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March 01, 2021, 11:36:07 am

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 on: January 22, 2021, 01:21:57 pm 
Started by Leyrann - Last post by Leyrann
During the rest, the sun sets and night falls. Shortly after nightfall, a host of kobolds arrives, and in front of them stands a seven feet tall blue-skinned warrior, who demands to fight the champion from the keep. Among the creatures are a number of captives, who the warrior uses as blackmail to ensure the fight will indeed be fair.

A guard from the keep cries out when he sees the captives, exclaiming that they are his family. He wishes to fight the champion, but the party doubts his ability to win this fight.

As part of the terms of the fight, the warrior promises, it will be non-lethal and fair, and the captives will remain unharmed.

The party debates who their strongest fighter is, and come to the conclusion that, if Wov blesses her, Myev is the most capable fighter, so she leaves the keep to match up against the warrior, who calls out she seems a worthy opponent. Meanwhile, in the back, the kobolds release the children in response to Myev answering the challenge, though the woman is still held captive.

The warrior strikes first with his spear, but Myev dodges his attacks and lunges forward, but the warrior in turn dances away from her strike. He switches to his greatsword, hitting a devastating strike on Myevís arm, and immediately following with another that cuts her hip. Myev falls to the ground, and the warrior bellows his victory, mocking his opponent.

As he is distracted, Arkham jumps down from the battlements, calling for another challenge and immediately striking with his quarterstaff, bruising the warrior. However, he reacts in time to dodge Arkhamís follow-up strike, then swings his greatsword, catching Arkham and almost incapacitating him in a single strike, though the monk still rolls out of the way of the next strike. Despite the pain, Arkham continues his fight, but the warrior dodges his quarterstaff, only allowing Arkham a single punch. He then stabs forward with his spear once more, and Arkham goes down like Myev before him.

Despite this failed duel, the governor, Nighthill, of the city praises the party for their defense of the city. As the attackers are leaving, the dragon - Lennithon - who accompanied the raid, but did not participate, launches an attack on the keep. Immediately, Arkham calls for everyone to take cover while the town guards move to the walls and aim their bows.

Myev immediately throws a javelin, which glances off the scales, but does hit a wing. Wov shoots a sacred flame, scorching a few scales, followed up by Duncanís eldritch blast, which has similar effects. The dragon swoops down, breathing lightning on the guards, killing one of them and wounding several more.

Arkhamís slingshot hit the dragon on itís head, which made it decide this group of puny humanoids wasnít worth the effort to kill. For good measure, Lilli sent several magic missiles after the retreating lizard.

After a brief celebration that the town is saved, the party goes to sleep, though Lilli first summons her squirrel familiar. [and the rest of the evening was spent leveling - also so that Meng could prefer for next week]

 on: January 16, 2021, 01:05:44 pm 
Started by Kailef - Last post by LadyWoreBlack
The earlier albums from Temperance (2014: Temperance
2015: Limitless
2016: The Earth Embraces Us All) would be so lovely  Grin Grin
I agree about the Temperance albums, especially since I donated the last two. The key word being "donated", so if you have LEGAL copies (copies that you paid for, either from CD's or DL from Amazon, Bandcamp, etc.) feel free to contact the mod who is in charge of additions. His name is Trivoulge, and it's probably easier to contact him over on Discord.  Grin

 on: January 15, 2021, 01:11:57 pm 
Started by Leyrann - Last post by Leyrann
[Note: Ark wasnít playing because he was ill, but the enemy numbers were lowered a bit in compensation.]

Duncan immediately backs out, while Lilli hands Myev a healing potion so she can go into battle fresh. As the first guard appears in front of the door, Lillian hits him with a point blank firebolt, badly scorching him. Woveliss aims a sacred flame at the guard, who nimbly dodges it - only to get hit by Duncanís eldritch blast.

Myev catches a spear thrown at Lilli, immediately throwing it back at the frontmost cultist. Another spear is thrown from inside, but it hits the wall instead. A cultist steps forward, hitting Lilli with his scimitar. Her return firebolt is dodged, leaving her unable to step away from the door safely.

Wovelissís sacred flame is enough to finish him off, however, and Duncanís eldritch blast wounds the next guard. The other guard steps forward, piercing Myevís arm with his spear and dodging her counterattack. Lilliís fireball, too, misses, as did Wovelissís sacred flame.

Finally, Duncanís eldritch blast hits, and it hits hard, almost killing the guard, who does get a counterattack on Myev in before she chops off his head. The last guard moves in, but Lilli dodges his spear and then incinerates him with a firebolt. The last opponent, a cultist, steps forward, cutting Lilli and wounding her further. Wovelissís sacred flame is dodged, but Duncanís eldritch blast is not, though it does not finish off the cultist, and neither does Myevís axe. Finally, Lilliís firebolt is enough.

The party takes a short rest in the mill, and when defenders arrive. They decide to go back to the keep, while the dragon is still flying overhead.

