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September 17, 2019, 12:16:35 am

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 on: September 13, 2019, 10:45:41 am 
Started by Arkam - Last post by Hool
Dear TAZ fans,this is one big heap of unicorn.  Tongue Grin

 on: September 09, 2019, 04:00:40 am 
Started by Arkam - Last post by Warsheep
Chari's background story

previously in Chari's life

Born into an artist’s family, Chari and her older sister Lidda grew up in a travelling circus spending most of their childhood years on the road. When visiting new towns, already as a child, Chari had the urge to take things that did not belong to her which usually ended in a hide and seek with the local merchants after stealing an apple here or a carrot there.

At the age of 9, the circus was raided by bandits and most of the equipement was destroyed. Having not enough money to rebuild the caravan, the family decided to settle in Lowhill, a small halfling town a mile outside of Caer Corwell on the isle of Gwynneth.

While her sister left Lowhill after only two years to become a cleric, Chari felt left behind and started again to pickpocket and steal other people’s stuff. This was the point when the local thieves‘ guild became aware of Chari. The Guild fastly became Chari’s new home, she learned a lot about fighting, pickpocketing, lockpicking, disguise und stealthy inconspicious behaviour.

Shortly after Chari turned 17, she participated in a burglary in the house of one of Lowhill’s most respectable citizens, Pawldo.

Pawldo was a notable halfling from the community, a talented archer and swordsman. He brought up the group of thieves in his house and managed to capture Chari. Whatever it was he saw in her, he made her an offer to either become his student or to be given to law enforcement which would probably have ended in her working the local mines fort he next ten years. Only condition was that she had to sever any ties she had with the thieves guild.

This one really was a tough choice but in the end Chari decided to stay with Pawldo, travelled with him on his adventures and began to master bow and rapier under his tutelage. Still she tried to steal small things whenever he wasn’t watching but he caught her almost everytime.

After a few years Pawldo decided that it was time for Chari to take the next step in her development as he himself could not teach her anything more. He sent her out to find Elara Feywing, to make her take on Chari as a student. Equipped with a letter of recommendation from Pawldo Chari set out to find Elara.

When she finally arrived at Elara’s, the master eyed the letter and then Chari with a stare that gave Chari goosebumps. After what felt like an eternity Elara finally nodded and accepted Pawldo’s proposal to become Chari’s teacher.

Chari being Chari, she wasn’t able to stop herself from nicking stuff here and there and everywhere in the city. But only small things, so she would not attract the attention of the local thieves‘ guild. This went on for a few months until one night Elara caught Chari taking an amulett from a locked box in Elara’s office.

With all the stuff that had gone missing over the last months Elara decided to sent Chari away without letting her finish her training.

Being on her own again, Chari decided to travel the route the circus had taken in her childhood, when after some time she heard rumours about Elara Feywing having been murdered. She decided to find out more about these rumours.

After learning stories about strange things like undead unicorns, she finally heard a story about a mysterious tower in the dark forrest. Chari’s thieves‘ instincts started to tingle and she went on trying to find this tower. This is when she stumbled upon a group of adventurers who didn’t guard their surroundings…especially the guy in the back whose pockets looked very inviting….

 on: September 06, 2019, 02:04:43 pm 
Started by Arkam - Last post by Leyrann
Edit: So guess what, after I started practicing writing stories in present tense, I've started mixing present and past tense in these reports. I only noticed it for this current report, so it's completely in past tense, unlike the others which are a bit of a mix. However, from the next report on (which is the last one, but hey, we'll probably do another adventure after that), I will be writing in present tense because I think it fits better. Edit: NEVERMIND I did not write all of this in past tense. I'm not editing anymore, it remains as it is.

After they have rested, the party continues their journey through the dark corridors. They respectfully ignore Felor’s thorough investigation of a simple wall and move on. Eventually, by mapping their way, they find a dead end (the irony) that must connect to the corridor they moved through previously.

Chari investigates the wall, but doesn’t find anything. However, once the others convince her to investigate a second time, she does notice some oddities, and with her dagger she manages to remove a few screws.

After a quick lecture on the difference between strength throws and strength saves, the party decided the doors were too heavy to move, however, and even Manfred the Unicorn couldn’t get through. So, the party moved on.

They enter the next room, and immediately notice this room is significantly colder than the others. As soon as their lights reach a pillar in the room, five purplish flames start glowing next to it and around no less than seven other pillars in the huge, rectangular room. In a distant corner of the room, the party notices a skeleton wearing a robe and wielding a staff, who starts laughing with a cavernous voice, as if from another plane.

Sir Ludwig immediately leroyjenkinses forward and starts hacking away. The skeleton chants several magical words, blocking Ludwig’s attacks with a magical shield and resisting his attempt to shove him away.

