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Author Topic: Maiden Must Haves  (Read 1636 times)
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« on: February 18, 2016, 02:44:40 pm »


I am excited to be going to my first Iron Maiden concert on March 30 at Madison Square Garden!  Here's a list of the albums I have from them, in order of release date.  Which ones am I missing that you're thinking "OMG, how can you not have that?!":

Iron Maiden
The Number of the Beast  (Just purchased, haven't listened yet.)
Piece of Mind
Somewhere in Time
Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
Fear of the Dark
The Book of Souls  (Just purchased, haven't listened yet.)

Also, where can I learn more in depth about the lyrics and songwriting?  I know that at least one of their albums, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, is a concept album.  I want to brush up on my "Maidenology" before the show.
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« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2016, 09:17:08 am »

It looks like you have the best of... but since you have nine albums listed, I'd just go for the entire discography.  

Some Iron Maiden Facts:

1. IM formed on Christmas Day 1975 and it took them approx. 4 years to get off the ground.

2. Iron Maiden’s celebrity mascot, Eddie the Head was thus named because, at first, he was nothing but a modest stage prop, consisting of a ghostly mask (or giant head) hung over the band’s logo and drum kit.

3. The main character of the song ‘Charlotte the Harlot,’ from the first Iron Maiden album, later appeared in songs like ’22 Acacia Avenue’ (1982), ‘Hooks in You’ (1990), and ‘From Here to Eternity’ (1992).

4.  After taking a lot of flak from religious groups over ‘The Number of the Beast,’ Maiden recorded a backwards message for the ‘Piece of Mind’ song, ‘Still Life,’ featuring drummer Nicko McBrain doing one of his trademarked comedy accents, but nothing satanic.

5.  The ‘Can I Play With Madness’ video marked one of the final on-screen appearance of Monty Python legend Graham Chapman (he’s the ornery professor). Chapman passed in October of 1989.

6.  Guitarists Dave Murray and Adrian Smith were childhood friends. Smith bought his first electric guitar from Murray for 5 British pounds, and the pair formed some of their first bands together.

7.  Bruce Dickinson wrote ‘Bring Your Daughter…to the Slaughter’ for his first solo album, but wound up relenting when Steve Harris pestered him to let Maiden record it for 1990’s ‘No Prayer for the Dying.’

8.  Believe it or not, after Blaze Bailey’s dismissal in 1999, Steve Harris was not initially sold on inviting Bruce Dickinson back into the Iron Maiden fold. Thank Eddie all involved eventually saw the light!

9.  ‘Journeyman,’ which closed 2003’s ‘Dance of Death’ album, is Iron Maiden’s only song to be fully recorded on acoustic guitars.

10. Bassist Steve Harris is the founding and only original member of Iron Maiden. In the early days the line-up was constantly shifting, one guitarist lasted just two days before his girlfriend wouldn’t let him go on tour with the band.

11.  The first time that long-time Maiden manager Rod Smallwood saw the band, then-singer Paul Di’Anno had been arrested for knife possession earlier in the day, forcing Steve Harris to sing lead vocals for the first and only time at a Maiden gig.

12.   In the early days, when touring, the band used to travel around and sleep in a truck that they had bought which they dubbed “The Green Goddess”.

13.  Steve Harris is an enthusiastic footballer who was offered a trial with West Ham as a teenager. He has a full-sized football pitch in his back garden, which is the home ground of Iron Maiden’s own football team consisting of members and associates of the band.

14.  The band mascot, Eddie the Head, was originally a mask at the back of the stage. Blood capsules were fed through the mouth, invariably soaking the drummer with fake blood. Artist Derek Riggs based the first drawing of Eddie, for Maiden’s debut album, on an image he saw of a decapitated head on a Vietnamese tank.

15. Iron Maiden was the first big international metal band to play in India, to over 30,000 people who came from all over India, Bangadesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Bhutan (and Australia, I’ve heard) see their show.

