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July 02, 2020, 02:12:29 pm

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 on: January 21, 2020, 02:59:34 am 
Started by i_am_fabio - Last post by Amenra
Not much too say about me. I'm a low profile guy, over 40 years euh...young.
I like lots of music styles, but Metal is on top of my list.
Been searching for a good radio-station and I guess I found one  Grin
I don't know what sorts of music they play in other countries, but in Belgium they know nothing about good music.
There are a few metal bands worth playing, but I think we can count them on one hand. But then we have are neighbours, The Netherlands, who have plenty of good artists in this scene.
What else can I say. Well, I love cats. They are unpredictably stubborn but sweet as candy.
One of the reasons I also registered my Nick here, is because I like the old fashion way of a forum. Today we must have facebook, twitter and all those other social media b#llsh#t apps or we aren't a part of this world anymore. Well, if that's it, I'm proud of living in that other world.
I like working with computers, nothing special. We can say I'm a simple everyday linux user.
So, I could write a whole page here, but my English is not that good. I have to overthink every word before typing it down, so we're not gonna do that, lol.
And we still have to keep it a bit mysterious  Cool



 on: January 18, 2020, 01:46:02 am 
Started by Arkam - Last post by Leyrann
What triumphant music played in the background while they rode home, though?  That's the question...

The Epic Rage of Furious Thunder, of course.

It WAS a lightning strike that killed Zargo, after all.

 on: January 17, 2020, 11:40:26 pm 
Started by Arkam - Last post by Juice
Gone in April most likely...

 on: January 17, 2020, 06:07:30 pm 
Started by Arkam - Last post by Kailef
What triumphant music played in the background while they rode home, though?  That's the question...

 on: January 17, 2020, 01:43:42 pm 
Started by Arkam - Last post by Leyrann
(Chari disappeared somewhere, we kinda forgot to address that)

After a very long rest, the party got up and prepared for the battle against Zargothorax.

Suddenly, a low trembling started in the tower, slowly increasing in power, ominous in the distance. The party made their way up the stairs, to the top of the tower. In the middle of the night, they found Zargothorax, who was chanting and performing some kind of actions on a stone levitating in front of him, which was glowing green.

The weapons of each party member suddenly started glowing in a blue light, reminding them of when they were searching for the Hammer of Justice. The blue light expanded around them, seemingly creating a sort of protective shield around them.

That caused Zargothorax to notice them, and he slowly looked in their direction.

“Puny mortals!” he spoke. “I have been searching for you for a long time, and finally you have found this place. Now, it is time for you to die.” Powerful magic emanated from him when he spoke that last word, as if seeking to kill the adventuring heroes. However, when the magic reached the shields, it dissipated completely, and Zargothorax looked shocked – or as shocked as a lich could.

Without further ado, Sir Ludwig charged forward, burning the lich with his holy blade, and continued to block Zargothorax’s counterstrike, avoiding the paralyzing effect but still buckling under the lich’s strike.

Ilanor followed right behind Sir Ludwig, delivering a powerful blow that knocked Zargothorax to his knees, delivering several more hits. Zargothorax attempted to strike back against the two swordfighters, but his ray of frost missed Sir Ludwig by a hair’s breadth. Finally, he managed to get to his feet, and fire engulfed the top of the tower, battering away at the shields of the party members. However, the shields still held.

Seline inspired the entire party with her songs, then started to taunt Zargothorax, calling him a ‘sack of bones’ among other things. Suddenly, a wave of unlife emanated from the necromancer, further wearing away at the shields of Sir Ludwig and Ilanor.

Felor attempted to silence the area around Zargothorax, but the lich parried the attempt and dodged Felor’s dolphin hammer. Sir Ludwig formally named Zargothorax an enemy of his, and proceeded to again mash the unliving shit out of Zargothorax, aided by Ilanor who once again knocked Zargothorax to the ground.

The lich once again regained his feet, and a thin green ray shot from his fingers, breaking Ilanor’s shield and causing him to flail on his feet as he felt weak, almost as if some force was attempting to tear him apart.

Seline whispered a discordant melody, causing Zargothorax to look around in obvious fear. He changed his gaze to Sir Ludwig, attempting to instill fear in him instead, but the paladin stood unwavering. Felor called down a bolt of lightning, but it left little effect on Zargothorax, and then healed Ilanor.

Sir Ludwig swings his sword once again, hitting Zargothorax with a thunderous sound. Ilanor’s blade bounces off Zargothorax’s shield, and Zargothorax attempts to perform some black magic on Ilanor, but misses him entirely.

Seline decides to start mocking Zargothorax for his inability to hit any of his truly dangerous spells, but it appears Zargothorax has just enough composure left to not let it get to him. In return, he turns his attention to Sir Ludwig, and paralyzes him with a touch.

Felor calls down another lightning bolt, and with deafening cracks, Zargothorax’s skeletal form bursts apart, bones flying in every direction. Just as the sky cleared again above them, the first rays of sunlight broke over the eastern horizon, and in it, the heroes saw how all Zargothorax’s minions suddenly crumbled to dust, ending their guard over the unicorns the party had first noticed when they were approaching the tower.

Seline walked over to Sir Ludwig, releasing him from his paralyzed state. In a euphoric state, the group descends the tower, making their way over to the unicorns. After meeting the intelligent creatures, each took one as mount, and they made their way back home, laughing and telling tales all the way, as they remembered everything they had gone through, and the friends they had made.

 on: December 23, 2019, 11:34:33 pm 
Started by Kailef - Last post by Juice
" I am" is their worst song...the rest are EPIC  Grin

 on: December 12, 2019, 05:40:08 pm 
Started by Kailef - Last post by LadyWoreBlack
We need hERRe Memento Mori , mega good doom/progressive/symph band.
"Endlessly" is a decent power metal tune and very ERR appropriate. "I Am" is way too doom, IMO and not epic at all.

 on: December 05, 2019, 03:24:17 am 
Started by Kailef - Last post by Juice
We need hERRe Memento Mori , mega good doom/progressive/symph band.

 on: November 16, 2019, 10:09:20 am 
Started by i_am_fabio - Last post by LadyWoreBlack
Greetings folks, Name's Daniel. 35 yrs old... for now. The wife and I have a cat apiece and reside in central valley california united states. I started listening to ERR after a very short search online for metal stations. A gal from college introduced me to within temptation so that'd be my gateway. I suppose my current occupation is as a stagehand/theater technician but I identify as a network admin and IT consultant. I'm an avid cyclist (mtn bike in town) specifically a distance/duration rider. I'm also an offline gamer in that I'm exclusively a soloist cuz it's cheaper, easier on my internet and gamers are generally obnoxious myself occasionally included.
Hey, FP! Glad you're with us and thanks for sharing.  Grin

 on: November 15, 2019, 02:49:18 pm 
Started by Kailef - Last post by LadyWoreBlack
New project of Daniel Heiman:

Dimhav - The Boreal Flame

  I've heard of this project quite a bit lately, and I'm pretty sure it's ERR material too. If you have a legal copy and wish to donate it, contact Trivoulge through Discord how to send it to him.  Wink

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