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Author Topic: Epic Relic Raiders (Eternal Righteous Revenge)  (Read 19236 times)
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« Reply #30 on: May 08, 2017, 03:47:24 am »

Entering the dark dungeon Felor was glad to have cast Light on his shield.
After the rough entrance the group entered a well made corridor.

As they turned left Sir Ludwig heard some squakie sounds.
Shortly after marking the wall not to be lost in the potential maze they where swarmed by rats.
They just keep comming from everywhere and even swarm on the hero's.
So badly even that Sir Ludwig took a swing with his laughing sword at the rats all over Felor, and later on Felor returned the favour hamering some rats of Sir Ludwig.

The mighty Munizard used his shocking grasp to get clear of his rats, and Seline also had her own solution to be free from the rodents.
She got bitten to near death by the swarm... Stugling to not really die, the might Uświadczyłem healing word got Seline back in bussiness.

When finally the battle was done it was clear that walking through a dungeon is not no walk in the park, as it nearly killed of the group.
But after a short rest to tend to all wounds, while being inspired by Seline her healing song they where of to explore again.

Continuing left they came in a room where the rats where originating from judging from all the nests. And there Seline her detect Magic alarm went off.
They found a magic button in a corner, which acording to the investigation of Munizard could open a secret door, or be part off a sequence to open a secret door.

With the rats still fresh in the mind the plan was made not to push the button just yet, much to the disappointment of Felor who has a thing for pushing buttons.
To satisfy that need Munizard conjured up a fake button for Felor. Before going on they spend an hour (or so) knocking on every wall in the room just to check for hidden rooms.

After going upstairs in another corridor (with the sound of Felor clicking his conjured button) the came in a room with 2 doors.
After Munizard peeked through the keyhole of the first room to check it was save they entered the room to find their first dragon!

A statue of one at least. And thanks to Seline also another magical button (*click* *click*). The statue seems somewhat familiar to Munizard but he could not really place it.

After peeking again they tried to open the other door only to find it was locked. Sir Ludwig kicked it open with great ease, they entered a small empty room with yet another door.
So again a peek before opening, but also this door was locked. Sir Ludwig had fun again with kicking the door down again.
Only this time it was followed by a click, and not Felor with his button. Poison darts shot across the room at Seline, Sir Ludwig and Munizard.
Thanks to quick reflexes of Sir Ludwig and Seline only Munizard got hit but the poison was quickly neutralized by Sir Ludwig.

What the next room will hold will be discovered next time.
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« Reply #31 on: May 22, 2017, 11:40:18 am »

Upon opening the door the party found a high elf ranger trapped in the room.
The ranger named Sahti was also an earlier trainee of Elaria Feywing  also seeking the eye of the dead to keep it save from Zargothrax
He got trapped in the room and was in the dark there for at least several days.

After failing to kick down the next door, Munizard had his fun with it and burned the door to a crisp. While everyone else decided it would be wise to wait in the previous room
Just in case of traps and offcourse the smoke, there found a small seemingly empty room.

Sir Ludwig and Felor rushed in and soon found out that was somewhat a mistake as the room was occupied by a Gelatonisch duck/blob. And since it didn't dress up as Tom Selek it was not easy to spot. link

Felor and Sir Ludwig got trapped in the slimy thing  and luckely where puled out in time by Seline and Sahti before they where disolved by the ooze.

But the ooze went on for a crawl into the next room and doing so it had captured Munizard and Seline in his oozy body. They where pulled out by Sir Ludwig and again Sahti, who developed him self as hero of the day.
Felor was busy at time healing Seline who was close to death (again).  When everyone was save outside the slime again Sahti pinned the ooze down so it could no longer move. And the party could have some fun with it.

Felor summoned his Spiritual dolphin hammer again, Seline wispered nasty words at it and Munizard deemed it time to summon his mighty pitt jumping fireball of doom and ram it in to the duck.

This was to much for it and it colapsed to the floor leaving nothing more than a slimy mess.
Again entering the small room wich luckely was really empty now Seline detected yet another button. And to Felor's great joy he was finally cleared to push it.
After pushing it they heared some ratteling and clicking. It was time to click more buttons!!

Coming back into the dragonsstatue room Seline thought it was a good idea to examine the statue once more. Once she knocked on it the statue made clear that it did not like that tried to bite Seline!
The nasty thing was not a statue but a gargoyle!

After again a fierce battle, in wich Sahti proved that he was not yet really used to beeing in the light again by missing the gargoyle, the group also slayed it. Upon death there was a small click to be heared. As the party tried to dodge darts that where not there, the keen hearing of Sahti (wich didn't suffor in the dark) helped locate a new button.

When Felor did his magic (click click) a secret room opened up revealing a chest.
The chest was unlocked and hold some great treasures. There was a lot off gold, a pearl, some comfy looking boots, a empty quiver and last but not least a wand.

Munizard quicly discovered that the pearl was a pearl of power, and the boots of Seline had something to do with speed. But how the where activated is still a mistery.