Ilanor immediately follows after him, and as he is running for the creature, skeletons rise up in the corners of the room and at the bottom of the stairs. Chari immediately draws her bow and shoots an arrow, turning one skeleton back into a pile of bones. Several hostile arrows fly around Sir Ludwig and Ilanor, one of them grazing Sir Ludwig.

Failor, erm, Felor, completely missed his swing for another skeleton, but then managed to sort of redeem himself by summoning the Dolphin Hammer and hitting the robed skeleton. He reacted by emitting a cone of cold from his staff, almost freezing Sir Ludwig solid and chilling Ilanor to the bone. After the chill was gone, Seline carefully made her way into the room and attempted, but failed, to mock the skeleton Felor had not managed to hit.

Sir Ludwig advanced on the skeleton again, and though he missed his strikes due to the magical shield again, he managed to push the skeleton to the ground. Ilanor immediately took advantage of the situation and started hacking away at the skeleton time after time, mercilessly cutting through the magical shield.

Chari snuck forward and downed the skeleton Felor and Seline were dealing with. Felor used this to move forward and cast a silencing spell around the skeletal mage, barring him from casting verbal spells, and sent a heal Sir Ludwig’s way. The skeleton ineffectively tried to hit Sir Ludwig with a dagger.

Seline baned several of the skeletons, crippling their already not too brilliant skills. Sir Ludwig and Ilanor together finished off the skeletal mage and Ilanor started moving to the next target. Chari reduced another skeleton to it’s previous form as pile of bones, and Seline failed to mercilessly mock one of the last two skeletons. Sir Ludwig charged forward as well, engaging another skeleton and forcing him to the ground, upon which Ilanor finished him off, and Chari took down the last undead.

As soon as that happened, the fires around the pillars went red, and a familiar figure came down the stairs, laughing in a way frighteningly similar to Ludwig’s laughing longsword. Elara Feywing. Killed and raised as a vampire. She held a classical villainous speech about how she would allow the party to leave unharmed, but got interrupted by an arrow through the head by Chari, who remained hidden.

Seline attempted to mimic Zargothorax’s speech patterns to convince Elara to leave the party alone, supposedly because he asked her to leave the party for him, but she managed to see through the deception, and the fight erupted.

Another arrow from Chari hit Elara, and Ilanor struck forward, bringing her off balance. She did not, however, respond with violence – instead, she charmed Ilanor, who hopelessly fell for her, feeling the secret love he had held for her all along. Elara waved her hands through the air, and bats sounded in the distance.
Sir Ludwig marked Elara and used Ilanor’s previous distraction to hit her twice, finishing off with a blast from a smite that was sure to leave a mark. Elara sunk her teeth into a willing Ilanor, drinking his blood to restore her life, then swung for Sir Ludwig but missed.

Chari fired another arrow from her stealth, but missed as well, and Seline played a special performance that helped Ilanor break free from Elara’s charm. Immediately, he turned around and struck at her and she attempted more ineffective strikes at Sir Ludwig. Felor fired off a powerful blast of radiant damage at her, using the guiding nature of the magic to hit her despite her movement, and Sir Ludwig followed her as she moved, delivering a crushing blow powered by radiant magic before Elara grappled Seline in an attempt to incapacitate her, but Seline’s dissonant whispers were the final blow that caused Elara to turn into mist, losing her physical form, and she fled through the wall.

The party decided to take a long rest, to prepare for their imminent fight with Zargothorax.

 on: July 12, 2019, 02:03:53 pm 
Started by Arkam - Last post by Leyrann
After their rest, the party made their way to the previously discovered opening, and took the north path. For quite some time, they walked through empty corridors, eventually finding an equally abandoned room with a number of corpses.

While in the room, Felor noticed some strange rumbling noises in the distance, and the party decided to investigate the corridor running in that direction. This corridor quickly ended in another room, and after a quick discussion they agree to look for the origin of the sound, and promptly run into an ogre, who slams Ilanor through the room with his morningstar. He immediately got back to his feet and started hacking away on the creature himself as Felor stepped up to him and channeled his healing magic before conjuring his dolphin hammer and delivering the ogre another hit. Sir Ludwig immediately stepped up besides them and drove his longsword right through the ogre several times, burning with holy power.

Suddenly, a wraith appeared and slashed at Sir Ludwig, who dodged the attempt even as he continued fighting, and an arrow from Chari shot straight through the creature’s neck, but it amazingly remained standing. Seline hurled a number of insults at the creature, which was taken aback, but nonetheless attempted to strike Ilanor again, who managed to dodge with some of the most amazing bumbling in recent history as he flailed about and neither connected with their weapons. Taking advantage of the distraction, Felor called down a burst of radiant fire and finally took the creature down before redirecting his dolphin hammer to the wraith.

Sir Ludwig followed up with another strike, his sword again burning with holy fire, deftly avoiding the creature’s attempt to drain the life out of him, and Chari’s arrow shot through the undead, trailing wisps of the incorporeal form along in the damage it did. Seline sent dissonant whispers at the wraith, which attempted to run away but was promptly struck down by Sir Ludwig.

