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March 20, 2018, 08:04:30 pm

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 on: March 16, 2018, 06:24:35 pm 
Started by Kailef - Last post by FeuerFrei-
New chat is really solid!

The only "glitch" I had was that Ghostery (social media/adware filter browser plugin) blocks it by default. Once I whitelisted ERR, it was fixed.

 on: March 16, 2018, 01:08:07 pm 
Started by Kailef - Last post by LadyWoreBlack
I have noticed a great lack of Atlantean Kodex and Pagan Altar albums. I promise you will not regret adding these Wink
Not familar with the first band, but Pagan Altar is doom, not epic/power/prog, etc. that ERR showcases. Nothing against it, but it really isn't our genre here. Smiley

 on: March 15, 2018, 08:34:08 am 
Started by Muninn - Last post by Juice

 on: March 14, 2018, 05:55:18 am 
Started by Kailef - Last post by The_Blackbird
I have noticed a great lack of Atlantean Kodex and Pagan Altar albums. I promise you will not regret adding these Wink

 on: March 14, 2018, 04:06:54 am 
Started by Kailef - Last post by shootthemall

Peter Crowley's Fantasy Dream - Conquest of the Seven Seas

Conquest of the Seven Seas

The Island Of Wonders

Eternal of Sweden - Heaven's Gate

Surrounded by Shadows

The Purity Inside

Mad Hatter - Mad Hatter

Vengeance in His Mind

Face The Truth

Daydream XI - The Circus of the Tattered and Torn

A Cup Of Agony

Painted Smile

Fractal Cypher - The Human Paradox

Imminent Extinction

The Ghost Of Myself

 on: March 08, 2018, 12:10:31 pm 
Started by Arkam - Last post by Leyrann
There we go, this is the first week. For the last fight (we had 3!) I tried a bit of a different writing style which is easier to write but also less detailed, tell me what you think.

As the party got ready to leave, two people surprisingly showed up at the dyrad’s grove. Elnan Brushhill had, of course, joined up with the party before, but this time he brought someone else with him. The elf introduced himself as Ilanor, and explained that he was a talented fighter who had simply been looking for a way to use those talents for the good of the world, and Elnan had picked him up when they met a short while ago.

Together, the party left for the mountain indicated by the dryad. After some traveling, the forest thinned out and the landscape became more barren, only a few trees dotting the hillside. As they continued traveling, they unexpectedly came across a tree with some weird… bulges around it. Not much time was needed to establish that a troll was trying to hide behind it, but that it was so big it poked out around it at all sides.

Sir Ludwig was first to charge in, delivering a strong blow on the troll. Next, Felor called down powerful lightning, battering the troll. Immediately after, Elnan flanked the troll and delivered several fiery strikes from a distance, making sure he would not get hit by the lightning from Felor.

Subsequently, Ilanor moved in as well, striking the troll once more as well, though missing his second strike. Seline then attempted to demoralize the troll by mocking his intelligence – what made him think, after all, that he could hide behind that tree – but it seemed to only make him angrier, as he then turned to Elnan – ignoring Sir Ludwig’s hit on his back – and mauled him with several fierce strikes, to then bite him to finish him off.

Munizard killed the troll – who had already been significantly wounded – with some magic missiles, as Felor made his way over to Elnan to heal him.

With the troll dead, the party continued, and using the dryad’s directions they found the stone arch that marked the start of the road they had to take to find the Astral Hammer. However, already after the first corner a group of hostile creatures awaited them. These creatures were, it appeared, an owlbear, two bugbears, two hobgoblins and a wolf.

Elnan was first to react, and immediately took down the wolf with some well-aimed darts. Ilanor was next to dash into the fray, but the owlbear dodged his attacks. In return, one of the hobgoblins threw a spear that took him right through the chest, and to top it off he got a bite from the owlbear’s beak.