Sahti took the quiver and tested it for magical powers, when he put an arrow in the quiver he discover it was no longer empty but nothing more. Also removing the quiver revealed nothing special.
But when he tied the quiver on his back the quiver suddenly seemed heavier, and to everyones surprice it was full with 20 arrows. And after pulling one out arrow it quickly formed a new arrow!

The wand and the boots should probably be identified when back in town.

Since the battles in the dungeon took the toll on the party it was time to head back in the dragon room and barricade the door so they good take a good long rest and quest afterwards.

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« Reply #32 on: July 03, 2017, 04:20:44 am »

After beeing locked inside the save room for more then a month the party has finally found a way to break curse of the door.
Or... was it the magical lock Munizard had cast on the door. Perhaps this quote from a certain diary may give more information....

Dear diary, It's been almost a month since we blocked the door of this room to sleep safely.
I have yet to remember how to break the magical lock I put on it. Hopefully, they believe me when I say the door was cursed.

Sahti felt it was a good idea to guard the (empty) treasure chest, why no one knew but well if he is happy why not.

Folowing the path back to the entrance of the dungeon the party now takes the right path (after clearing the left). Soon again the reach another split.
Left is just another corridor, to the right a few stairs going down. With the advantage of highground the go right again.
But there was noone/thing to gain that advantage over. Down the stairs they where again comming to a split and yet again the right path was taken (begining to see a pattern..).

This path led to a stone door wich was locked.  Seline detected that door was magicaly locked (and probably the magic extends to the room). So it was up to Munizard to check how.
And he found out that the buttons where the key to open the door, much to Felor's happyness.

Walking back to take the left path they soon hit another split, but this one was different, to the right was another corridor but to the left, a door!
So the pattern is was broken, as Sir Ludwig tries to break the door. But he sadely failed.
So it was up to Seline to try her new boots and she roundhouse kicks the door making it fly through the room.

They decided to send in Minizard in first for a sneaky sneaky peek. Through his eyes Munizard sees a group goblins around at a campfire.
Noticable the goblins where looking different from each other. They where all alert gathering their weapons, probably alerted by the flying door.

Seline runs in (almost slipping on some rocks) and sets to sleep 2 of the goblins. But when running out again those rocks prove to be part of a trap!
A pit opens up underneath Seline and she gently floats down thanks to her featherfall spell.

Felor just manages to get around the pit and enter the room first (not counting the goblins. But the goblin in front of him manages to dodge his attack.
But another goblin was nearly killed with the spiritiual hammer!

Next up to enter the room was Sir Ludwig, his goal was to take a mighty leap over the pit and stand ready, at least that what he said.
But that leap was all but mighty and made him land staight into the pit. His smile somewhat gave Seline (still in the pit) the idea this may have been his plan after all.

Seline then took out her rope with climbing hook and manages to land catch the top on the hook. But when trying to climb out she slips and is still pitted.

Munizard in the meantime has summoned his flaming ball in the room and takes the first kill.

Felor is feeling not so happy in the room at that point since all goblins are making his live very hard, with an arrow in the knee and some sword wounds he is heavely wounded.

Sir Ludwig failed hit attempt to stay in the pit and climbs out. He reacts to that failure by killing a goblin instantly!

Seline also climbs out and starts to mocks a goblin for looking like a hamster!

The battle ended when Sir Ludwig managed to throw the last goblin in the pit, killing it in the progress.
Much to Felor's rejoice there another button in the room to push.

The loot (some swords and armor) was thrown in the pit for save keeping. Time to leave the room.
Seline jumps cleanly over the pit. Sir Ludwig jumps also jumped cleanly, in the pit again and Felor joins him.
This also lit up the pit and leaving the rest in the dark (as both Felor and Sir Ludwig's shield where made into a lantern by Felor's light spell).
Munizard summoned some dancing lights and the group helped lift Sir Ludwig and Felor from the pit.

Everyone goes back to join Sahti in the room. Where to Felor's shock he saw Munizard lock the door again...

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« Reply #33 on: July 24, 2017, 01:19:51 am »

This time it took a lot less time to unravel the locks Munizard put on the door. Sahti still wants to guard the chest so stays in the room.
So after a well deserved rest they continue on their mission to push buttons, jump in pits and kill enemies!

After a small visit to the pit (this time staying out) they continue in the corridor.
At the eind the find a stone door, Munizard (master of magic locks) detected a magic barrier on in to prevent what is inside to get out.

Before opening the door Munizard and Seline quickly hide behind a corner.

The door was unlocked but when opening the room behind it was pitch black!
Felor did sense there was something completely evil behind that door giving him the shivers.

Seline seems to have been resting to long as she was a little to ready for battle, but against what...
Shade pops up behind Felor unnoticed by all, but even with the element off surprice manages to miss.

Seline hearing Felor's surpiced yell jumps from behind the corner and mocks it like there is no tomorow!

A second shade manages to sneak past everyone and attacks Munizard and drain him some strength from him.
Sir Ludwig decided it was time for some style and moonwalks to shade attacking Felor, and obliverates it.