The party explored the room of the fight, then a few other rooms, and actually found ten gold pieces in one of them. In the last room they explore, they find a wall that seems to be movable. Thanks to Chari’s crowbar, they manage to pry the wall free and discover a stairway down. After confirming this went back to a previously discovered part of the tower, the party traced their steps back to the passage they had uncovered before their rest, and went in the other direction, finding a fleeing wisp.

Quickly, they find a suspicious area of the floor, and Chari finds that the corridor includes a hidden spike trap. Chari encountered some troubles, but marked the pressure plates with some rope so everyone would know which places to avoid. Ilanor decided to jump over it just to be safe.

However, Felor figured attempting the same was a good idea… and fell right on the entire area, triggering the trap and then getting hit by all the spikes he could. Regrettably, Chari and Ilanor were also hit by some of them.

After extracting themselves from the trap, the party continues through the corridor until reaching the end, where a face with closed eyes is etched into the wall. Chari touches the eye of the face, upon which both eyes open and it starts speaking, asking the party what they want. When they tell him they want to open the door, he tells them they have to find the false coin, and twelve coins suddenly appear on the floor.

The face tells them that to solve this problem, he gives them a balance and tells them they can use it three times and have to find the false coin, namely the coin that weighs differently. After a loooong discussion and a small boon, they discovered the false coin, and the door opened.

As they explored the room, a spectre got the jump on Chari, and started draining her life, though it took a rapier in the face for the effort. Ilanor immediately charged forward and cut it into pieces, but another spectre appeared and attempted to drain Seline’s life. Sir Ludwig jumped into the fray and started attacking, giving Seline the chance to inspire everybody before whispering the spectre to death.

And with that, the party decided to take a long rest.

 on: June 28, 2019, 02:36:41 pm 
Started by Warsheep - Last post by LadyWoreBlack
I was SOOO expecting another band dressed as young schoolgirls or something, hahaha! These guys look older than me, but they rock pretty good. I'm not sure if they appeal greatly to me either, but I think they are ERR style for the most part.

 on: June 26, 2019, 08:56:54 pm 
Started by Warsheep - Last post by Kailef
Not sure if they are to my liking or not, but they're certainly not bad, and they're quite unique looking.  I'll have to let it sink in.  However if there are others that agree they should be added I don't have a problem with them, assuming that all their other stuff isn't growly stuff.  :-)

 on: June 26, 2019, 05:04:11 am 
Started by Warsheep - Last post by Warsheep
Just discovered an "new" japanese band. They have been around since 1987 and released 21 (!) albums so far.

If you think they are ERR worthy i will try to get some stuff from them.

Here a few examples:

Ningen Isu - Heartless Scat great guitar solo at 4:19

Ningen Isu - Great King of Terror

Ningen Isu - Namahage (live)

Ningen Isu - 相剋の家 (live)

 on: June 25, 2019, 01:16:10 pm 
Started by Warsheep - Last post by shootthemall
1)Rhapsody of Fire - Unholy Warcry
2)Fairyland - The Walls Of Laemnil
3)Symphony X - Inferno (Unleash The Fire)
4)Lost Horizon - Highlander (The One)
5)Thy Majestie - The Scream Of Taillefer
6)Ayreon - Dawn Of A Million Souls
7)Wuthering Heights - Carpe Noctem Seize The Night
8)Blind guardian - The Curse Of Feanor
9)Threshold - Mission Profile
10)Pagan's Mind - Through Osiris' Eyes

 on: June 25, 2019, 10:29:26 am 
Started by Warsheep - Last post by Kailef
Time to respect the Sheep of War.  I'm going to try really hard to cut my list down to ten songs, and put them in order from 10 to 1.

Everyone else with a list of more than 10 songs, try to do this too!

#10: Seventh Wonder - Mercy Falls - The Black Parade
#9" Rush - Hold Your Fire - Time Stand Still
#8: PelleK - Absolute Steel - Metal Blowout Overcharge
#7: Dream Theater - When Dream and Day Unite - Only a Matter of Time
#6: Shaman - Ritual - Here I Am
#5: Thy Majestie - Hastings 1066 - The Pride of a Housecarl
#4: Wuthering Heights - The Shadow Cabinet - Faith: Apathy Divine Part I
#3: Secret Sphere - A Time Nevercome - Legend
#2: Angra - Temple of Shadows - The Shadow Hunter
#1: Masterplan - Aeronautics - Black in the Burn

Disclaimer:  The order of these songs can change rapidly depending on what mood I am in at the time.  In fact the urge to listen t "When Dream and Day Unite" and "Here I Am" is already making me want to change the order of these songs.  So, take the 1-10 order with a few grains of salt, but these ten songs are definitely the top of my charts.

 on: June 24, 2019, 06:20:17 pm 
Started by Warsheep - Last post by shootthemall
Ok my list stay's then, woohoo! Cheesy

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