[Weíve decided to cut this session a little short because Ark isnít there]

 on: January 08, 2021, 01:42:15 pm 
Started by Leyrann - Last post by Leyrann
Lilli starts to interrogate the prisoner, asking who is attacking the city. The prisoner tells her that they, the dragon cultists, are attacking the city, led by the woman called Frulam Mondath. Arkham asks where she is, and the prisoner replies that she is in a camp to the south-east. When he asks how many cultists were sent to the city, the prisoner tells them that he only knows there are dozens of them. Myev asks him why they are attacking the city, but the prisoner only knows they are looking for some sort of relic.

In the camp, about a hundred more cultists and kobolds are present. The party quickly agrees that if the dragon cultists want a relic, the party probably wants it too. One of the guards of the city is questioned, but he does not know what or where this artifact is, or whether it is even in the city.

Moments after, the dwarven city guard walks up to the party, explaining that he wishes to send Orsik on a personal quest, meaning he wonít be remaining with the others. He also explains that the watermill seems to be under attack, and asks us to go there and help any possible defenders.

They turn to the elf, who has been patched up by the healer of the keep while the party was interrogating the prisoner, and ask him if he could introduce himself. He introduces himself as Woveliss, a cleric with healing abilities, and requests to join the party.
Together, they make their way to the mill. Arkham scouts ahead, noticing seven cultists attempting to set the mill on fire. They devise a battle plan, to attack the cultists from multiple sides. Myev charges forward, slashing one dragon cultist straight through the waist as she enters the fray, the two halves of his body falling lifeless to the ground.

Arkham moves forward with some of his fancy ninja moves, hitting a cultist with a quarterstaff and then kicking him in the torso, audibly breaking some bones. The cultist does not get up. Lilli throws a firebolt, but only singes the clothes of the cultist she is aiming for. Woveliss throws a sacred flame, severely wounding the same cultist, but Duncanís eldritch blast passes him by.

The cultists react quickly, one of them rushing forward and slashing Arkhamís chest. Another attacks Myev, cutting her arm. The wounded cultist tries to run away, but is cut down by Myev, who soon finds herself fighting a second cultist, but she dodges his scimitar. Duncan fires another eldritch blast, wounding the cultist fighting Arkham, and giving the human a chance to turn the fight, and kill the dragon cultist that had wounded him.

He runs forward, putting himself within range of the last cultist, but barely dodges the attack. Myev slashes forward, cutting another cultist, though not mortally wounding him. Lilli shoots another fire bolt, burning - but not killing - another of the remaining cultists. Woveliss speaks his words of healing, closing Arkhamís wounds.

Two of the cultists are still fighting Myev, however she blocks the first strike with her axe and dodges the second. Duncan fires yet another eldritch blast, but it passes over the cultistsí heads.

Arkham swings his quarterstaff, cracking the skull of one cultist and sending his body flying, then plants his face into the sand attempting to kick another cultist in the same move. The cultist takes advantage of that, slicing Arkhamís chest deeply and incapacitating him. Myev immediately steps forward, drawing attention away from Arkham and cutting the offending cultist in half. Lilli throws a fire bolt at the last cultist, but misses, while Woveliss heals Arkham, allowing him to return to the fight.
Myev blocks another strike with her axe, and Duncan, once again, misses an eldritch blast. The reinvigorated Arkham, however, kicks the last cultist in the gut, finishing him off.

The party makes their way to the mill, carefully checking inside. After some deliberation at the door, Duncan rushes in, who immediately gets hit by a spear.

To be continued...

 on: January 04, 2021, 09:22:39 am 
Started by Kailef - Last post by Lucienthetiger
Found a fresh new good sounding band.

adelaine  Strong and brave(2019)

may they could be interresting in future? Smiley

 on: January 04, 2021, 06:04:16 am 
Started by Kailef - Last post by Lucienthetiger
The earlier albums from Temperance (2014: Temperance
2015: Limitless
2016: The Earth Embraces Us All) would be so lovely  Grin Grin

 on: December 08, 2020, 07:10:48 pm 
Started by Kailef - Last post by shootthemall

Another Amaranthe band. But more symphonic:

Rave The Reqviem - Colossvs

Fearless - Chronicles of Ancient Wisdom

Royal Guard of the Realm

Tale with No End

Power Theory - Force of Will



DeadRisen - DeadRisen


Fear & Fury

From the Depth - Moments

Spread Your Fire

Streets of Memory

 on: December 02, 2020, 03:14:01 pm 
Started by Kailef - Last post by shootthemall

Operus - Score of Nightmares

Book of Shadows


Nahtram - An Ominous Journey

The Wolf


 on: November 13, 2020, 08:53:43 pm 
Started by Trivoulge - Last post by Kailef
I can't agree with that one.  Some of those Northern Kings covers suck, but some are incredible.

 on: November 13, 2020, 02:02:28 pm 
Started by Leyrann - Last post by Leyrann
Once in the keep, the party seeks out the man in charge, Governor Nighthill, who himself is patched up, with his left arm in a swing and bandages on his face. Next to him stands Castellan Escobert the Red, the Master of the Keep who is in charge of the defense.