The third and final shade doesn't get undetected as Felos manages to spot him, and he so wishes he didn't as the shade retailiates by attacking Felor.
Also weakening him, but Felor does rebuke the attack zapping the shade with a shot off lightning, sadely the most was resisted...

In the meantime Seline tries out a new trick and doesn't attack but prepares to dodge the next attack on here.

Suddenly they see a halfling comming around the corner adding to the battle (luckely). With renewed faith they managed to clear the other 2 shades.

Time for a short rest to restore from the draining shades and to get to know the halfling. His name is Elnan, he is a monk and his trainer was a good friend of Elaria Feywing.
His trainer send Elnan out to help the adventures out to avenge Elaria.

With the shades killed the darkes in the room lifts and reveals an empty room, except for another magical button.  Felor sneaks in to push the button.
They again here the rattling noice but the door is still unlocked.

Fully refreshed they continue to a still unvisited corridor. Here they find a room without a door  this time. In the back of the room is a chest.
Since this is the first chest Elnan seeing (outside the monastery) he rushes in trying to open it! To his surprice the chest responces to that by biting back!
Nearly biting of the fingers of Elnan, luckely he has good reflexes...

So combat is again about to happen, but this time with an chest. Seline does her signature attack and starts mocking for looking like a lady purse!
The mimic is all but impressed. It was more impressed by a hard blow from Felor's hammer.

As a responce he chest jumps on Felor and sticks on him like glue!
Both Elnan and Sir Ludwig manage to hit the chest without hitting Felor, where Elnan proves his roundhouse kicks can easely match those of Seline.

Munizard tries to shock the chest but Felor is happy he fails as he is till strugling to get rid of the chest and doesn't like the idea of electricity in a metal armor...
After getting loose of the chest the manage to kill the chest with Elnan delivering the final blow with another mighty Roundhouse kick!

The continue further down the corridor to find a steel door, and what is behind that door will remain a mistery till next time...

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« Reply #34 on: July 25, 2017, 08:24:49 am »

With that glorious first set of encounters for the brave Elnan Brushhill, I guess it's time we go with the back story.

Raised in a monastery since before I can remember, I have had the privilege of learning how to control myself and the passion that I have within.  The Order of Universal Flame teaches a person that we are all connected and bound by a force.  The force can be felt and controlled once a person learns enough about themselves, and as they continue to learn more, they can do more wondrous acts with that force.  It manifests itself in different ways for different people.  For me, I seem to be linked to fire.  I've always liked how it dances, moves, changes.  It has the power to create and destroy.  It's something to be respected.  By learning to respect the fire within, I learn to respect myself and those around me.  The orders keeper of the true flame, our highest ranking master, has always been kind to me and helped further my training.  The bond between us is what I believe that of a father would be.  It's for this reason he sent me on a journey to avenge the death of his friend and once travelling companion Elaria Feywing.  Upon reaching the region where the party is currently adventuring, I heard tell of how they were exploring some old chambers and proceeded to find them.  Hearing sounds of battle I rush in to assist what I hope to be a great team of adventurers.

Be the leaf floating down the river, not the rock trying to hold its place.
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« Reply #35 on: September 10, 2017, 09:52:44 am »

Elnan was so shocked by the attacking chest, the rest of the group brought him to join Sathi to show him a friendly non biting chest.

After returning to the metal door the found it locked. Luckely Seline has a hairpin and knows how to use it to pick the lock.

Leaving the door opening to Sir Ludwig, they find 6 giant bats behind it, and for some reason they where not so happy with the lights shining from Felor and Sir Ludwig shield.
Thus, it came to anonther battle. To make the battle a bit easier Seline send back to sleep. 
Some of the the bats went to the back of the room, while others to attack Sir Ludwig and Felor.

Munizard throwns in his big Fireball of Doom to grill some bats.
First bat hammered down by Felor with both his warhammer and his summoned dolphin hammer.
Sir Ludwig disposses of the second one with ease while Seline is mocking the bats from the second line.

With the killing of the first bat it seems that dolphin hammer has sprung a leak and fails to hit another bat...
Luckely sir Ludwig is cleaving the bats with great ease, and Munizard has great fun in ramming bats with his fireball of doom.
And Seline wispers a Bieber song (in chipmung voice) to a bat sending it in fear, giving Felor the chance to deliver the killing blow.

After Ludwig slashes the fifth bat to small bits, Seline wakes the last bat with some huge insults.

Munizard, wanting to know what his yet unidentified wand does throws it at the bat, just missing it, so still clueless what to use it for..

When the final bat is killed, and the meat taken off (bat kebab...) yet another button was found, and offcourse pressed by Felor.
This time the sound was slightly different so who knows the locked door is finally opened.

After a short stroll back, the door is indeed now unlocked and Seline detects no more magic.
They open the door and immediately regret that because behind the door stands a huge minotaur waiting for them with a great axe and he looks all but friendly.

Behind the minotaur was a table and hovering over it was an magical orb.

