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Author Topic: Epic Relic Raiders (Eternal Righteous Revenge)  (Read 1006 times)
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« Reply #30 on: May 08, 2017, 03:47:24 am »

Entering the dark dungeon Felor was glad to have cast Light on his shield.
After the rough entrance the group entered a well made corridor.

As they turned left Sir Ludwig heard some squakie sounds.
Shortly after marking the wall not to be lost in the potential maze they where swarmed by rats.
They just keep comming from everywhere and even swarm on the hero's.
So badly even that Sir Ludwig took a swing with his laughing sword at the rats all over Felor, and later on Felor returned the favour hamering some rats of Sir Ludwig.

The mighty Munizard used his shocking grasp to get clear of his rats, and Seline also had her own solution to be free from the rodents.
She got bitten to near death by the swarm... Stugling to not really die, the might Uświadczyłem healing word got Seline back in bussiness.

When finally the battle was done it was clear that walking through a dungeon is not no walk in the park, as it nearly killed of the group.
But after a short rest to tend to all wounds, while being inspired by Seline her healing song they where of to explore again.

Continuing left they came in a room where the rats where originating from judging from all the nests. And there Seline her detect Magic alarm went off.
They found a magic button in a corner, which acording to the investigation of Munizard could open a secret door, or be part off a sequence to open a secret door.

With the rats still fresh in the mind the plan was made not to push the button just yet, much to the disappointment of Felor who has a thing for pushing buttons.
To satisfy that need Munizard conjured up a fake button for Felor. Before going on they spend an hour (or so) knocking on every wall in the room just to check for hidden rooms.

After going upstairs in another corridor (with the sound of Felor clicking his conjured button) the came in a room with 2 doors.
After Munizard peeked through the keyhole of the first room to check it was save they entered the room to find their first dragon!

A statue of one at least. And thanks to Seline also another magical button (*click* *click*). The statue seems somewhat familiar to Munizard but he could not really place it.

After peeking again they tried to open the other door only to find it was locked. Sir Ludwig kicked it open with great ease, they entered a small empty room with yet another door.
So again a peek before opening, but also this door was locked. Sir Ludwig had fun again with kicking the door down again.
Only this time it was followed by a click, and not Felor with his button. Poison darts shot across the room at Seline, Sir Ludwig and Munizard.
Thanks to quick reflexes of Sir Ludwig and Seline only Munizard got hit but the poison was quickly neutralized by Sir Ludwig.

What the next room will hold will be discovered next time.
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« Reply #31 on: May 22, 2017, 11:40:18 am »

Upon opening the door the party found a high elf ranger trapped in the room.
The ranger named Sahti was also an earlier trainee of Elaria Feywing  also seeking the eye of the dead to keep it save from Zargothrax
He got trapped in the room and was in the dark there for at least several days.

After failing to kick down the next door, Munizard had his fun with it and burned the door to a crisp. While everyone else decided it would be wise to wait in the previous room
Just in case of traps and offcourse the smoke, there found a small seemingly empty room.

Sir Ludwig and Felor rushed in and soon found out that was somewhat a mistake as the room was occupied by a Gelatonisch duck/blob. And since it didn't dress up as Tom Selek it was not easy to spot. link

Felor and Sir Ludwig got trapped in the slimy thing  and luckely where puled out in time by Seline and Sahti before they where disolved by the ooze.

But the ooze went on for a crawl into the next room and doing so it had captured Munizard and Seline in his oozy body. They where pulled out by Sir Ludwig and again Sahti, who developed him self as hero of the day.
Felor was busy at time healing Seline who was close to death (again).  When everyone was save outside the slime again Sahti pinned the ooze down so it could no longer move. And the party could have some fun with it.

Felor summoned his Spiritual dolphin hammer again, Seline wispered nasty words at it and Munizard deemed it time to summon his mighty pitt jumping fireball of doom and ram it in to the duck.

This was to much for it and it colapsed to the floor leaving nothing more than a slimy mess.
Again entering the small room wich luckely was really empty now Seline detected yet another button. And to Felor's great joy he was finally cleared to push it.
After pushing it they heared some ratteling and clicking. It was time to click more buttons!!

Coming back into the dragonsstatue room Seline thought it was a good idea to examine the statue once more. Once she knocked on it the statue made clear that it did not like that tried to bite Seline!
The nasty thing was not a statue but a gargoyle!

After again a fierce battle, in wich Sahti proved that he was not yet really used to beeing in the light again by missing the gargoyle, the group also slayed it. Upon death there was a small click to be heared. As the party tried to dodge darts that where not there, the keen hearing of Sahti (wich didn't suffor in the dark) helped locate a new button.

When Felor did his magic (click click) a secret room opened up revealing a chest.
The chest was unlocked and hold some great treasures. There was a lot off gold, a pearl, some comfy looking boots, a empty quiver and last but not least a wand.

Munizard quicly discovered that the pearl was a pearl of power, and the boots of Seline had something to do with speed. But how the where activated is still a mistery.

Sahti took the quiver and tested it for magical powers, when he put an arrow in the quiver he discover it was no longer empty but nothing more. Also removing the quiver revealed nothing special.
But when he tied the quiver on his back the quiver suddenly seemed heavier, and to everyones surprice it was full with 20 arrows. And after pulling one out arrow it quickly formed a new arrow!

The wand and the boots should probably be identified when back in town.

Since the battles in the dungeon took the toll on the party it was time to head back in the dragon room and barricade the door so they good take a good long rest and quest afterwards.

Will work for Coffee
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