16.  Drummer Nicko McBrian was hit and hurt by a golf ball before the show in Costa Rica. If the ball had only hit him just a little higher, he wouldn’t have been able to play and the show would have to be cancelled. Also, the entire band is quite into golf it seems, and guitarist Adrian Smith likes tennis.

17.  Bruce Dickinson once removed and destroyed on stage a mic worth thousands. Just like that.

18.  1975 - to date:

Steve Harris(bass)1975-
Dave Murray(guitar)1976-
Doug Samson(drums)1976-1978
Paul Di'Anno(vocals)1976-1981
Clive Burr(drums)1976-1982
Dennis Stratton(guitar)1978-1980
Adrian Smith(guitar)1980-1990, 1999-
Bruce Dickinson(vocals)1981-1993, 1999-
Nicko McBrain(drums)1982-
Janick Gers(guitar)1990-
Blaze Bayley(vocals)1993-1999

19.  Harris got the band name from a film of The Man in the Iron Mask. The "Iron Maiden" was a metal coffin with spikes running outside it that could be inserted inside. The occupant was than impaled and presumably killed.

20.  Doug Samson left the band for health reasons, and was replaced by Dennis Stratton as guitarist. Dennis left because his musical preferences differed with the rest of the band's (although no one took it personally; he remained friends with the band members) and became the manager of The Carts and Horses. Adrian "H" Smith, friend of Dave Murray and former leader of the band Urchin (which had since broken up) took his place. After his solo project, ASAP (Adrian Smith and Project), Adrian decided he wasn't prepared to go back to the band's lifestyle, and was replaced by Janick Gers.

21.  Paul Bruce Dickinson (who went by the name Bruce Bruce before joining the band) released a single with Rowan Atkinson in the UK. It was a cover of Alice Cooper's "(I Want to Be) Elected," and the artist was credited as "Mr. Bean and the Smear Campaign," which was the band of musicians Dickinson had assembled. Between Bruce's vocals, Rowan, in character as Mr. Bean (who was running for Prime Minister) would describe his ideas for Britain ("There will be no tax cuts. But a lot of people will be forced to have haircuts- yet, Mr. Brownson, that means you!") and eventually delivered his manifesto. At the end of the song, it is revealed that he won every single vote. It was also included on the soundtrack for the film Bean.

22.  The band claims Jethro Tull, Deep Purple, Van Der Graf Generator, Arthur Brown, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and the Beatles as inspiration- Bruce reportedly was listening to the Beatles at age five.

23.  Nicko McBrain's birth name was Michael Henry McBrain. As a child, he carried around his favorite teddy, Nicholas the Bear, around everywhere, so his family jokingly nicknamed him "Nicky." When he got older, he changed it to "Nicko" to sound cooler.

24.  Dave Murray was fired from the band in late 1976 after he and Steve Harris had a fight at the Bridgehouse. Dave became a member of future Maiden guitarist Arian Smith's band Urchin, and he was replaced by Terry Wapram. At about the same time, Tony Moore joined the band playing keyboards. They played one gig at the Bridgehouse and keyboards were clearly not what they were looking for. Moore left, and Wapram was close behind, claiming he couldn't play without keyboards. Steve wanted Dave back, so he attended an Urchin gig, and after the show convinced Dave to play guitar for Maiden again.

25.  In August of 1980, KISS invited the band to support them on their European tour, as well as to perform at Reading as special guests to the band UFO. Pete Way was one of Steve's biggest heroes, so he agreed without the slightest hesitation. This skyrocketed their popularity in Europe. Reportedly, KISS and Iron Maiden got along very well together, both as musicians and as friends.

26.  Iron Maiden drummer Clive Burr played on the band's first three albums (Iron Maiden, Killers and The Number Of The Beast). He left the band in 1982 due to Iron Maiden's tour schedule and personal problems. Burr performed with many other bands of the same sound before being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1994, the treatment of which left him deeply in debt. Iron Maiden staged a series of charity concerts to help their old bandmate and was involved in the founding of the Clive Burr MS Trust Fund. Burr passed away on March 12, 2013 in his sleep at his home at the age of 56.

EDIT:  A site for lyrics and song meanings:
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