Sir Ludwig and Felor charge in to attack the minotaur, and Felor summons a new and (hopefully) improved dolphin hammer.
Together with the attacks of Munizard's magic missile and Seline's wispers more Bieber songs the do a lot off damage to the minotaur, sending it in to a rage.
It swings Sir Ludwig and hits hime like a ton of bricks.
And after another round it now focusses on Felor also knocking him hard, on which Felor reacts sending a shot of lightning in the minotaur killing the big bull.

They take his great axe, the 100 gold he had in a pocket (why will for ever be a mistery) and a potion that needs identifing.

Now that they are alone in the room with the orb, they sense it is full off evil, could this be the eye of dead the where seeking.

When Sir Ludwig stepped closser everyone but Felor was somehow paralized and the here a laughter very similar to the one of that Sir Ludwig longsword makes.
And entering the room, leaving 2 skeletons at the door is Elaria Feywing, their former master. But Felor feels there is something wrong with here and that she is rather pale.

She walks in the room gracefully saying that she know the where going to find a way to get in to this room as she walks into a direct line towards the orb.

Felor tries to trip her and so stop her from reaching the pearl, but she gracefully jumps over his extended leg.

In the meantime Munizard awakens from the paralization also in shock of seeing his old master acting so evil.
After Elaria grabs the eye of dead and puts it in a pocket she walks over to Sir Ludwig ready to strike her sword when suddenly she hesitated to strike.
Ludwig who was just freed from his paralization takes the opportunity to lock Elaria in a firm grip. While Munizard and Felor try to disarm theyr former master.

When Elaria breaks lose from Sir Ludwig's grip, another figure enthers the room (rather friendly greeted by Munizard), in a dark robe and weilding a staff with a skull on top.
It is the mighty lich ZargotrZargothraxax! He warns them not to touch his newest 'toy', and casts his massive kill everyone in the room spell.

As the party  feels their live drain from them the rings suddenly start to glow. And they all teleport to the save room at Elaria's house and the rings crumble on their fingers.

They are save but now Zargothrax has the eye of dead AND  controls the body of Elaria, dark times are ahead...

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« Reply #36 on: October 01, 2017, 12:32:25 pm »

After the party awakens in the hidden room of Elaria wondering what the bleep just happend when a image of Elaria projects it self.

Quote from: Elaria Feywing
Dear Pupils,
If you are seeing this message, my worse fears have come true, you have failed.

Somehow the Eye of Death has been stolen and Zargothrax is now building his power to conquer the whole world.

But fear not, for it's not too late to stop him, but before venturing outside Merriam Vale, you must know the truth about me, and about the past.

The Evil Zargothrax exist since many generations, and so far none has been able to permanently defeat him, he keep coming back again and again, so every new generation have someone that will balance the evil through goodness, that is Angus McFife.

Angus is not a specific person, nor is a charge that you acquire from someone else or leave to your child, it's a role, that must be earned, and only those with an Heart of Steel can bear the name.

There is an ancient relic, known as The Astral Hammer, none know where it came from or who forged it, but it's this relic that chooses who is worth of wielding it, and the one wielding the hammer will be known as Angus McFife, the hero in charge of defeating Zargothrax once again .

My generation defeated Zargothrax one century ago, and I was in the party that completed that mission, I, and my fellow companions, followed the Angus of our time in Zargothrax Citadel and defeated him, stealing the Eye of Death and sealing it in the secret dungeon, hoping to hide it forever.

Now it's your turn to oppose the evil, you must walk outside of Merriam Vale and find the Astral Hammer, with it, you'll be able to defeat Zargothrax and save the land, I am sure that one of you, my beloved pupils, will be chosen by the Hammer as the new hero.

As much powerful as it is, the Eye of Death cannot be used without a certain... ritual... and for that Zargothrax must wait the next full moon when the stars are aligned, on that midnight, he will be able to turn to undead every living creature in his range, and even raise from the dead his previous Unicorn Army, that must be avoided!

Seek Draven Camden in the Castle of Dun Eideann, that is the name of the one once known as Angus, he will point you toward the Hammer, and hopefully to victory.

Be fast my pupils, time is short, and the road ahead is long, I count on you.
The unidentified items found in the chest where identified as boots of elvenkind, allowing to move really fast for Seline.
Munizard has a Wand of the War Mage, giving him a good bonus when holding the wand in aiming the attacks. And finally a potion of cure wounds.

After the message it was first time to take a small rest in the city, where Seline pursuaded the Inn keeper to let them have a free night (for the rest of the party unknown how but perhaps it is better not to know...).
Well rested from a good night sleep they stock up on suplies they go back for one last visit to Elaria's basement, where Felor tries to locate if there are more rings available.

He only feels the one of Sahti. Time to get back to the horses and then Sahti and Elnan back in the cave.
The travel to the horses was uneventfull (just a little stop at the gypsie camp) as was the night outside the forest.
Seline clicks her heals together in the cave to activate the boots and buzzes to the treasure room. There she empties the chest but finds that Sahti and Elnan are no longer guarding it.

