And as far as I can say, when it's time, I need to go and be there with my family. But when I've done that, I'm going back to touring. So I won't leave. I will be there."

Jansen herself has spoken about the challenges of raising a child while being in a touring band like NIGHTWISH. She told Finland's Radio Rock last fall: "Of course, it's a very challenging combination, and I was very happy that the way [NIGHTWISH is] today — or, actually, have always been — it's a very open group; we can talk about things. And the guys, actually, were curious. A few months ago, we started talking about it, like, 'So, 2017… How about kids? Yeah?' So it's great to think about things together: how can we combine it? Also 'cause my partner is in a successful band, touring a lot. Yeah, then you need the cooperation of the people that you are family with also. So I am not afraid that won't work. It will be a challenge, for sure, but, yeah, a little SABATON or NIGHTWISH daycare program sounds lovely, doesn't it? [Laughs]"

Jansen also dismissed rumors that she will leave the band after welcoming her first child. She told Mariskal Rock TV: "No, I won't [quit NIGHTWISH]. I love this way too much; don't worry. You don't even have negative speculations one way or another. Things are great, and let's keep on doing this forever."

SABATON's eighth album, "The Last Stand", was released last August via Nuclear Blast.

Van Dahl joined SABATON in November 2013 after previously playing with another Swedish band, EVERGREY.

11  General / Epic Rock Chat / GEOFF TATE Says His Issues with QUEENSRŸCHE can be Resolved on: January 28, 2017, 10:02:06 am

Geoff Tate believes that his differences with QUEENSRŸCHE can be worked out and insists that he would "never say never" to a reunion with his former bandmates.

In April 2014, Tate and QUEENSRŸCHE announced that a settlement had been reached after a nearly two-year legal battle where Tate sued over the rights to the QUEENSRŸCHE name after being fired in 2012. Original QUEENSRŸCHE members Michael Wilton (guitar), Scott Rockenfield (drums) and Eddie Jackson (bass) responded with a countersuit. The settlement included an agreement that Wilton, Rockenfield and Jackson would continue as QUEENSRŸCHE, while Tate would have the sole right to perform the albums "Operation: Mindcrime" and "Operation: Mindcrime II" in their entirety live.

Speaking to Rock 100.5's Jay Philpott, Tate — who currently fronts a new project called OPERATION: MINDCRIME — was asked if he thinks his issues with QUEENSRŸCHE can one day be resolved. He said (hear audio below): "Oh, yeah. I think anything… any problem, any situation can be resolved, given the amount of focus you wanna place upon it, and how dedicated you are to resolving the issues, really. So, yeah, I would never say never — although I just did twice, didn't I? [Laughs]"

Tate's replacement, Todd La Torre, told Metal Wani last September that QUEENSRŸCHE is "sounding better than it did for over ten years" now that he is fronting the band. He added: "The fans have certainly voiced that opinion. That's my opinion, and that's a lot of opinions we hear every night. And the energy of the other members of the band is way healthier, way happier with [Geoff] gone and me in the band. And that's just the facts. There's no stifled creativity, and there's no kind of leader and followers, if you will, in the band. We all talk and try to make decisions the same, and it's very democratic. I'm never gonna tell Michael Wilton that his guitar riff is too heavy, for example, and that had happened in the past. The band is way happier, and I think that it's evident when you watch a live show — not [a clip on] YouTube, but really go to a show and feel what's happening and see what's happening. These guys are happy again and they feel like it's a rebirth of the band and that those dark clouds are well behind them."

Frontiers Music Srl released "Resurrection", the new album from OPERATION: MINDCRIME, on September 23.

Geoff Tate Interview
12  General / Epic Rock Chat / DREAM THEATER, NIGHTWISH, EPICA, BLIND GUARDIAN Singers on new AYREON Album on: January 28, 2017, 09:57:53 am

"The Source" is an exciting new chapter in the AYREON saga, with contributions from renowned vocalists like James LaBrie (DREAM THEATER), Simone Simons (EPICA), Floor Jansen (NIGHTWISH), Hansi Kürsch (BLIND GUARDIAN), Tobias Sammet (EDGUY, AVANTASIA), and Russell Allen (SYMPHONY X). "The Source" will be released on April 28 through AYREON's new label Mascot Label Group/Music Theories Recordings.

While AYREON's "Forever/Planet Y" saga seemed to have reached its conclusion with the album "01011001", it's clear that Lucassen's creative muses had other plans. The new AYREON album "The Source" revisits the "Forever" saga, adding a whole new chapter to Lucassen's impressive body of work. With its top-flight cast of singers and musicians, compelling songs, overwhelming sound, and intriguing story, "The Source" offers everything that has gained Lucassen dedicated fans worldwide since he laid the foundations of AYREON back in the mid-'90s.

