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May 25, 2019, 07:05:22 pm

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 on: May 12, 2019, 07:56:22 pm 
Started by haiduk - Last post by Kailef
Thanks for the suggestion!  However, we don't play death/black metal on Epic Rock Radio.  While we do have an occasional band with death/growl vocals, generally it's a band that's symphonic in nature with other vocalists as well.  I appreciate you stopping by, though.

 on: May 12, 2019, 04:16:36 pm 
Started by haiduk - Last post by haiduk

Haiduk plays evil melodic blackened death metal. New album - Exomancer - [Oct 2018]

'Death Portent'

 on: May 03, 2019, 02:10:44 pm 
Started by Arkam - Last post by Leyrann
The party went to explore the room further, when a vampire spawn jumped down from the ceiling and grappled Ilanor. Felor immediately shot a guiding bolt of light to the vampire as it began feasting on Ilanor.

Seline inspired the party with her beautiful music (a perfect rendition of Keeper of the Seven Keys) and attempted to scare the vampire with discordant whispered, which was ineffective but did allow Chari to shoot an arrow through it’s head, which in turn allowed Ilanor to free himself and deliver some more blows. Sir Ludwig charged in and delivered several glancing strikes himself, after which Felor charged in to finish the creature off.

With all monsters definitely cleared, the party turns their attention to the pillar in the middle of the room. After some very thorough inspection which leads to absolutely nothing, Seline attempts to climb the pillar, but after getting some ten feet up decides it’s not worth it and slides down again.

Next, the party moved back out of the room towards the south, towards a prison or prison-like room. The room contained a lot of doors, and after some discussion Chari moved towards the closest door and picked the lock. Sir Ludwig opened the door to reveal a wisp, then immediately closed the door again.

Chari moved on to the next door and just as Ilanor opened it, the wisp appeared behind Felor and attacked it, which immediately got rebuked. Ilanor moved forward and hacked away at the ball of light, and it danced in between his and Felor’s strikes, then Sir Ludwig charged in and completely obliterated the wisp in a single strike.
Chari moved on to the next door and picked it’s lock, narrowly avoiding a poisoned needle shooting out of it. Carefully, she picked it up and put it in her backpack. Sir Ludwig entered the room to find a corpse, on which he found a strange, unidentified ring.

Ilanor encountered another wisp, which got killed in a single shot by Chari. In the next room they opened, they found a chest with a mathematical challenge as lock. After solving the puzzle, the chest opened to reveal eight blueish potions. Chari picked up a bottle and opened it, then carefully smelled it, discovering it had a sweet odor. Then, she does the most imprudent thing possible and tastes some, but luckily it just tastes ‘good’.

She then decides to down the entire thing. As soon as she finishes drinking it, she feels a tingling throughout her body and notices she suddenly moves faster. She gathers the other potions and suddenly the potion runs out and she drops to the ground, exhausted. A minute later, she is recovered.

The party opens a number other empty rooms, until eventually coming across another chest, this one with a riddle, quickly solved by the party. The chest opened to reveal a set of red potions. Again, Chari smelled it, then tasted it, finding it slightly spicy. She drinks it and finds herself surrounded by cold, wispy blue flames. Felor moves close to try and touch the flames – after they do nothing to Chari – but finds it is likely imprudent to touch them.

After the potions have been divided, the party finds he flames are still holding around Chari, and come to the conclusion this is likely a spell that lasts long. With all rooms explored, the party moves on to the east, and after some walking encounters two mummies and a wraith.

Felor cast turn undead, frightening two of the creatures and summoned the Mighty Dolphin Hammer, and Sir Ludwig charged forward to the last mummy, delivering several hits. Chari snuck up and shot the mummy with an arrow, and Ilanor charged forward, killed the mummy, then charged on to the other one – the wraith had disappeared into the wall.

Seline mocked the mummy for wearing toilet paper as clothes, and Felor charged forward, battering the abomination with two hammers, followed by Sir Ludwig’s hits. The mummy glared at Ilanor, who was not impressed and cut its head off.

With the wraith fleeing, the party is about to leave the room when Felor notices a face on the wall, which starts speaking upon being touched, giving another riddle, which was eventually solved by Sir Ludwig.

The face laughed, then the wall parted, showing another corridor. However, the party first went back to a previous room to take a long rest.

 on: April 19, 2019, 02:03:49 pm 
Started by Arkam - Last post by Leyrann
Slowly, the party inched towards Felor. After some discussion, Chari poked him with a crowbar, proving he was still alive. Ilanor stepped forward and tried to lift up the trap, but his strength escaped him and he let it fall onto Felor, injuring him further. Next, Chari tried, and managed to lift it off of him, but gave Felor yet another scratch, and Ilanor pulled him out.

With the trap out of the way, the party continued and soon found themselves in a room they had explored before. They decided to march straight ahead, into another corridor they had not previously explored. After confirming there were no traps in the hallway, they entered it and soon found themselves in front of a simple wooden door that seemed to have no special characteristics – just a handle, a keyhole, and no traps. Through the keyhole, they noticed stairs going down, and after some discussion about going upstairs – where Zargothorax most likely resided – they decided to first explore the corridor beyond the door further.

That corridor was the source of some kind of unnatural cold, but they decided to go down anyway, and soon found themselves in what appeared to be a prison. Seline insisted on checking the prisons, and as she entered a room, she felt completely cold and her hairs stood up straight. Suddenly, some kind of shade appeared, which struck forward, and it’s attack weakened her.