Back outside Felor detects a tracks for 5 or 6 persons going north. Two of the tracks where a bit off, as if they where beeing dragged. Could it be that Elnan and Sahti have been captured?!

Folowing the tracks the come near the end of the forest when suddenly two arrows fly at Felor and Sir Ludwig. Luckely they miss them but they have walked into an ambush!
Felor spots a couple of goblins behind a tree. While trying to get closer to them Felor gets hit badly by 2 arrows (to the knee) one coming from another ambush location but nothing a cleric can't heal...

In the middle between the 2 trees the arrows are flying from lies a big boulder in the middle of the path.

Muninn summons his mighty ball of fire and slams it into the first goblin burning it to a crisp...
Sir Ludwig tries to command goblin to approch but the little green bugger resists it.

Seline seeing all those arrows casts warding wind to protect her (and those close to her) from the arrows flying in.
While Munizard continues to burn down goblins, Felor moves closer and then spots something very nasty behind that huge boulder. A huge Ogre with half a tree stands ready.
Time to summon the mighty Dolphin hammer to give the ogre a bonk on the head!
Seline then wispers something from great distance in the ears of the orge something so nasty the ogre cowardly runs away fast from Seline!

In the meantime a goblin wearing metal armor comes out of hiding to attack Munizard!
Wich was perhaps not a good idea, wearing metal and Munizard beeing the master of Shocking Grasp...

The Ogre standing further away from the party throws a Javelin at sir Ludwig but it just misses him. Being polite as a proper paladin, Sir Ludwig picks up the javelin and thows it back at the ogre.
This with the same result, a miss. Seline in the mean time set the two other goblins a sleep.

Felor also tries out a command, ordering the ogre to drop his weapon and to much rejoicement to the party it does indeed drop the trunk it was holding.
Seline starts mocking the ogre that it is so stupid it can't even hold its weapon. And soon after that the ogre falls due to the many hits from the dolphin hammer and fireball of doom!

Behind the two now sleeping goblins are Sahti and Elnan, Sahti seems a sleep (perhaps from Seline her spell) but beeing unguarded now Elnan wiggles free from the ropes binding him.

Seline mocked the armoured goblin his mother was a frog, perhaps it was true because the insult didn't seem to harm it. But a final blow from Felor put him down.

Elnan wakes the first of sleeping goblin with a nasty throat punch and an inspired Ludwig kills him off leaving just one goblin left sleeping like a baby.
Seline prepares another big insult for when it wakes, but a huge blow of Felor's hammer made sure it would not wake up anymore sending bits and pieces flying around.

Sahti is freed and the all clean up a bit after the battle.
Elnan and Sathi explain they got captured by Elara, who left them under guard from the goblins at a lure for the ambush.
On nearby horsed Sahti and Elnan his gear was fully recovered, sadly also the bagpipes. :p
And so ends another eventfull event, and now onwards to Castle of Dun Eideann.

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« Reply #37 on: October 31, 2017, 01:21:54 pm »

The party arives at the Castle of Dun Eideann, a square castle standing four floors high and with towers on each corners.

The guards stop them at the gate, and Seline tries to explaim why the come to the castle and seek an audiance with Draven Camden.
Only when she mentions Zargothrax one of the guards takes of to see the lord of the castle, and a few moments later he comes running back out.

He tells the party to follow him to see Draven Camden. He leads the party to the throne room where they see a man in is fifties sitting on the the throne.
The man seems nervous, and he asks the party how the came here. And so Seline starts explaining again, but they kind of forgot that Elaria in the old days went by the name of Erris Dawnforge.

When Draven finds out Erris has died and that Zargothrax converted het to be a minion of his own, he convides the party that he was indeed the one that weilded the Astral Hammer.
But that after slaying Zargothrax (at least temporarely), the hammer told him to hide it in a certain spot untill the time is right again.

Dravan now trusts Erris that one of the Epic Relic Raiders is destined to be the new Angus McFife, but only after the prove them selfes in a queste.

The need to enter te sewers below the where the locals seem to disappear and guards who where send to investigate als never came back.
On the floor of the narrow is filled with a green oozy substance. Felor slips directly but luckely no harm was done (yet...). Altho the smell is horrible.

At the first intersection they take a right turn and enter a room in wich lies a dead body and a sorts of yuckyness. But in there Muninn spots a small red potion.

In the next room the find a man hidding in a (d)ark corner whe keeps saying stay away from the water.
The man looks pale and ill, Sir Ludwig cures the man with a lay on hands and a bit of food and water helps the man on his feet. Felor decides to guide the man back to the entrance.
But when the enter the previous room with the yucky room the man panics and runs away, past Munizard, who tried to stop the man, but he zips past them to fast into a yet undiscovered room.
From wich they hear a sudden scream and then silence. The Epic Relic Raiders follow in that room and find the man dead on the floor with punction marks on him.
The group search for spiders on the roof, but the see none, while moving to the exit of the room, Felor starts calling "here spider,spider, spider". And he better had not done that...