The story of "The Source" is set six billion years in the past relative to Earth. It begins on Planet Alpha, a world in the Andromeda system where computer intelligence has far surpassed that of humanity. Alpha is facing a massive global crisis, with ecological and political catastrophes threatening all human life. The Alphans (our human ancestors) try to save their planet by entrusting the global computer mainframe — The 'Frame — to find a solution. Given total control of the planet, the 'Frame reaches the logical conclusion that its creators are the cause of all the trouble. The only way to solve Alpha's problems is to exterminate humanity. This leaves the Alphans no other option than to try and escape their horrific fate. But their escape comes at a terrible price. It's the beginning of a story that contains everything that has made the Ayreon epics so endlessly fascinating all these years.

The international status of AYREON enables Arjen Lucassen to write his characters with some of the most respected singers in rock in mind: James LaBrie (DREAM THEATER), Tommy Giles Rogers (BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME), Simone Simons (EPICA), Mike Mills (TOEHIDER), Floor Jansen (NIGHTWISH), Hansi Kürsch (BLIND GUARDIAN), Michael Eriksen (CIRCUS MAXIMUS), Tobias Sammet (EDGUY, AVANTASIA), Nils K. Rue (PAGAN'S MIND), Zaher Zorgati (MYRATH), Tommy Karevik (KAMELOT) and Russell Allen (SYMPHONY X). Special contributions were offered by guitarists Paul Gilbert (MR. BIG), Guthrie Govan (THE ARISTOCRATS, ASIA, STEVEN WILSON), Marcel Coenen and keyboard player Mark Kelly (MARILLION).

Watch the epic 12-minute video for album opener "The Day That The World Breaks Down" below.

Just as on his previous albums, "The Source" has Arjen Lucassen playing a wide variety of instruments, while the inimitable Ed Warby (ELEGY, GOREFEST, HAIL OF BULLETS) once again masterfully handles the drums.

2017 will be a particularly exciting year for AYREON fans thanks to a unique chance to actually see AYREON live. Limited to three exclusive performances, "The Ayreon Universe" will take place in September in the prestigious 013 venue in Tilburg, Holland. This unprecedented live event features the best of twenty years of AYREON music, brought to life by a top cast of musicians such as Floor Jansen (NIGHTWISH), Russell Allen (SYMPHONY X), Damian Wilson (THRESHOLD), Hansi Kürsch (BLIND GUARDIAN), Tommy Karevik (KAMELOT), Jonas Renkse (KATATONIA), Anneke van Giersbergen, and various others. The reclusive Arjen Lucassen himself is also expected to make a rare appearance on stage. The tickets for all concerts — 9000 in total — sold out within a day, proving once again that the AYREON magic is still very much alive and kicking.

"The Source" track listing:


Chronicle 1: The 'Frame

01. The Day That The World Breaks Down
02. Sea Of Machines
03. Everybody Dies

Chronicle 2: The Aligning Of The Ten

04. Star Of Sirrah
05. All That Was
06. Run! Apocalypse! Run!
07. Condemned To Live


Chronicle 3: The Transmigration

08. Aquatic Race
09. The Dream Dissolves
10. Deathcry Of A Race
11. Into The Ocean

Chronicle 4: The Rebirth

12. Bay Of Dreams
13. Planet Y Is Alive!
14. The Source Will Flow
15. Journey To Forever
16. The Human Compulsion
17. March Of The Machines

The Day the World Breaks Down

This is EPIC!  Can't Wait!
13  General / Epic Rock Chat / DRAGONFORCE is Putting Finishing Touches on New Album on: January 28, 2017, 09:53:20 am

British epic power metallers DRAGONFORCE are putting the finishing touches on their new album for a tentative spring release.

Speaking to Alto Music at this past weekend's NAMM show in Anaheim, California, DRAGONFORCE guitarist Herman Li stated about the band's follow-up to 2014's "Maximum Overload": "Crazy enough, we've been in hiding — we didn't post anything online, on Facebook or Twitter — but we've been hiding making an album. So we're actually almost finished with another one already. People can expect it in spring this year. We're just putting the final touches to the new album now."

DRAGONFORCE's forthcoming effort will mark the band's third full-length studio release with singer Marc Hudson, who joined the group in 2011 following the departure of original frontman ZP Theart (now in SKID ROW).

Asked if it was difficult to find a new vocalist who could help DRAGONFORCE retain its core sound while enabling the band to move forward, Li said: "To be honest, yeah, it is really difficult to find a singer that can sing old stuff and new stuff at the same time. So it took quite a while for us to find Marc. And he had never been in a band before professionally; he was just, like, in a band of friends, like starting out. It took a while to get into the groove of the thing, but now he's completely, you know, doing it. He's really awesome now."

Li also talked about DRAGONFORCE's more varied musical approach on the last couple of albums compared to the band's earlier efforts. He said: "The first few albums, they were fast all the way through, and we really kind of tried to show that, yeah, we can do really melodic, really fast high-speed songs. And now we actually branched out and added more elements. And it actually made it easier for the solo sections — to not just play over fast beats all the time. We held back for so many years — concentrated on the speed and all that — [and] now adding the other elements is actually kind of refreshing, to combine the two together."