The two men thank the party for their efforts, and explain that they have a request, namely for the party to clear out a tunnel that would allow them to rescue people from secret locations. In addition, they ask whether the party can bring back one or more prisoners for them to interrogate.

Before leaving, the first-aid division of the keep patches the group up, and Lilli lights up Orsikís shield before he descends into the small tunnel first. Small enough, in fact, that no two people fit next to each other. In second position, Arkham hears some sounds, deducting that there are hostile entities ahead.

However, for now the party is stuck at a steel door. After some unsuccessful attempts to open the door by Orsik hitting it with an axe, they realize there is probably a key for the door, so Arkham goes back to the surface to ask about that, and is indeed given two keys, one of which easily opens the door.

Beyond it are mostly cobwebs and a bunch of rodents, who are quickly identified as angry, charging squirrels that attempt to bit Orsik, but they donít get through his armor. Lilli immediately throws a firebolt, incinerating a number of them, and Arkham shoots a dart, however it flies just over the rodents in his attempts to avoid hitting Orsik. Moments later, some of the creatures slip past Orsik, attacking Arkham, though he too shrugs off their bites.

Orsik swings his axe at the rodents and kicks around him, successfully slaughtering several more. Duncanís eldritch blast killed yet another few, and as the first pack squirrels start running, Orsik cuts down yet another six. Myev manages to spear six squirrels on a single thrown javelin, herself, and Lilliís firebolt goes wide, hitting the wall a few feet further and singeing away a few cobwebs. Arkham, between his staff and foot, takes care of another dozen squirrels, and these squirrels too run away, though Orsik manages to cut most of them down.

Meanwhile, in the distance the party hears some indistinct cries, that they suspect to be cries for help. As they make their way through the tunnel, the cries increase in volume. They come across a second door, made of wood and iron, however the key is corroded and breaks as Orsik tries to unlock it. Myev steps forward and kicks down the door, smashing it to smithereens.

The party once again enters daylight to the southeast of the keep, and manage to locate the cries as coming from the north, where a humanoid creature seems to be standing guard at a building by himself. The party quickly decides on a course of action, and Duncan fires an eldritch blast to get his attention, though it also severely wounds him. As he charges forward, Lilli steps ahead of the group, quickly channeling her magic to charm him.

The party approaches the building, and Arkham sneaks forward to scout inside, noticing two cultists and a kobold. Silently, he conveys this information to the rest of the party. The party gets in position, and when one of the cultists leaves the building, he immediately receives a roundhouse kick from Arkham. Duncan sends another eldritch blast, putting a big gaping hole in his chest. With a surprised look on his face, the cultist falls to the ground.

Myev leaps over him with a warcry, rushing into the building and cleaves the other cultist in half with one strike from her greataxe, blood splattering all around. The kobold strikes her with a dagger before trying to run away, however Myevís next swing swept away the creature, and it quickly bled out.

With their opponents dead, the party moves inside, and they hear some moans coming from the other side of the building. Arkham quickly locates from which room the sounds originate and opens the door, finding two cultists and an acolyte who are attempting to perform a ritual on an unwilling elf. Orsik was already charging forward and slashes one cultist in the face, badly wounding him.

Meanwhile, Duncan is a little too quick on the draw this time, and his purple blast goes wide. Arkham uses Orsikís strike to bounce over the wounded cultist, propelling himself to the other side of the room while swinging his quarterstaff at the acolyte. As soon as the strike connects, his leg swings upwards, kicking him in the ribs and propelling him to the bed, where he lies motionless.

The cultists attempt to return the attacks, however they only land one superficial cut on Orsik. Lilli sneaks up behind the cultist, slipping a firebolt past the dwarf that sears a cultistís head clean off, setting the robes on fire as he falls to the ground. Myev muscles Orsik aside, however she completely fumbles her attack, hitting only the door. Duncanís eldritch blast is more successful and takes down the last cultist.

With the hostile forces down, they quickly unbind the elf, who seems to be somewhat out of it, and has a hard time conveying what has happened. After some discussion, they decide to take the elf along with them back to the keep.

However, they first look through the other rooms, and quickly find a hostile drake, which tries to bite Arkham Ė who opened the door Ė but misses, and is kicked in the stomach in return. Once again, the drake tries to bite, and once again, he misses. Lilli sends a firebolt through the doorway, burning off most of the creatureís non-functional wing, and Myev muscles herself forward once again, but barely misses the opponent. Duncanís eldritch blast, predictable as always, blows off the other wing and some of the tail, but still the drake wonít go down, and Orsik is no more successful. Arkham steps forward, kicking him in the face with his heel, and the drake goes down.

They check the other rooms, and in the last room find three more kobolds. Lilli is the first to react, burning one kobold to a crisp. However, the sling attack from another kobold hits her right in the face, sending her stumbling. Orsik kills the third kobold with his battleaxe, and Arkham somersaults over the bed in the room and, as he jumps, brings his staff down on the koboldís head with a resounding crack, and delivers a powerful kick as the body already goes limp.
With the house now properly emptied, the party goes back through the tunnel to the keep with their prisoner and the elf they found.

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