Out of nowhere 2 spiders appear! Seline cast bane on both of the spiders, making it harder for them to hit.
The first spider attacks muninn but fails and disappears directly after the attack!

Felor takes a swing at the second one, but misses, his dolphin hammer was more succesfull.
The spider on his turn bites back hard and almost instantly kills Felor, and it also disappears.

Sir Ludwig heals Felor and Felor tops him self up a bit.

When the Spider reapears Munizard hits full volley of magic missiles and Sir Ludgwig whacks of a few legs with his sword.
After the second spider is killed the continue south in yet another narrow corridor.

Felor and Munin both fall in the ooze (again for Felor) and this time they both end up with a nasty decease that could very well kill them in a day or 2...

And to make matters worse, 2 more phase spiders appear. One in the middle between Seline, Munizard and Felor. And one in front of Sir Ludwig

Felor, Seline and Munizard take care of their Spider with some magic missiles, hammer wacks, and wispers. While Ludwig slashes down his own little friend.
Seline mocks the spider for being ugly puny little bug and that she will stamp it under her mighty boots. And Munizard's not so gentle touch finished of the first spider.
and the second spider is disposed after that rather quickly, time to heal up a tad.

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« Reply #38 on: November 30, 2017, 11:54:32 am »

After taking a right turn the enter the room where the find three ettercaps in the back of the room.
One spits at Ludwig but luckely missed him, but yech!

Seline tries to set them all to sleep, but it seems they where all very rested because they all stayed awake.
Munizard unleashes his ball of flaming doom again to ram it in to the ettercap.

Elnan (who arived a bit late to the fun) unleashes his famous flurry of blows on but sadly they all miss.

The last ettercap spits on Elnan capturing in a web, wich seems flamable, so best not to be near Munizards ball.

Felor hammers an ettercap and with the mighty dolphinhammer Felor hammers the one spittint on Elnan.

One of the ettercaps attacks Seline almost kills her and poisoning her.
Munizard fires a full spread magic missiles attack. And Elnan nearly kills on of them with his spear and a huge kunfu kick.
Felor was forced to change his plan (wich was hammer time), and throw a Uświadczyłem Seline. But with hid dolphin hammer he does kill the ettercap nearly by Elnan and Munizard.

Seeing their (ugly) friend die the other ettercap runs in cowardly panic, Elnan and Minizard manage to kill one of them and the other one manages to get away.

After finding some gold in the for the rest empty room it was time to go on the move again.
Wich ment they had to cross the oozie path again. Which had a familiar effect that was seen before.
Munizard and Felor slip and fall in the ooze once again.

In the other room there are 2 Basilisks waiting for a snack!

Elnan walks in with his eyes open so he has the risc of beeing turned to stone from the basilisks glare.
And unleashes another kung fu attack!

Sir Ludwig takes no risk and goes in without looking and still manages to get a good hit, blind fighting seems easy for him!
Muninn taking even less risk stays out of sight and desides to try a new spel and grow Elnan to a bigger size!

Felor runs in also with his eyes open and kills of the finishes of the first already heavely wounded basilisk.

Her mate atacks Felor in responce. Seline opened up her book of mockery and mocked the remaining basilisk: "You stupid basilisk I skin you alive and make sadlebacks from you!"

In the final bit of the battle Elnan was paying the price of his risk and the basilisk gaze turned him to a statue of a big halfling monk.
After slaying the basilisk, there was the discussion what to do with the Elnan statue. They could bring him back to the entrance hoping on a high level cleric to cure the stoning.

Felor first tried to renew his faith in Deep Sashalas a bit more, praying to his god to save Elnan, as a reward he would tell him the location of some very nice and pretty gipsy girls.
That seems to be good enough for Deep Sashalas because as a sure miracle Elnan became unstoned in front of their eyes.
Now it was time to take a rest for the group and get their strengths up and talk about what just happend.

And Felor sneaks in a flyer of Deep Sashalas in Elnans backpack to remind him wich god has saved him....

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« Reply #39 on: December 04, 2017, 01:00:07 pm »

After a good rest with the sound of Zargotrax knitting unicorn plushes the party continues on their quest to clean out the sewers.
Elnan thinks it is wise to check the route taken to be sure they are not attacked from behind, and even check the local medics, because well you don't get stoned that often without concequences...
They take a left turn and enter a room wich is totally empty.

Munizard hears a soft sound but thinks it are just sounds in his head so they ignore it for now.

To continue there is another oozy stream to cross. And it really seems Felor is loving the green stuff and takes yet another dive right in.
But this time, the entire party feels it is time for a "morning swim" and join in for a nice Ooze dip.

After a nice swim it is time to continue and the next room they enter also appears to be totally empty. But upon inspecting the room there was a nasty surprice.
A big phase spider appears behing Felor trying to bite in his ass, luckely (for Felor) he misses and the spider dissapears again.

Again the game of hide and seek with a phase spiders. Seline has has plenty of options to mock the spider when it appears.