DRAGONFORCE's new album was once again recorded primarily at Fascination Street studios in Örebro, Sweden with producer Jens Bogren, who has previously worked with OPETH, THE DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT, AMON AMARTH, KATATONIA, SOILWORK and SYMPHONY X, to name a few.

DRAGONFORCE released a comprehensive career-spanning "best-of", "Killer Elite - The Hits, The Highs, The Vids", last July through Spinefarm. The 22-track set contains two hours and 30 minutes of music, featuring both studio and live material, with promo clips added to the deluxe set.

Herman Li of Dragonforce Announces new album on the Namm Show
14  General / Epic Rock Chat / IRON MAIDEN Releases Official Video from 'The Book of Souls' Tour on: January 28, 2017, 09:49:34 am

British heavy metal legends IRON MAIDEN have released an official live video for the song "Wasted Years", filmed on six continents during the band's "The Book Of Souls" world tour. Check it out below.

IRON MAIDEN's hugely successful "The Book Of Souls" world tour will return to North America for an extensive series of arena and amphitheater shows in summer 2017. The mammoth tour opened in Florida last February playing fourteen sold-out shows in the U.S.A and Canada along with a further 58 concerts in 34 other countries around the globe.

First night reviews from Ft. Lauderdale called it "a full-throttle, devil-may-care performance that thrilled a sold-out BB&T Center" (Sun Sentinel) with Revolver magazine reporting how the band's legendary mascot Eddie dominated the Maya-themed stage: "From a walking zombie towering over band members during the set, to being featured on a host of back-drops and huge blow-up figures — the quintessential symbol was omnipresent for the entire show” including Eddie having his heart literally ripped out of his chest and hurled into the crowd by singer Bruce Dickinson!"

Support on the trek will come from GHOST. There will also be some further bands added to the show at San Bernardino.

IRON MAIDEN bassist Steve Harris commented: "We are really looking forward to returning to North America for a full tour. We had always planned to go back there and to the U.K. as last year, due to the global nature of the tour and the period it took, we just didn't have time to cover them properly and we do still like to get to fans in as many places as possible!

"So this year we're able to reach many more cities in America, including a return to places MAIDEN haven't played for many, many years like Lincoln Nebraska, Minneapolis, Oklahoma City and Oakland, California. We also welcome playing in Brooklyn for the first time.

"We will, of course, be bringing the full production with us, including all the Eddies and the Maya-themed stage sets. There's been a great reaction from everyone to this tour's theme, people really seem to love it. We're still deciding on the final setlist and we'll work that out once we get into rehearsals. Most of our North American fans haven't seen the show yet so as we want to give them the same 'Book Of Souls' live experience that we took around the world, it's unlikely we'll change much. And of course we know our fans appreciate us playing a lot of the older songs too, so we will continue to do that!"

"The Book Of Souls" is MAIDEN's first ever double studio album and their most successful chart-wise to date, debuting at the No. 1 spot in over 40 countries around the world and No. 4 in the U.S.A.

Wasted Years

15  General / Epic Rock Chat / EDENBRIDGE: Official Trailer For 'The Great Momentum' Album on: January 28, 2017, 09:29:18 am

The official trailer for "The Great Momentum", the new album from the Austrian symphonic metal act EDENBRIDGE, is available below. The disc will be released on February 17 through SPV/Steamhammer.

Like its predecessor "The Bonding" (2013), "The Great Momentum" was produced by guitarist/composer Lanvall and again mixed by Karl Groom (THRESHOLD) at his Thin Ice Studio in Surrey, England. The mastering was taken care of by Mika Jussila (STRATOVARIUS) at the renowned Finnvox Studios. Among the featured guests on the album are vocalist Erik Martensson (ECLIPSE, W.E.T., NORDIC UNION) and the Junge Philharmonie Freistadt orchestra. In addition, EDENBRIDGE will introduce on their upcoming release their new drummer Johannes Jungreithmeier, whose powerful style has contributed to the recording's great dynamism and who is set to tour Austria and Vietnam with EDENBRIDGE next February and March.

Says Lanvall: "We're really happy to present our toughest and at the same time most bombastic album in 'The Great Momentum'. I am confident that my enthusiasm for this record will be confirmed by our fans' reactions."

"The Great Momentum" will be released in the USA and Canada as a 2CD digi (bonus CD with instrumental versions), 2LP gatefold (golden vinyl), download and stream.

"The Great Momentum" track listing

01. Shiantara (5:51)
02. The Die Is Not Cast (5:15)
03. The Moment Is Now (4:21)
04. Until The End Of Time (4:36)
05. The Visitor (5:54)
06. Return To Grace (5:13)
07. Only A Whiff Of Life (3:44)
08. A Turnaround In Art (7:32)
09. The Greatest Gift Of All (12:18)


* Sabine Edelsbacher: Lead Vocals
* Lanvall: Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Bass, 6 & 12 String Acoustic Guitars, * Nylon Guitar, Piano & Keyboards, Hammered Dulcimer, Bouzouki
* Dominik Sebastian: Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Nylon Guitar
* Johannes Jungreithmeier: Drums

The Great Momentum

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