Sir Ludwig charged forward with his Laughing Longsword and delivered a glancing blow to it, and an arrow from Chari killed the abomination. As it died, it disappeared as if on a gust of wind, and the prison started trembling, and suddenly all doors broke open, shades appearing in every cell. Strange noises pierced through the air and goosebumps appeared on each member’s arms.

Ilanor wasted no time and moved forward, killing the nearest shade in two strikes. The shades moved forward, and one of them struck Felor with another weakening strike, but he rebuked the attack, and Chari’s reactive arrow killed it. She was immediately assaulted by another shade, however, and buckled under it’s strike, while yet another shade attacked Ilanor. Sir Ludwig charged back out from the cell they’d found the first shade in, and killed the creature attacking Chari, and Felor dodged an attack from another shade. Ilanor, however, was not so lucky as he was struck again.

Seline inspired the party with her beautiful music (it was The Raven Child, for the record) and whispered a discordant melody to one of the shades, causing it to run away, though it received another blow from Felor for it, after which he used his words of healing to sustain the party.

Ilanor delivered a sweeping strike, and his sword glowed with a bright light, completely disintegrating both shades the blade hit. Again, he struck, and he wounded a third just as Chari struck a fourth with her rapier. Sir Ludwig charged through the fight and ended both of the creatures. At that moment, the shade that had been scared away by Seline returned and attacked Sir Ludwig, only to be struck down by Felor immediately after.

With many members feeling weak after the strikes by the shades, they decided to take a short break to regain their strength. After the rest, they moved towards the nearest stairway up.
They started exploring the next floor by going west, and soon found themselves into some kind of circular ritual room. In the dim light, the party noticed a column that went all the way up to the high ceiling. As they carefully entered the room, fires lit all over the walls of the room.

Felor stepped forward, and suddenly a vampire swept down and grabbed him and broke its teeth trying to bite through his plate. Seline once again inspired the party (this time she played Sweet True Lies) and kindly told the vampire to eff off from Felor, upon which it scrambled to the wall and climbed up towards the roof.

Soon, however, it jumped down again, but Felor’s ready counterattack stopped it from being able to hit him. Sir Ludwig, Chari and Ilanor battered it with attacks, but it survived through all of them.
A second vampire suddenly swept in, but failed to hug Seline twice. She simply scared the it into running away. Felor once again attacked the vampire close to him, but that vampire changed targets and hugged Ilanor tight. Sir Ludwig struck a powerful blow, imbued by radiant power, which was finally enough to down the creature.

The party quickly took a defensive stance, waiting for the other vampire to return, and as it did Ilanor and Chari immediately struck it before it attached itself to Ilanor. Felor struck the vampire with a guiding bolt, and Sir Ludwig charged in to kill it with two more radiant strikes.

 on: April 15, 2019, 11:03:09 pm 
Started by Warsheep - Last post by Warsheep

thought about Kobra too but decided against donating it. Also not a big fan of Dee snider...but we'll see what the boss decides  Grin

 on: April 15, 2019, 08:19:13 pm 
Started by Warsheep - Last post by Muninn
The Eluveitie album is their last acoustic one so there shouldn't be any growl in it. I partially re-listened to the songs and didn't catch any so if there is, it wouldn't be much.

 on: April 15, 2019, 03:33:46 pm 
Started by Warsheep - Last post by LadyWoreBlack
Thanks, Munin. Many of those are already on a wishlist I have. Obviously, the bands we already have added like Serious Black, PW, IE, Amaranthe, etc shouldn't be a problem. As you're no doubt aware, the Eluveitie we have available had the growling songs removed from the albums before submission, so maybe you already did that (make things easier for Triv).  Wink If not, I would suggest that, and re-submit.

 on: April 15, 2019, 09:59:18 am 
Started by Warsheep - Last post by Muninn
None of them has been pre-approved, just been sent to Triv. I'm listing them to avoid doubles.

Accept - The Rise of Chaos
Allen-Lande - The Great Divide
Amaranthe - Maximalism
Beast in Black - BERZERKER
Brainstorm - Midnight Ghost
Dee Snider - For the Love of Metal *
Eluveitie - Evocation II - Pantheon *
Exit Eden - Rhapsodies in Black *
Iced Earth - Incorruptible
Iron Mask - Fifth Son of Winterdoom
Mantric Momentum **
Metalite - Heroes in Time *
Place Vendome - Thunder in the Distance *
Powerwolf - The Sacrament of Sin
Serious Black - Magic
Trick or Treat - Rabbit's Hill pt.2 *
Tridanna - The Power & the Will *

* No entry for this band yet on the server, to be reviewed
** Two singles

 on: April 14, 2019, 01:31:31 am 
Started by Warsheep - Last post by Warsheep
list updated, if you donate something add it here, so it doesn't get lost

 on: April 12, 2019, 08:27:10 am 
Started by Kailef - Last post by LadyWoreBlack
I would like to suggest adding more albums of the great melodic power metal band Dawn of Destiny. Currently only "Rebellion in Heaven" is available here.

Current discography:
- Begins
- Rebellion in Heaven (already available here)
- Human Fragility
- Praying to the world
- F.E.A.R.
- To Hell

A seventh album is currently in production  Smiley ERR would be happy to add more when they get donated.  Smiley
Unfortunately, the band is not as known as it deserves.

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