A few entries of Selines book of mockery:
  • I will make a kebab out of you
  • I will pull out a leg when you appear again
  • Now you only have 6 legs and nothing less then a dirt fly.

Munizard also hits it full scale with magic missile before Sir Ludwig kills of the spider with a big blow.
Getting the sword all dirty with green slime, the sword doesnt like beeing dirty.

After defeating the spider both Seline and Munizard hear a strange noice again, near the oozy stream they took a dip in.

So they go backa and investigate. Wich means sending the decease immune Sire Ludwig down the stream all by him self as a scout.

The plan workes like a charm because down (or up depending from the point of view offcourse) the corridor he finds 2 more phase spiders.

After absorbing one bite with his shield and the other spider missing him he savely lures the 2 spiders to the waiting party.
So once again the hide and seek starts, where for some reason Felor was in the wrong spot every time a spider showed him self so there was little chance for him to wack a spider.

Seline opened up a lot of mocks again, below again some quotes.
  • Come here and fight like a man
  • You must have worked this hard to be this incompetant
  • You call that an attack, I've seen dead kittens hit harder than that!
Here is a small image how the shocked spiders look after the mockery.Link.

One of spiders appears behind Munizard to bite him and does it so hard that Munizard is near death in one bite.
And since Felor was kind of with out spiders he threw a healing toucht to get Munizard back to health.
Seline thinks Munizard was so brave against that spider she made a hero out of him with the heroism spell!

Munizard was now out for revenge on the spider nearly killing him, leaving Minizard, with a foaming mouth from crabby bloodlust, at the feet of Sir Ludwig.

Ludwig kills of first spider what kept spawning next to him and Minizard.
The second spider appears next to Felor and gets the full spread of magic missiles of the enrages wizard. And also a big blow from Felor's big warhammer.
The spider is so shocked he dissapears without attacking and does not dare to show his ugly face again.

Time to move on after waiting a few rounds for a none showing spider the again come across another stream of green goo.

Offcourse Felor once again faceplants in the goo again, while the others savely pass it without any problem.
In the room on the otherside Munizard's mage sences tingle so after some  searching they find suspicious pile of cloth.

With his mage hand spell Munizard retrieves a scroll from underneath the cloths. It is clearly a magical scroll, so Munizard will try and identify it on the next rest.
Wich seems the saver solution than reading the scroll and see what will happen.

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« Reply #40 on: December 13, 2017, 02:05:14 pm »

With his mage hand spell Munizard retrieves a scroll from underneath the cloths. It is clearly a magical scroll, so Munizard will try and identify it on the next rest.
Wich seems the saver solution than reading the scroll and see what will happen.

Nothing has ever gone wrong from just attempting to read a scroll without knowing it's true contents.  Knowledge is gained by reading after all.  Wink

Be the leaf floating down the river, not the rock trying to hold its place.
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When leaving the room the group was in everyone but Seline follows Felor's example and takes another fresh ooze dive.

When they enter a new and apparently empty room Felor spots something in a corner.
Going closer to investigate that, he immediately regrets that he went there.

Because out of nothing another phasespider (wearing a big christmas hat) pops up and bits him hard in his ass.
But Felor does rebuke the attack and zaps the spider with a lightning bolt.

And after Felor heals himself, he summons the dolphin to give him an extra whack.

When the spider reappears sir Ludwig pulverizes the spider it with a huge blow.

In the corner they find 20gp, and they check if the sewers are cleared which they are.
So they go back to  Draven Camden who now believes one of them is indeed the new Angus mcFife.

Therefor he tells them the location of the Astral hammer. It is found in the Shieldhills.
There they would be tested so see who will be fit to wear the mighty hammer.

Then Draven gets out a wooden box wich should contain an ancient item called the Amulet of Justice, which will lead them to the hammer.
But when Draven opens the box he looks shocked...

There is not 1 amulet in the box but 6, for all epic relic raiders!

After they restock (and shower) for the travel, while Munizard get familiar with a bear trap and Seline gets a brand new chain shirt, it is time to move on.

It should be a 3 day travel to the Shieldhills. Draven also tells about 2 save heavens where they can spend the night.

It is a clear ride to the the crossing rivers inn where they meet a happy cheerful innkeeper.
The main, and probably only food source there is rabbit.  But the rabbit tasted like a peace of heaven!
The rabbit is washed down with a great local beer!

The innkeeper challenges Sir Ludwig that he proves he kissed a girl before. So he calls out a waitress to prove his 'skills'.
But the waitress is not really impressed by Ludwig's kissing skills.

Felor also tries to have a shot with one of the waitresses but clearly doesn't better then Ludwig.
Disappointed by this Felor decides to take another beer. But that one was also not a big success. The beer really lands wrong and Felor runs out to the outhouse!

The outhouse has off course a little rabbit cut out in the door.
Seline can't resist and takes the rest of the beer from Felor. She is clearly better beer drinker and really enjoys the beer.
And takes some more to top them off. Seline than starts to play in the bar, and really gets the crowed going and in no time everyone sings alongs and bang their heads!