Next, Sir Ludwig charged in and delivered two very strong hits on one of the bugbears. Munizard then conjured a flaming sphere between the creatures, and Seline scared away a hobgoblin with dissonant whispers. One of the bugbears then smacked Sir Ludwig with his morningstar, but got struck in return by Elnan, who had decided to take it up close – relatively – with his spear.

Immediately after, Ilanor released a flurry of attacks, striking at both the owlbear and the bugbear, hitting both several times and wounding the owlbear in particular. In the meanwhile, Felor conjured his magical dolphin hammer of glory and struck the bugbear in the back of his head, believing the owlbear to not be a threat anymore. That turned out to be a big mistake, as the owlbear, wounded though he was, took revenge on Ilanor and took him down with some quick strikes from his claws and a devastating bite, but Sir Ludwig quickly brought him back from the brink.

Seline tried to mock another of the creatures, but it was as ineffective as it had been with the troll. Next, a bugbear tried to strike Felor, but the greatsword ineffectively bounced off Felor’s armor. Elnan did get a number of successful strikes in, killing the bugbear. Ilanor tried to hit the owlbear, but was not quite over his first near-death experience yet and did not even get close to hitting the creature. At the same time, the other bugbear – who was still alive until this point – got taken down by Felor. Sir Ludwig then downed the owlbear, though he did awkwardly miss the wounded creature on his first attempt.

Munizard then moved the flaming sphere forward and charged forward, electrifying a hobgoblin with his touch, as the entire party moved forward to overwhelm the other hobgoblin.
Afterwards, the party decided to rest for a short time, to tend to their wounds, perhaps get healed a bit by Seline’s Song of Healing, and try to skin the wolf, which Elnan failed at quite spectacularly – though it did mean wolf stew for dinner.

After the rest, the party moved on over the path, and when rounding the very next corner, Elnan spotted their newest challenge. Two ghouls, two zombies and a skeleton flanked a skeletal minotaur. The party quickly decided to use the terrain to their advantage, and Ilanor and Sir Ludwig positioned themselves next to one another, flanked by the mountainside in both directions and the others behind them.

Some arrows and spells started flying this way and that, as the skeleton readied his bow and Munizard and Seline consulted their spellbooks. The ghouls took defensive positions on the sides of the path as the minotaur moved forward, and Elnan attempted some shots with the javelins he’d looted from the hobgoblins, though the ghouls were wary and hard to hit. All the while, some members of the party had this vague but distinct feeling of something being wrong.

Sir Ludwig cast a baneful spell, cursing the minotaur, joining the still ongoing battle in the air – a battle, though, that was heavily won by the party, as the monsters barely had any ranged weaponry. At that moment, however, a wraith appeared, moving through the mountain itself, and started attacking the back of the party.

Sir Ludwig’s spell turned out to be very useful, as it slowed down the minotaur just enough to allow Ilanor to dodge his attack, after which Elnan and Ilanor got a barrage of attacks down on the minotaur, enough to allow Sir Ludwig to then finish him off, using the opening Ilanor granted him. Most of the others in the party shifted their attention to the wraith, who appeared to be very resistant to damage, and drained away Felor’s life in the meanwhile. As the frontline dealt with the ghouls and zombies however – the skeleton had already been taken down by the spellslinging earlier on – the backline managed to take down the wraith, ending the battle victorious.

 on: March 03, 2018, 09:34:36 pm 
Started by Kailef - Last post by Kailef
Tomorrow (or today, depending on where you are in the world) is the 10th anniversary of Gary Gygax passing away.

Ten years.  Wow, that sucks.  I can't believe it's been ten years.

 on: March 03, 2018, 09:17:13 pm 
Started by Kailef - Last post by Kailef
Yeah, much better than the last few we've been struggling with...

 on: March 03, 2018, 06:44:26 pm 
Started by Kailef - Last post by catroaster
Thanks for the new shoutbox, it's like the old one except it works again! Smiley

Crunchy Cat

 on: March 02, 2018, 09:24:25 pm 
Started by Kailef - Last post by Kailef
Thanks for the support guys, I really appreciate it!

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