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Author Topic: 2012 Music Calendar  (Read 2711 times)
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« on: January 18, 2012, 11:41:26 am »

Just as we had here during 2011 i thought it'd be nice to have a schedule for release dates for this calendar year. If anyone has any further release info , corrections to my initial list, or additional albums for the 2012 music calendar then post it in this thread and we will attempt to refresh the list asap.

I tried to keep it to music that is on ERR or music that i know some folks here enjoy that are just outside the realm of ERR. I'm sure i missed a few as i just did a quick run through their list. Here is what i have so far thanks to


   Blind Guardian "Memories Of A Time To Come" (Compilation)
   Primal Fear "Unbreakable"

   Lacuna Coil "Dark Adrenaline"
   Iron Fire "Voyage Of The Damned"


   Eluveitie "Helvetios"

   Xandria "Neverworld's End"

   Freedom Call "Land Of Crimson Dawn"
   Rage "21"
   Lanfear "This Harmonic Consonance"
   Lord Of Mushrooms "Perspectives"

   Amberian Dawn "Circus Black"
   Diabulus In Musica "The Wanderer"

   Thaurorod "TBA"


   Epica "Requiem For The Indifferent"

   Adrenaline Mob "Omerta"

   Unisonic "Unisonic"   

   Axel Rudi Pell ""Circle Of Death"
   Meshuggah "Koloss"
   OSI "Fire Make Thunder"

   3 Inches Of Blood "Long Live Heavy Metal"
   Iron Maiden "En Vivo!" (Live CD/DVD)

   Dark Empire "From Refuge To Ruin"

   Galneryus "Pheonix Living In The Rising Sun" (DVD)

   Threshold "March Of Progress"


   Accept "Stalingrad"
   Anathema "Weather Systems"
   Jeff Loomis "Plains of Oblivion"

   Dragonforce "The Power Within"

   Running Wild "Shadowmaker"

   Paradise Lost "Tragic Idol"

   Cradle Of Filth ""Midnight In The Labyrinth"
   Diablo Swing Orchestra "Pandora's Pinata"
   Ordan Ogan "To The End"


   Shadows Fall "Fire From The Sky"

   Sonata Arctica "Stones Grow Her Name"

   Firewind "Few Against Many"

   Sabaton "Carolus Rex"

   Demains "TBA"
   Evil Masquerade "Pentagram"
   Testament "The Dark Roots Of Earth"
   Black Majesty "Stargazer"


   Korpiklaani "Kunnia"

   Luca Turilli's Rhapsody "Ascending To Infinity"

   Eyefear "The Inception Of Darkness"
   Pathfinder "TBA"
   Suspyre "Suspyre"


   The Gathering "TBA"
   Therion "TBA"


   Haggard "Grimm"

Other planned 2012 releases:

   Gwydion "TBA"
   Soulspell "TBA"
   4th Dimension "TBA"
   Jon Oliva's Pain "TBA"
   Equilibrium "TBA"
   Stratovarius "TBA"
   To-Mera "TBA"
   Pyramaze "TBA"
   Rush "Clockwork Angels"
   Dragonforce "TBA"
   Tool "TBA"
   Riverside "TBA"
   Adagio "TBA"
   Lunatica "TBA"
   Firewind "Few Against Many"
   Cellador "For All Or Nothing"
   Stormwarrior "If It's Not Your Bloode... You Will Never Understand" (DVD)
   Wintersun "Time"
   Persuader "The Fiction Maze"
   Armory "Empyrean Realms"
   Cloudscape "New Era"
   Delain "We Are The Others"
   Demons & Wizards """TBA"
   Operatika "TBA"
   Seven Kingdoms "TBA"
   Masterplan "TBA"
   Cynic "TBA"
   Into Eternity "TBA"
   Devin Townsend "Ghost 2"
   Ensiferum "TBA"
   Devin Townsend "Epicloud"
   Fairyland "TBA"
   Aeon Zen "TBA"
   Equilibrium "TBA"
   Edenbridge "TBA"
   Amaseffer "When The Lions Leave Their Den"
   Candlemass "TBA"
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"If There Is Life After Death, There Is No Death
  And If Death Does Not Exist, We Do Not Live"
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« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2012, 11:04:08 pm »

Winterstorm has a new album coming out soon, called Kings Will Fall. Sounds really good to me.
« Reply #2 on: June 01, 2012, 08:16:11 am »

Later this year by Scarlet Records will release a new album of Italian epic power metal Thy Majestie. The album is entitled "ShiHuangDi" and talks about the first emperor of unified China, Qin Shi Huangu.
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