At the end of the night the group rents 2 rooms for a good sleep. Seline feels totally save to share the room with Sir Ludwig after his attempt with the waitress.
Leaving the other room to Munizard and Felor, who came back inside looking a bit pale...
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« Reply #42 on: January 22, 2018, 12:40:15 pm »

The party wakes up after a good nights rest in the inn, with Felor having a huge hangover.
They all had the same dream about Elara who is pointing to forest, where they see a Dryad working around big tree.
Behind that in the distance they see the mountain holding the mighty Astral hammer.
The fact that Elara looks normal in the dream and not, so what they have dreamed must have been a sign or something.

After a good breakfast (remarkably without rabbit) they ask the inn keeper if he know anything about the tree of their dreams.
He send them to a forest that that sounds like the place to go. But he warns them because there is some magical weirdnes in the forest.

After a good and relaxing travel they reach the forest, and decide to leave the horses outside walk though it.
While they walk they constantly have the feeling they are not alone there and sometimes see things race past from the corner of their eyes.

And Munizard senses a magical feeling in the forest!

When they reach tree, they see a line of smoke coming from it.
The tree seems on Fire, Munizard immediately claims he is innocent, and well he has been with the group all the time so must be true Wink.

There are a lot of sprites running around, blue and pink and they seem to fighting in the center of the clearing in front of the tree.
Around the tree they see the dryad from their dream running back and forth trying to dose the burning tree.

While they walk to dryad they have the feeling they are being watched...

The dryad is happy to see the party is coming over to help with the fire.
Seline suggest they could could use sand to dose the flames, and Sir Ludwig offers to dig a nice pit but sadly no spades.

Munizard then conjures a huge bucket and gives it to Sir Ludwig, and the others run to the river with their blanket to make it wet so they can use it to dose the fire.

Seline empties water pouch on tree and takes care of the smaller flames with her warding wind spell.
One big splash from Sir Ludwig's huge bucket doses the fire easily.

The dryad thanks the party, and explains the once peaceful sprites have suddenly gone mad, that darkness taken over their minds...
And that due to battle of sprites the tree caught fire.

Felor and Sir Ludwig are very distracted by the Fl¨rÓlainn (thats the dryads name), but Munizard detects something dark behind the bushes in the south.

Not that happy to investigate that himself he sends Minizard to the spot to show it to his fellow adventurers.
There behind a bush they see an evil and dangerous looking orc, who is watching the sprite battle with great interest.
Many sprites have fallen already and it seems the pink's are loosing the battle rapidly.

Felor besides it is time to do something about the orc and casts a Sacret Flame at the orc lighting him up making him easy to spot.
When sir Ludwig walks closer he is being attacked by a tree!! But the tree just misses him. (Stupid tree can't trust them).

Seline mocks the orc, saying he smells so bad she could smell him over the fire.
The orc clearly not amused by this a fireball frying Felor to a crisp and Sir Ludwig and Seline take a huge hit from it too!

Seline than cast a nasty whispers something nasty at the orc, proving words can definitely hurt a lot and it runs as far as it can from Seline.
And Munizard (who now is really happy he stayed a bit behind), ice lance just misses the smelly orc.

Sir Ludwig uses a lay on hands to bring back Felor from the dead, but he still smells like a barbecue.

The orc starts casting again (sending a small fear over the party for another fireball), but now he just disappears into nothingness, and Munizard is amazed by that spell.
Felor returns the near dead Sir Ludwig by giving him a big heal. And they all do theyr best to spot the orc, but all they see are trees....

The orc starts casting again and again no explosion, but they hear his laughter going up in the sky and getting softer and softer.
And all of a suden the fight between the sprites stop fightings

Seline uses another wisper but there seems no effect, so the orc has probably taken off.

Two sprites (Stormbranch and Shimmerleaf) begin to speak to the dryad, and as soon as they reach the dryad the other sprites are flying and dancing around the party.
They are happy and friendly again as the curse has lifted because of the departure of the orc.

The dryad asks if there is anything she can do in return for anything in return. Felor can think of some interesting things but decides to do good and ask for the location of the astral hammer.
She asks for prove that they are the chosen ones to find the hammer, so Felor shows her his amulet of justice. When Fl¨rÓlainn asks if Felor is the chosen ones the others quickly also show their amulet.

Fl¨rÓlainn tells them follow the road through the forest till they reach mountain, there they must pass an ark(h) shaped rock and a difficult road till cave.
To enter the cave they need to have the amulet of justice and inside each of them has to prove their worth to be see if wich one of them is to be the new Angus mcFife.

Before they take off Felor asks is the dryad can help them nourish their wounds and she tells them that a small rest under the tree would have the same effect as a long sleep.
And with that they are all rewarded with gaining level 5!
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Death to ALL unicorns, muahahahah!!  Grin Wink Kiss

 Grin Grin Grin Grin
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KILL TO DEATH !!!   Tongue Grin

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